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09-05-2008, 20:23
As you may have noticed, There are a few of us who regularly post on here who are part of a club called the Plastic Crack Rehab Clinic.

The time has apparently come to have a thread which will be a place for all the random stuff that doesn't really fit into our existing army projects.

Here's basically a list of our members (you might see us at the Damocles Gulf Campaign weekend later in May).

Bob Hunk
Lord Blood the Hungry
Lucifer216 (yours truely)

To kick it off, here's the start of one of my projects. As a Dark Heresy GM, I've been busy building up a collection of models. Now, the game has a problem in that unless you continually throw your players up against chaos or Xenos, everything they kill they'll pinch. Hence at some point the players may get far too powerful for most things.

This is where the Alpha Legion below fit in (Oh and they are the power behind the throne, so to speak...).



09-05-2008, 20:33
woo woo dark heresy!

nice looking marines

only joking...
09-05-2008, 20:37
This log is going to be SOO cool, judging by that list anyway :D

09-05-2008, 20:41


Really really nice work on the shading and free hand. I also like the use of the storm/combat shield. I was always more of a fan towards to darker blues then greens for the Alpha Legion. the white brings everything out nicely. I may have to snag that idea sometime.

09-05-2008, 20:42
Cheers. Incidentally, if you ever feel burned out from the hobby, collecting GW models for use in either Dark Heresy or WHFRP is something I throughly recommend. You get far more of a variety in terms of painting material than painting a conventional army. You can also use as an excuse to buy the coolest stuff the miniature ranges have to offer :)

Bob Hunk
09-05-2008, 22:06
Hi all, time for another PCRC member to make his first post in our new log. :)

I'm currently working on my Blood Axe Orks for the Damocles Gulf campaign weekend on the 17/18th May at Warhammer World. There's a link to my Ork log in my sig, although it hasn't been updated for a while. Hopefully I'll get a chance to add some pics on Sunday - after a hard weekend's painting!

But I digress...my next project - for the 13th Black Crusade event at WW in September - will be... *drumroll* ... the Deathwing!
For quite a few months I've been carefully harvesting the original 1st edition metal Terminators from eBay. The appropriate solegends page is here (http://www.solegends.com/citcat89/c894105marines-m.htm).

Below is my initial 1.5k force, lead by Belial (ably played by the original Terminator Captain) and a Librarian. You'll notice they're all on 25mm bases, rather than 40mm bases like modern Terminators. This is because:
a) that's what they came with, and
b) the PCRC has access to 1st edition Space Hulk and the Deathwing suppliment, so I want them all on small bases so they fit in the board squares.


Here's a close-up of the Captain and Librarian, as well as an Assault cannon Terminator, which is one of my favourite models of all time!

http://i165.photobucket.com/albums/u72/Bob_Hunk/Miniatures%20-%20Deathwing/Deathwing02-HQModels.jpg http://i165.photobucket.com/albums/u72/Bob_Hunk/Miniatures%20-%20Deathwing/Deathwing03-AssaultCannon.jpg

Bob Hunk
09-05-2008, 22:16
The army has been undercoated since this photo was taken, and expanded somewhat, with the addition of another metal squad, a plastic squad (the original you got with the Space Hulk game), a Grey Knight (http://www.solegends.com/citcat911/c2018smgreyknighttermina-m.htm) squad, and a Dreadnought (http://www.solegends.com/citcat911/c2024smdreadnoughts-m.htm) - all 1st editions. This brings the total to well over 2000 points. :)

Now, with regards to colour scheme, I wanted to avoid the modern bone-white, and go for a more old-skool pure white, as seen in this picture (http://i165.photobucket.com/albums/u72/Bob_Hunk/Miniatures%20-%20Deathwing/DeathwingResearch01.jpg) from the time. Also, the Deathwing originally had a "Native American" theme, which I plan to work in somehow, probably as heraldry.

Here's a few shots of a test model I did, using a spare 2nd edition metal.


Bob Hunk
09-05-2008, 22:17

That's all the pictures I have for now. I won't really get a chance to do much with them until after the Damocles Gulf event, but they are going to be my next main project, so watch this space. :)

Lord Blood the Hungry
09-05-2008, 23:16
alpha legion are looking good. really like the turquoise highlights.

wow thats a shed load of terminators!!
really like the colour scheme.
is that highlighted up from black to white??
is the mesh base so you can play space hulk with them?

10-05-2008, 06:43
Thats a lot of photos in a short space of time. They are all looking really good!

10-05-2008, 06:44
Although I am usually a sucker for the newer range of terminators, the 'Deathwing' army project is very interesting. There is some nice detailing on the shoulder pads, is somebody else going to be painting old school genestealers to fight against?

I also took these photos the otherday and thought that they are relevant for your project.
:edit: photos were taken from the Warhammer World museum, this diorama was made quite a while ago as I recall, 1999 ish?.

Bob Hunk
10-05-2008, 08:13
Although I am usually a sucker for the newer range of terminators, the 'Deathwing' army project is very interesting. There is some nice detailing on the shoulder pads, is somebody else going to be painting old school genestealers to fight against?

Ha-ha, yeah...me. ;) We already have some nicely painted old school Genestealers at the PCRC, but they're on grass bases. I've got about 25 of the old plastic Genestealers on their sprues sitting in a draw. A Genestealer Cult using the old models and the new 'Nid codex (hybrids as gaunts, etc) is on my long term project list, and I'll base them in the same way as the Deathwing.

Thanks for the positive feedback and the photos, that's a cool diorama. :)

Lord Blood the Hungry
10-05-2008, 20:59
ahh.. a cunning ploy.
make an uber cool deathwing army from old style terminators.
build an awesome, converted and old school, genestealer cult.
then play huge and amazing multiplayer games of space hulk using all the additional rules sets.

scenery plans? when you have both armies under way lets have a terrain weekend and get some corrridors built.

project = win

go go warseer based space hulk revival!!

11-05-2008, 14:28
Ok, this almost deserves its own thread but it is a PCRC project so it will go here. This is the PCRC's first big army marathon!

Behold the PCRC Bad moonz. I bought the models and came up with army composition and some of the ideas whilst all my friends at the PCRC contributed ideas, painting and modelling skills. Because I have less time than the rest of them they all kindly agreed to let me keep the army afterwards :)

Lets start with the warboss/Big mek boss Snazgutz the Corpulent. Based off the Ogre King model, initial build and idea by myself, extensive greenstuffing by Lord Blood the Hungry and the creation of the 'Princess Leia ork' by Apologist. Painting by Lucifer216 (and myself but mostly him). I present Snazgutz, destroyer of sneaky blood axe and umie alike. (WIP). This guy is trully a joint effort.




11-05-2008, 15:41
That ork is really well done and it fits the Bad Moon klan perfectly. Will that count as a power chicken leg?

11-05-2008, 15:51
I am hoping to count the chicken leg as a power klaw or uge choppa but it depends on my opponent I suppose ;) Along with my huge corpulence counts as eavy armour and/or cybork body (I couldnt bear to cover up all that fat!).

Cheers Hicks.

By the way I really like the photo in your portrait Hicks, I assume its a model you own? Very darth vader :)

Kasrkin 666
11-05-2008, 16:43
That Ork...is....AWESOME!


12-05-2008, 07:36
Awesome; cheers Lucifer216 this should be a good way for us all to get back to enjoying painting instead of panicking for Dark Stars!

It's good to see Snazgutz and da boyz from Omricon's army and those Alpha Legion look great! I think that in the context of the squad, the horns look pretty cool, so ignore my earlier comment. I really like the scheme, too the blue-green is a lovely hue, and sets off the black detailing and accents really nicely to give a semi-realistic look which is entirely appropriate to the Alphas.

I thought I'd show off a few aborted projects and a preview of my next project not quite as exciting as Bob_Hunk's (man, those Deathwing are gonna look awesome!)

First up, Vedder's Vultures, a mechanised regiment that was never to be, as I got swept up in AT-43 and then sidelined by many other projects:


Really nice little models, I think (they're the standard Pig Iron infantry).

Next, a Field Engineer repaint from Echo Company, my AT-43 UNA force:

Finally, a tribeskroot from the Kindred of the Bloody Moon. This kindred has got mixed up in a blood debt with a rather nasty Craftworld...
The paint scheme's a bit up in the air at the moment, because I have to find something that's going to look good on both Kroot and Eldar. I'd appreciate any suggestions.

Bob Hunk
12-05-2008, 12:27
Hah, sweet, last time I saw Snazgutz he was still being green-stuffed. Lookin' good, plus he's so fat he's not going to be able to get away fast enough when Nuzzgrond comes to duff him up! ;)
The Kroot scheme is looking good Apologist, I think it's a bit different from the last one you had when you were initially waving your Kroot around, right? Wasn't it dark green before?

12-05-2008, 15:33
Cheers Hicks.

By the way I really like the photo in your portrait Hicks, I assume its a model you own? Very darth vader :)

I wish I could paint my Steel Legion that well. My avatar is in fact a drawing of a SL lieutenant. I found it on the Lexicanum in the german section for the SL.

13-05-2008, 17:57
More updates - trukk mob by apologist. This one he did all by himself (except for a little wheel tinkering from GrahamGilchrist.)

It has been designed so that the placement of each ork is obvious and for a change, all the orks actually fit in the trukk! Double decker for the win:




13-05-2008, 17:59



Lord Blood the Hungry
20-05-2008, 19:03
ok. time for random posts on miscellaneous stuff we've beeen working on.

not really scifi (in fact not the slightest bit) but in the midst of building my orks, just before i made the COGs for Apologist, i put together a necromantic bloodbowl team for Omricon.
it is still lacking the last player. i could not find a suitable model for the flesh golem, all the current ones were based on frankenstein's monster or just looked like big zombies. as i had just built an Igor for the team (omricon has the model somewhere) i thought i'd sculpt my own version of a flesh golem. being a big Terry Pratchett fan, i thought we'd go along those lines. what would Igor use to make a flesh golem? all the best bits that get "lost " during a game. i am quite tempted to build a version of "thcrapth" to fetch the choice bits for Igor. but anyhow i am getting side tracked.
the flesh golem is sculpted entirely from green stuff and is designed to represent his in game rules. i went for the skinny emaciated zombie look with flesh peeling off based his upper torso and right arm on a black ork blocker (the nearest comparison stat wise), with a troll and ogre leg for stand firm and an ogre's head for thick skull.

any opinions, suggested improvements, and suggested projects would be greatly appreciated.
will try to get a photo of Igor up on the forum. if people do like them, i might resculpt an igor with "thcrapth" and see if impact would cast them all up as a set.

20-05-2008, 20:52
Nice Fresh Golem Bob!

Here's the next installment in my "paint-what-ever-I-feel-like/Dark Heresy project"

One Champion of Nurgle aka Abaloleth the Harbinger.


Stay tuned for some extremely gruesome looking Pink horrors...

20-05-2008, 21:37
excellent models there Sam!

Lord Blood made a freeking awesome blood bowl team for me, the IGOR is sweet as. I am going to find and post it at some point. Nice golem there Lord Blood!

Lord Blood the Hungry
20-05-2008, 22:21
best project ever lucifer216!!
paint whatever i like and do a really awesome job of it.
soon you will have representatives from every area of the 40K universe that could be encountered in the dark heresy RPG.
will be ace once the campaignn is in full swing.

08-06-2008, 16:55
Thanks to the release of Codex Daemons, I've started to cobble a small army of my own, which will also serve as opponents for my players in Dark Heresy,

So, without further ado here are my plaguebearers....



Having looked at their stats, I'm somewhat appalled, but I just had to have a go at painting them. Plus it will mean together with Bob Hunk, the PCRC will be able to field a massive Epidemius/Nurgle gone off cheese list of doom. Doom! I tells ya!

Expect Horrors, a Lord of Change and (gasp!) An Inquisitor + Dark Heresy character models coming soon...

08-06-2008, 19:59
Those models are very well painted! Once again you showcase your skills Lucifer.

Lord Blood the Hungry
05-10-2008, 15:02
ok. finally got round to doing some more sculpting.
here is the first of my khornate daemon princes. still in the green stage (as he is just green stuff on a wire frame) intending to add more details but this is the basic model.

Lame Duck
05-10-2008, 16:22
That sculpting is really impressive, have you got any other examples of your work?

Lord Blood the Hungry
26-01-2009, 22:20
yup check out my other thread: "lord blood's scratch built daemons"

Bob Hunk
15-03-2009, 22:47
These a some conversions of Hasslefree miniatures made for a game I designed for a friend. There wasn't really enough for their own log, so I thought I'd add them to the PCRC log. :)

Hunk, Alice, Bad News Squid


The characters are from my webcomic (see link in sig), although I haven't updated it in a while.

19-03-2009, 09:46
...and very spiffy they are, too! I really like the model of Hunk – he's a Hasslefree model as the basis, right? Also, where're the bases from?

Mystery Squad!
Thanks to Warseer member Wulfen_Kind, I received a box of FW drop troopers, which I couldn't resist altering a little. These are for a future project, and I'll start up a separate project log for them once I work out what to use 'em for. In the meantime, ain't these models spiffy?





Shadow Fall
06-11-2009, 20:05
in the nicest way possible...

i wanna see another joint project for another army...

pre heresy/heresy word bearers maybe?

SF :chrome:

Lord Blood the Hungry
23-10-2011, 10:26
I thought it would be the most fitting subject matter to resurrect this thread;

my new haemonculi


shock! horror! its a kitbash!!
not my usual style, I know, but I suddenly got the idea for the pose and had to do it.
this guy is probably going to be my "Ancient"

Lord Blood the Hungry
23-10-2011, 10:35
and incase the plural in the previous post was confusing you...

here is my other haemonculus


I'm sure you'll be happy to see that we are back to normal with this one and it is at least a quarter green stuff. ;)

this is going to be my basic haemonculus, armed with a hexrifle and venom blade (to keep it nice and cheap but reasonably effective)

look out for the rest of the army in the new PCRC collective project log
coming soon:
"PCRC presents; A Tale of 8 Gamers"