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10-05-2008, 12:15
would this be a good way to start a dark elf team

12 Linemen
2 re-rolls
6 fanfactor

or would it be wise to drop a lineman for an apothecary and 2 extra FF?

thanks for any help you guys can give me.

Warlord Gnashgrod
10-05-2008, 18:09
An apothecary is always good. Frankly, I don't think the fanfactor is all that vital. My Skaven team started with zero, won 3 games, and now has 3 FF. The high cost of the DE players doesn' leave that many options... I would suggest dropping 5 FF and getting an apothercary, as without one it would be easy to lose one of your players(and from experience, it's not easy making money in 5th ed, so replacing players might be hard).

10-05-2008, 18:30
Don't take this the wrong way, but if that's what you want to run, don't play DEs. I'm sure there is plenty of maths out there to show why running 12 linemen rocks, but its cheaper to do it with other teams.

I've only ever played with DEs, and I'm pretty rubbish at BB due to the fact if I need to make a 2+ dodge, I will roll a one. Trust me on this...
but none the less, a starting DE team should include a positon player or 2.

My start for the latest league was:

2x Blitzer
1x W.Elf
1x Runner
7x Linemen

Now, in the first game I had a lineman die.. In the old days that was pretty much the time to start a new team. But with the new inducements/wandering players its ok.

An apothecary is very useful with any expensive team, but I tend to buy that with the proceeds from the first game.
WEs have a habit of getting splattered, but the two blocks (Frenzy) are great for forcing players off the pitch and into the crowd for instant injury.
Blitzers are useful for the simple fact they have block, hence they don't fall over so much.
Runners are pretty new to me (where did my throwers go?) but my runner has scored quite a lot, and also due to the Elven skill has made a few completitons also. He now has dodge.

The drop in rerolls was a blessing, so start with two, and just take a low FF. It will go up. New rules are much better in this respect compared to the older LRB.

I have not used poison blades yet so couldn't comment.

Just remember to dodge players out of tackle zones at the end of each turn unless there is a key reason for them to stay in contact. DEs really don't handle violence at all well, contrary to their nature.

11-05-2008, 22:50
Just got back from the GT with my dark elves (70th) I had
3 blitzers,
1 runner,
7 line elfs

It did pretty well, made a poor skills choice which cost me some points.

If i was to go again, i'd take a witch elf instead of the runner/blitzer, frenzy is usefull for clearing side lines!