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18-10-2005, 19:32
After a few years with my mortal chaos, I feel like a change... but not a complete change, which is why I'm shifting my attention to a Beasts army. Now, I've used several of the beast units alongside my mortal forces so have gotten used to the abilities of beastherds and minotaurs, but certainly not ambushing etc...

So I ask those with more experience to cast an eye over the list and spot what will cause me trouble, quite possibly troubles I'm not used to with slaaneshi mortals...

- Beastlord, great weapon, Horn of the Great Hunt, Armour of Damnation =161pts

- Wargor, battle standard, crimson armour of dargan =105pts

- Bray Shaman, level 2, braystaff, 2x dispel scroll =166pts

- Bray Shaman, level 2, braystaff, power familiar =166pts

- Beastherd: 8 gor, 12 ungor, full command =139pts

- Beastherd: 8 gor, 12 ungor, full command =139pts

- Beastherd: 8 gor, 5 ungor, foe render, musician =101pts

- Beastherd: 8 gor, 5 ungor, foe render, musician =101pts

- 6 warhounds =36pts
- 6 warhounds =36pts
- 6 warhounds =36pts
- 6 warhounds =36pts

- 4 Tuskgor Chariots =340pts

- 4 Minotaurs, Mark of Slaanesh, great weapons =204pts

- Chaos Giant, mutant monstrosity =225pts

TOTAL= 1991

Now then, the basic plan is the two smaller herds and a couple of the warhound units go into ambush. I'm mightily tempted to give the BSB the preyseeker banner and stick him in a unit for ambush too, but I worry about only have a 5+ save on my army standard...

The rest unimaginatively or otherwise pedals across the board looking to use combined charges between ambushing units and my hard hitters. The giant will muddle around attracting cannonballs, acting as my only holding unit and principally as a modelling project...

The two shamans add me a bit of magical spice, 7 power dice should be enough to have some impact with the beast lore. As tempting as it was to stick with a scroll caddy I just fancied having some fun in the magic phase - the scroll caddy kinda remains and I may drop him... just thought a lot of this armies success will rely on combined charges and a lot of spells can spoil my day by nuking or slowing units.

Anyways, be grateful for any thoughts and suggestions...

18-10-2005, 21:12
You spent a lot on Ungors compaired to Gors, I take it. :lol:

Anyway, the Beastlord looks okay from where I stand, as is the Battle Standard Bearer. The Shamans couldn't get any better (in my Mortal's army I plan on the same thing, only with Slaaneshi Magic), and I think they're the best things in the army.

The Beast Herds seem fine, although I'd try to find the points to bulk up the smaller Beastherds with more Ungors (cannon fodder, ;)).
The Warhounds are fine.

The Minotaurs are Illegal, I believe. I thought they had to have the same Mark as the General, if I'm wrong, sorry. Still a good unit, though. Not sure why you want them Immune to Psychology, though...

I'm not sure about the Giant, but then, I've always seen those things fall quicker than Goblins do against Archaon... *sighs*
The Chariots are also good, and well worth it for the powerful flanking ability alone.
Instead of the Giant, a unit of Dragon Ogres with Great Weapons would fill in it's roll, wouldn't they? Then again, I just hate Giants. ;)

18-10-2005, 23:49
Well, my thinking with the giant is that nothing else in the army has much staying power. I've considered replacing him with spawn but then the random movement might be a git when I'm looking for a holding unit, I also love terror and the modelling project he'd represent.

As for the minotaurs having MoS, yeah, beats me too. Basically I'm a slaanesh player and they're a hangover from my mortal list. Ideally I'd mark all the characters too but there is little point in this list and I found I needed the points elsewhere... The immunity to panic has often come in handy with them in my mortals list, especially as I tend to screen them, not panicing when 6 hounds are shot out from in front of you is handy to say the least.

As for ungor heavy herds in the larger pair... they're gonna be running across the board from turn 1 and I wanted to be able to take the shooting casualties cheaply. I normally only run 6 gor in a beastherd but recent battles have led me to revise that up slightly as having ungor in the fornt rank after the first round is a bit unnerving.

Thanks for the comments, I am attracted by dragon ogres and could do with some more anti-armour, but I can't think of any replacements for the ugly torsos on the models... then again, I can't think of a slaaneshi looking giant either...

19-10-2005, 01:53
The list looks well balanced. Some people may not like you using 4 chariots but that is their business. I think that panic will cause you much headaches though. The giant I like. He makes the game fun.

I think that a unit of bestigors/slaangors/khornegors would help with the panic problem. But that's just me.

21-10-2005, 10:59
The Minotaurs are Illegal, I believe. I thought they had to have the same Mark as the GeneralI think they have to be the same mark as the general unless the general is undivided; so they should be fine in this army. I'd say you should only take the Mark of Slaanesh for minotaurs is for fluff reasons because it doesn't do a lot for them. Bloodkines are worth considering for Minos because they split the wounds on the regiment - allowing for the possibility of keeping the Unit Strength up and more models fighting. Also they are horrid in challenges.

Some people may not like you using 4 chariots but that is their business I think you need the chariots in an army like this because you haven't got that many heavy hitters. 1 unit of Minotaurs, no dragon ogres, daemons of any kind, shaggoths or knights means you'll need some hitty stuff. Also 4 is hardly excessive considering what BoC are capable of.

I like the idea of the giant - they're not reliable by any means but they give any army a completely new dimension. Against Empire chances are you'll lose him for no gain, but against Undead (who can be very awkward of beastmen) he is absolutely great! His effective immunity to psychology and stubborn on Ld10 means he can just walk straight into the front of huge blocks of skeletons and still be there at the end of the battle. If there's a Necromancer in there for a quick snack so much the better.

22-10-2005, 00:03
Perhaps substituting the Mark of Slaanesh for a bloodkine would be a good idea... Just because they're paitned to fit my slaaneshi army doesn't mean they have to be marked, after all, the beastherds aren't...

and yes, I do like the extra, reliable element the giant brings. I'm also a big fan of terror after my recent experiences with an exalted daemon. The giants terror isn't quite so effective, but its still a nice bonus on a unit I'd pay the points for anyway.

As for the 4 chariots... like Sinew says, they're about the only hitters I have in the army and they can all be taken out in a single S7 hit and are only T4. I just like using them in pairs and with the absence of other hitters want two such pairs.

22-10-2005, 00:53
I think giving the Shamans the mark of Slaneesh would make the army even more competitive. The ambush special rule and controling enemy movement with Slaneesh magic seems like a deadly combo. Thow I haven't tried it out myself:D