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19-10-2005, 12:13
A friend and I are considering starting playing Dark Future. We know that Matchbox cars are the right scale for vehicles, we just need 20mm weapons to strap onto the cars.

If anybody can suggest any minis that I can use, then please post below.


19-10-2005, 13:20
I thought original Dark Future models were more of 15mm scale than 20mm - and Matchbox cars are a bit too big for 20mm too.

Brother Othorio
19-10-2005, 15:13
i'm fairly certain your wrong there
(the die casts do look bigger than the GW cars, but thats because they are all 2 pr 4 seaters compared to GW's single seaters)

as for weapons, there seems to be a severe shortage of them :( the best i have found are these:
but i'd be reluctant to buy something that small cast out of resin, your best bet is scratch building them i think

19-10-2005, 15:51
Good god, 4.40 for a resin machine gun? :wtf:

Get yourself down to your local pound shop. There are usually loads of little, cheap and nasty figures with about a dozen or so different guns, with a bit of work some of those could work.

19-10-2005, 17:35
Ooops, my memory is not with me - Dark Future really was 20mm in scale (I must have been thinking of something different). Sorry!

While there is a number of vehicle models out there in 1/72 scale (some of which might make for decent Dark Future vehicles too), there isn't much in the way of plastic accessory sprues out there. There are some resin and photo-etch accessories out there, but they would be rather pricy and perhaps too fragile for gaming (there used to be a web page for reviewing these, but it has been unavailable for a few months).

Best thing I could think up are the plastic ROCO military vehicles and accessories in HO (1/87) scale - see here for a catalogue (US distributor, didn't have time to look for a UK seller):


They produce a number of accessory sprues with machine guns and other small weapons. Should be pretty suitable, and the prices are not high.

As another alternative, you could check out for various 1/72 aircraft weapon sprues - there are some out there with bombs and rockets. I am not sure if there would be anything with machine-guns/mini-guns/cannons on it, though.

Edit: here is a link to one store in the UK http://www.mackaymodels.co.uk stocking ROCO, so you can get an idea of the prices. With some searching you can probably find more stores - keep an eye out for railroad model stores, as 1/87 scale is more common in them.

Edit again: This is my favourite page for 1/72 scale vehicle reviews: http://www.ontheway.org.uk/ - it had changed the URL, so I had lost it for a while. For infantry, see http://www.plasticsoldierreview.com for plenty of good reviews.