View Full Version : DM needs SG pics for FB (all the acronyms you ever need!)

16-05-2008, 10:34
Hi guys, deadline for next issue of FB is fast approaching and I am mixing things up ever so slightly on the visual side. As such I need pics of all the 40k based SGs as a matter of some urgency. I have lots of amazing Epic pics now, but need the same for the others.

All submissions selected will be fully credited and intergrated into the FB SG look so all our fans can see your great stuff.

Please PM me or email to jon_webby_webb@hotmail.com

Good quality, high resolution pics of engaging models stand a good chance of being picked, so let me see em chaps (and chapesses!)



18-05-2008, 12:06
PM sent.
Not sure if my mini's and /or pictures are up to scratch, but your welcome to them if you want them.


29-05-2008, 12:03
There is still time to showcase yor stuff folks...

Epic is sorted, as is Necro/AI (I Hope) and BFG, but I still need Inquisitor and Gorka pics, so get in touch ASAP!

Pweeeeeeeese.... :D

29-05-2008, 22:56
AI pics were taken last night, I'm gonna check them out tomorrow and I'll send the best for approval!


30-05-2008, 12:12
magic, based on the last lot I'm looking forward to these.


30-05-2008, 21:44
Hey Jon, they're crap!
I don't know what went wrong! I think it's the crap lighting in our gaming room!
I'll send you the best of the bunch as I've "shopped" it, but I don't think it's good enough resolution.
Let me know.
I'll try and take some just of my Orks in the meantime as a "filler" until Brimstone and I can restage and perhaps use Flash photography this time!

HG - totally P'd off with crap piccies!

31-05-2008, 10:32
DM, we're going to restage the pics on Sunday afternoon (UK) so hopefully you'll get the submission Sunday evening if all goes well!

"Don't Panic!"



03-06-2008, 23:08
Hey Dancin'
Did you get the new AI reshot piccie?
I reckon it was better than the first.
Feel free to use either or both even if you want/can.
Don't forget to credit Brimstone as well though, you know how "cranky" he gets when he thinks he's been left out!