View Full Version : Its about time

22-05-2008, 13:55
Hello to all, this is my first log and I hope it will be a good in fear of it being my last, i will be showing my Empire or The GAH ( Grand army of Hochland) in addition to my 40k Vostroyan Imperial Guard so fans of all Emperors should be pleased, I finally decided to re-do my empire not long ago because i was tired of them looking like a 6 year old painted them, so i will attempt to upgrade them to at least 12 year old standard.As for the vossies what can i say i am a IG nut head if you charge in against a full squad of CSM with nothing but a lasgun and flak armor well you're ether very brave or,,, hell you stupid as s@#! and i love it!

More to come and as soon as i get the feel of uploading the photos no more attached pics ether, basing will come i promise.