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24-05-2008, 22:03
Here I go againÖ

With the 40k phase of my mucky battlefield board almost finished Iím looking at my next project: a grey board, textured with PVA and beach sand paste in the usual way.

First phase Ė Cityfight. Amera buildings below, shelled to bits. Unsure as to how Iíll colour them, possibly sandstone and grey concrete. Iíve used the movie 1984 as inspiration (anyone out there who wants to see what the human society is like in 40k, watch this!), there wonít be roads since the people are downtrodden and work in factories non stop so Iíll have a train line and station point instead ! I imagine Imperial enforcers herding the workforce on and sorting out trouble. Iíll have plenty of Imperial propaganda to remind everyone whoís in charge.

Naggaroth Ė In preparation for the new Dark Elves coming out, on top of this grey board Iíll have terrain pieces reflecting dark green grass, some pine forests, rock outcrops and an evil looking tower. Maybe some Snow patches too. For the tower take a bottle of coke and turn it upside down Ė thereís the basic structure of the tower. This might double as a mordor piece.

Dwarf Hold Ė For use with my BFSP miniís and also LOTR Moria (though itíll represent another Dwarf hold not Moria itself: I wonít be rehashing the same square jagged design). Expect raised platforms, staircases, columns, dwarf statues and a ton of rock (bark) and goblin embellishment. The main piece will be a dwarf version of the Arc de Triomphe Ė The Arc de GrungiÖ hmm.





25-05-2008, 13:36
nice. what material is that?

25-05-2008, 15:03
This should answer a lot:

25-05-2008, 19:15
cant wait to see the dwarf hold..


25-05-2008, 20:06
Looking forward seeing your take on naggaroth, especially after following your other plog.

Lord Malorne
02-06-2008, 10:33
Ooh another project log, you are a busy man IceSword ;).

Glad to see you are doing Dwarf and Dark Elf scenary. Subscribed!

Sword of Glory
05-06-2008, 22:23
can't wait to see those buildings painted! I bought the big one after reading your other plog, so I may have shamelessly plagarise any colour scheme :)

10-06-2008, 15:39
Just back from a holiday in Ibiza, all the clear blue beaches, sun, booze and wenches has left me feeling decidedly like a Pirate. Roll on the Dark Elf Corsair releases I feel a little raiding force coming on.

Back to these projects: All the ruins have been trimmed down (Iíve left one with a pencil line to highlight how much you need to remove. The larger ruin had a bit of a square uniform rubble base to it so Iíve cut a few squiggles on it to make it more natural. Iíll bulk these up with rubble later. I have a few different grades of sand and grit Iíll be applying to the rubble sections before I get some roughcoat all over the pieces.
Also included are some accessories I had lying about, these will all be incorporated somehow.
Plastic I-beams will be used to create my train line and Iíll be doing a bit of scratch building for a little 40k train platform/station, maybe some chain link fences too. Think Auschwitz.
Oh and Iíd better wash all the Amera stuff with soapy waterÖ





10-06-2008, 15:40

10-06-2008, 15:46
Some materials for the Naggaroth pieces, these rocks were commercialy sold for £7. These will be completley repainted and the grass darkened. I'll be drilling into this too and adding a few pine trees.



The portal is for a train set (I think), toying with the idea of using this as a dwarf gate.



10-06-2008, 16:48
I can't wait for more of your Naggaroth updates

Consider me subscribed.

10-06-2008, 17:07
Dwarf Hold

I'm making all these in tandem but I think the 40k downtown and Naggaroth bits will get priority.

I made a dwarf board a few years ago for Shadow and Flame (LOTR) but binned most of it. I did however hold on to these staircases, they are all modular and used to connect to large walkways and rock 'bastions'. I might re-use or remake these for this board.



Sketches of what I'm planning to make from foamboard:


10-06-2008, 18:48
I like the look of your dwarf hold. I want to make one myself one day in the far far future (and I mean far future) :p

Here is some inspiration to get your mind going, from games day Germany 2007.


You can see more from this link:- http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v107/Sylass/GD2007Germany/

Awesome terrain.

Also, subscribed :D

Lord Malorne
10-06-2008, 18:55
OMG I used to have that tunnel entrance, I got it a carboot sale and stuck a dwarf standard icon on it for a mine entrance...fond memeories.

Good work man, your speed puts me to shame.

10-06-2008, 18:56
Thanks Brimweave, that's kick a$$ ! I can see my sketches in that picture already, i'll have mine smashed up a bit more hopefully.

11-06-2008, 10:58
HOLY HE..... cow. Is that barak varr? I wonder how long it took to make that? it's so incredibly detailed and it's big too.

Sword of Glory
11-06-2008, 15:15
It reminds me of Naboo, out of Star Wars episode one.... and I'm not entirely sure why :confused:

flamin' cool though

11-06-2008, 21:28
These counters were from the Mines of Moria: pressed and smoothed into clay. I'll make a mould and cast a few of them up in plaster (the base will be thinner than this) and mount them on some plasticard to represent some goblin carnage.


11-06-2008, 21:34
First layer of rubble, this will have larger 'rock's added then everything will be sealed with a watered down coat of PVA before the roughcoat. I've tried to place the scatter in a way that looks like it fell naturally, larger wall sections should be exposed and this grit would build up in the cracks and corners :




This is as far as I got before the PVA ran out... when hobby time is short ...

What an Idiot !


11-06-2008, 22:51
Looking good IceSword keep it up. :D

12-06-2008, 18:55
Texture layer 1 complete. Couple if bigger 'rocks' next, seal everything with PVA then the roughcoat.




12-06-2008, 20:32
Skipped ahead and roughcoated some stuff. Stuck on a colour scheme for the ruins. Board will be plain grey drybrush (black, codex grey, space wolf grey), for contrast the ruin walls themselves will be either :
Sandstone/light brown
Deep brown/red
Cream/white (marble)

Need to do some research for a suitable colour. Needless to say there will be a lot of battle damage and smoke staining.




14-06-2008, 16:39
Roughcoat on everything, on top of the board I've textured with sand and pva (thick paste):





14-06-2008, 16:41
Black undercoat (still wet here), hopefuly start painting in the next few days.



Sword of Glory
14-06-2008, 20:54
Have you decided on a colour scheme yet?
If not, then of the three, i'd go for sandstone

awaiting developments :)

14-06-2008, 22:20
Yeah I'm with you on that, the rubble will be greyish and the walls will be dark brown worked up to bleached bone. Going to be a task to hit the right tone on the rubble, i'll need to stick some browns on it in parts to tie it back to the walls.

Decided to save the marble effect for some Macragge come greek buildings, but thats months off.

15-06-2008, 18:09
Colour tests done on the small walls. Not entirely happy with them but I think once I've added the battle damage and seen them on the painted board (scheduled for tomorrow evening) they'll be ok.

Codex Grey drybrush then Space Wolf Grey drybrush for the rubble:


Scorched brown then Graveyard Earth drybrush for the walls:


Final heavy drybrush of Bleached Bone :



16-06-2008, 11:53
First black coat on the board, this is the back of my 'mucky 40k battlefield' board, I use a roll of green bubble wrap to protect each side when it's laid down and also to wrap around the whole board for storage. Don't want that nice texture and paint job getting damaged. The bubble wrap cost under £5 from the Post Office.

I'd really recommend these Windsor and Newton acrylic paints, great coverage and finish. This pot cost me £12 and covering the board only drained the bottle by about 3cm.


Sword of Glory
16-06-2008, 15:29
oooh, nice
sandstone looks good IMO, don't go OTT with battle damage!

17-06-2008, 20:01
Board complete, camera doesnt seem to like taking photos of it (maybe the contrast, black/grey) but it looks good in life. Few minis thrown in, start of another small army.



22-06-2008, 18:23
WIP paint job for the Cityfight ruins.

I like these a lot they look like proper buildings that have been shelled to bits. GW Cities of Death ruins are nice but they seem more suited to a Hive or Forgeworld, also a lot of what you see of them defies logic: where is the rest of the building? You need to see pulverised stone/metal/rubble





25-06-2008, 18:07
More WIP for the ruins, still to add some staining, battle damage and make some of the rubble sandstone'ish to tie it back to the walls:





28-06-2008, 11:09
looks nice, consider me subscribed.
especially liked the stairwells

28-06-2008, 12:44
Nicely painted :)

28-06-2008, 19:23
Painting complete on the ruins ! Still to add some staining and battle damage but this will be minor. I could really use some paving or platforms (with a big imperial eagle on it) painted up in sandstone and maybe a big statue of something like a cherub or angel.





Sword of Glory
28-06-2008, 19:40
Sweet as :)
*steals sandstone effect*

28-06-2008, 20:51
When painting terrain i think you really need to take your techniques from miniature painting. I use a lot of selective drybrushing. I used the same mix (plain bleached bone) for the final highlight but I made the drybrush 'heavier' on the raised areas or areas of detail, just like highlighting minis. So cracks in the walls, staircases and the tops or edges of the walls get a heavier coat of paint to make them stand out. Naturally this also adds a lot of depth to the terrain !

29-06-2008, 02:41
Great looking terrain mate. :)

I have a question, those are amera buildings right? How hard wearing are they? I was planning on making some buildings for a new board and I was just wondering to go citadel CoD or Amera... What do you say?

Thanks in advance.
Keep it up!


29-06-2008, 12:35
Very hard wearing ! The plastic is pretty dense so has a little weight to it, once you've loaded the rubble up with sand you have extra strength on top of that.

For storage I simple have them in clear plastic bags and/or bubble wrap piled on top of each other in a box and that's no hassle.

The way I look at it you need to decide what the building is supposed to function as. COD I see as being Forge or Hive World, detailed, slightly flimsy looking, you'll need A LOT of them and they're expensive.
Amera on the other hand is cheap as chips and looks more suburban, you wont need as many of them because they're bigger, slightly less detailed but if your coveing a large portion of the base with sand that does the trick. Oh and you can cover an entire board in buildings for about £20 !