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21-04-2005, 17:51
The latest trailer for Miyazaki's newest film "Howl's Moving Castle" is up. It looks really amazing. Miyazaki is always really good at crafting the imagination and avoiding the cliche while still making interesting stories. "Howl's Moving Castle" looks to be no different. I am really looking forward to this release--it looks like more gold for the Studio Ghibli camp.

The link to the trailers-- (http://www.aintitcool.com/display.cgi?id=19966)

Jonathan =I=
22-04-2005, 17:46
It looks pretty good. I havent had the opertunity to see spirited away is in any good (Im gathering from the oscar it got that it is)

22-04-2005, 19:49
"Spirited Away" is a really imaginative movie. The story is not particularly deep or complex, but it does have a lot of great character.
The basic story is about a family that is waiting to move into their new home. When the father takes an alternative route to the house they wind up in a bizarre abandoned theme park. The parent's quickly start gorging themselves on food and magically get turned into pigs. As night falls spirits come out and the entire world transforms. The daughter is forced to bargain with the spirits in order to get her parent's back. It's definitely beautifully done, and very interesting to watch.

I prefer "Princess Mononoke" by Miyazaki to "Spirited Away". The story is more complicated involving the degredation of nature (also seen Miyazaki's earlier film "Nausicaa") and the abandonment of the old gods. The story involves the exiled Prince Ashitaka trying to remove a curse that was set on him by an angry god-turned-demon. When Ashitaka finds the city of Iron Town he sees why the gods have become angry as Iron Town is destroying the forests in order to supply the town with weapons. Very interesting story, which was translated into English by Neil Gaiman.

22-04-2005, 20:26
The castle really looks like a gargant, nice.