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Once Bitten
27-05-2008, 14:18
Being new to the game, I was wondering if anyone uses or has seen a creative way to transport your miniatures. I'm not fond of the time it takes to take each individual figure out of its slot in the standard carrying case when setting up a game. If I'm going to have to spend that kind of money (for the traditional cases), then I'd like to think that I could find an easier way to carry these guys.

One thought ...

I've glued some strong magnets to the bases, as well as the trays of each unit. My guys stay in place on the tray even if I turn it upside down. (It takes 1 magnet for plastic guys, and 2 for the metal ones.) I was thinking about storing the figures together as units on their trays, with foam between units, around the sides & top of the box they're in. (maybe have a few units stored in a shoe box, with the shoe boxes stored in a larger crate) Has anyone tried this?

Any thoughts?

27-05-2008, 14:31
As long as the magnets are strong enough, it should work. I've seen someone do it at my local GW. He had a metal box, and all the guys were magnetized. it fit a good sized Lizardmen army in it. All i would suggest is to not put any guys against the top of the box as, from there, they are most likely to fall and break.


27-05-2008, 14:40
Quite a few people have done it. If you use neodymium (rare earth) magnets they won't fall off easily.

27-05-2008, 14:41
I use a layer of foam board covered with metal sheets around the size of a movement tray. These trays are glued or magnetised into the foamboard and the figures magnetically stuck to the trays.

These are all then slid into a selection of boxes I got from work, the foamboard snug enough to not slide up or down. I've about 3000 points of TK standing upright and ready to go in a minute

27-05-2008, 14:42
We use just base tool boxes to start, one with a large ish bottom, then we put a peice of metal in each movement tray and in bottom of the box.

Then magnetized the models themselves, when im done i set the model into the bottom of the toolbox and so far none of the plastic ones slide around any, i havent tried putting metal ones in there yet. As for the trays i just put them in their own little spot and go on., you could always put foam around the outsides walls of the box also incase one did slide to the side.

27-05-2008, 15:02

All metal figures. Old lead ones, in fact. I used boxes with metal lined bottoms.

27-05-2008, 15:08
I never get tired of seeing people do that with their miniature's :D

27-05-2008, 15:53

I've used litko's magnetic base bottoms and magnetized movement tray inserts, and they are great, I've put them on all the figs from my 4 armies (metal, plastic, cavalry, chariots etc...) and it's really cool.

I use metal tool boxes, and I have 1 tool box for each army.

www.litkoaero.com (http://www.litkoaero.com)

Very nice product.

27-05-2008, 20:18
This is kind of off topic but I transport my manticore in a "Panda Bucket" that I got from the San Diego zoo in the late 90's. When there was 3 pandas... shi shi, bai youn and something else I think...


28-05-2008, 10:36
Considering this is a thread about carrying cases, I'm not sure how you figured that your post was off-topic :p

Magnetic bases and metal toolboxes are the way to go... unless you like to live on the edge, in which case use blu-tac!

28-05-2008, 14:14
dunno if you will like that, but once i saw someone using double side tape for plastic minis..
he covered the whole movement tray with tape, then put on the ranks of the unit..
then,using a vertical bag, simply put all the units one next to the other..

it works with plastic because it's lighter than metal.. maybe you can try with other stuff too..