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27-05-2008, 22:06
I hope to be taking part in the LOTR Tale of Gamers. I haven't had a good game of LOTR in over 2 years (i've only had about 2 games of any of GW systems in that time). With this little project i hope to get back into the hobby and be left with a decent army. I chose Angmar because i prefer the feral nature and differsity of it's army list.

Short fluff: This army chronicles the final conquests of one of the most legendary Orcs to walk Middle Earth. Gothrak the Terrible has led his foul kin accross the lands of Middle Earth. From Far Harad to the plains of Rohan, he has been a menace to the forces of good. Now, however, he is crippled, weary and constantly fighting for survival. Soon after arriving in the cursed realm of Angmar, he "won over" a small Orc warband. He also made an "alliance" with a feral White Warg Pack and forced a Hill Troll into his submission. A great and terrible winter has fallen upon the lands of the North, word spreads of a gathering might that stalks the night and gives cries of war in the day. Gothrak is back and he is bringing with him a new age of terror... if he lives long enough that is..

The points are from memory, any comments welcome, preferably before i start buying things

Host of Angmar - 500pts

Gothrak the Terrible (Orc Captain) – 40pts
Shield – 5pts

23 Orcs – 148pts
8 Shields, 8 Spears, 2 Great Weapons, 5 bows, 1 banner

Troll – 85pts
Troll chain

Moon (White Warg Chieftain) – 75pts

12 White Wargs – 96pts

Barrow-Wight – 50pts

I aim to make every model "individual". Also, I aim to make the army really gothic and grim. It's set in winter, if you've seen the game Viking, you'll likely understand...

I wanted to use the rules for Gothmog (as an ally) to represent the brilliance of Gothrak in his final stage, but he costs too much. I'll likely expand this army though, get a "few" extra trolls and wargs in there i think...

27-05-2008, 22:39
Well, I've never even played a game so I can't really comment too much, but the first thing that struck me was: Why the lone warg rider? I'm assuming the white wargs are riderless, so why have one with a rider? I think those points could be spent on something else, perhaps more bow armed orcs as 2 doesn't sound enough to me.

27-05-2008, 23:16
The army has a very strong narrative. It's split in two; the Orc Company and the White Warg Pack. The single warg rider is an orc who survived a very bloody battle (warning, fluff following). He wondered the winter wilderness until he came under the attention of some wild white wargs. Before the white wargs could strike a great black-furred warg leapt forward. the pack of white wargs did battle with the single warg, but were defeated. The white wargs fled leaving the mighty warg left wounded. The Orc instictifly tended to its wounds and the two formed a feral bond. They hunted down the White Warg pack and challanged the dominate male, and toar his out throat. Now the pack hunts under the leadership of the great black warg, and the guidance of the lone feral orc. When Gothrak the Terrible came to the lands of Angmar he won over the Orc who swore allegiance to the mighty warlord, leading his pack on another great hunt.

Rules-wise it means there'll be at least (at most) one warg knocking the enemy to the ground

Does that answer your question?

oh, and the reason there's only 2 bows is because i don't like bows (i use them as bait and to be suicidal), but maybe your right...

27-05-2008, 23:34
I see you changed your list. I like your fluff, but it does seem a little "unrealistic" or lightly detailed. I'm only trying to help, just keep that in mind but why did the orc tend to the warg's wounds? I get the idea that the warg saved the orc, but orcs are nasty and savage, they'd more than likely pick on the wounded beast. My idea, what you may not like, revolves around the fact you have Moon. What if the link was the fact that Gothrak was saved by moon, or perhaps even bested the white warg. A fight over primal dominance would fit your army and fluff well.

It is your army though.

I think using Gothmog rules is a great idea btw

27-05-2008, 23:56
You're right (i guess i've been going soft on the old orcs) :rolleyes:

I like that idea, shows that Gothrak still has it (...maybe that's how he loses his leg.....)

the idea with Moon is that she is the dominant female of the pack, the male being slain by men.

Here is the costs and my plan for the next 6 months:

2 Warg Boxs - 24
Orc Box - 15
wild Warg Chieftain - 7
Troll - 12
Gothmog - 12

June – 6 Wargs (12)
July – 6 Wargs, Warg chief (19)
August – 13 Orcs, banner (12)
September – 10 Orcs, Barrow-Wight (?)
October – Gothrak (12)
November – Troll (12)

Total cost - approx. 76

I'm not sure what model to represent my Barrow-Wight though as i wanted something different

I'm sure all of this will be covered in the new LotR TOG thread, but i'm eager to get started :D

28-05-2008, 00:13
Hate to break this to you, but the orc, warg and troll sets are 15 from GW, unless of course, your buying them from somewhere like:


In which case you can get further discounts.

28-05-2008, 00:18
I checked on the GW online store, Orcs are 15, but the cave troll and warg box are both 12

It doesn't really matter though

money is no problem....

28-05-2008, 00:29
Oh cave troll. Sory, i assumed you were after the new mordor/isengard one.

I wish I had shared your finances, I had to drop my harad plan because it was too much :(

28-05-2008, 00:38
I was tempted by the shiny new plastic morder troll, but i love the humble cave troll too much. :angel:

I was seriously tempted to do a Harad army (just having a horde of spears, bows and horses... and perhaps a mumak... or two) I guess i just wanted to do something more "natural" and wild (and somewhat more cheap), like Angmar.

Surely you could spread the costs across the 6 months, unless... So how many mumaks were you planning to get? :D

28-05-2008, 00:53
Lol. None in fact, but my list still came to just under 100, and when ebay offers 50 elves for 15, it kinda puts it in perspective.

28-05-2008, 16:15
Since the new army list thread has opened this one is redundant

hehe.. I now prenounce this thread, closed.

- On behalf of the Warseer Inquisition