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Guard Of The Citadel
28-05-2008, 10:21
I started collecting thses pirates back in February when they first came out, and now I am starting to find some army lists for them. Here is one of my favourites which has a mix of Haradrim and Corsairs

Corsair Captain (Two-handed Weapon) - 55
Corsair Bo'Sun (Crossbow)- 50
Haradrim Chieftain (Spear)- 46
24 Corsairs Of Umbar (8 Bows, 8 Spears, 8 Shields) - 192
22 Haradrim Warriors - (8 Bows, 13 Spears, Banner) - 156

Comes to 499 points in total

04-06-2008, 09:46
i am kinda new to lotr.
are corsairs any good last i saw theyre pretty weak. cheap like an orc i think?
i want to start them though.....i like pirates.:D

Guard Of The Citadel
04-06-2008, 10:14
Corsairs are decent, they have low defence but make up for it with their high fight value and they all come with throwing daggers. The last two games I played with them I had 24 Corsairs, a Captain and a Bos'un and I completley smashed up this guys Gondor army and in the second game I killed a Mordor Troll and A Mordor Troll Chieftain without any casulaties. You should not underestimate Corsairs, if you ever happen to play against them then you will need to use something that can match or beat their fight value, basically use elves :D

Here are the points cost for Corsairs and some of the heroes

Corsair of Umbar - 7 Points
Corsair Captain - 50 Points
Corsair Bos'un - 45 Points
Dalamyr - 100 Points
Corsair Arbalesters - 10 Points
Corsair Reavers - 10 Points

04-06-2008, 18:13
As posting points costs isn't allowed I will say Arbalesters and Reavers cost the same and you could get 10 for the same cost as Dalamyr hope that helps.

04-06-2008, 19:51
Personally, I don't like that list. Why bother with Haradrim? For the bows? Just take Arbalasters, they are far more effective. They seem like a major points drain. If you want to ally in some Haradrim, I would take a mounted Chieftain and some Raiders, all with lances. Something definitely worth taking when Mordor is released will be the Shadowlord-his ability is essentially Blinding Light which is permanent and doesn't need to be cast. This means your Corsairs are far less vulernable to bowfire, their greatest bane. He also has all the usual Ringwraith abilities, so an excellent hero-counter. Also comes in at a bargain price (4 times the cost of a Haradrim Banner bearer). Lovely.

However, he is a little expensive for this points level. In the meantime, here's a list I've jotted down:

Corsair Captain w/ Shield
Bos'un w/ Shield
10 Corsairs w/ Shield
10 Corsairs w/ Spear
10 Corsair Arbalasters
Haradrim Chieftain w/ War Spear, Horse
5 Serpent Riders

38 Models
Minimum FV4
10 S4 shots per turn
4 Might
Break point: 14 models

You really need to be looking to close down enemy shooting ASAP since they can make a nasty hole in your force before you even arrive. Try to close them down with the Serpent Riders, they can close the distance fast as well as acting as a major distraction. Keep Arbalaster fire on the more heavily armoured elements of the force, and try and close quickly with your main infantry body. Once you reach the main body of the enemy, try and bring your Serpent Riders in from their attack on the enemy archery ASAP to get a combined hit on the enemy forces. You can then enclose the enemy and push through the heavy elements with the Lancs of the Serpent Riders, and the Corsairs themselves can handle their fights pretty well. Careful positioning of the Bo'sun is also good, and remember, even though your army may be in combat, there may be times when it is worth shooting into combat with the Arbalasters. E.g. if you can tie up an enemy character with a single foot troop and get 10 shots on the combat, you may lose that 8pt bloke, but have a good chance of doing some damage to a 50pt+ hero.

Good luck! :)

Guard Of The Citadel
04-06-2008, 19:54
As posting points costs isn't allowed I will say Arbalesters and Reavers cost the same and you could get 10 for the same cost as Dalamyr hope that helps.

Ok thnkyou for that little hint :D

04-06-2008, 20:31
I would really consider taking some Reavers... those are nasty!

As lotrchampion has pointed out as well ake Arbalasters, they work a lot better then Haradrim with Bows. They have a good defence once they have the shield in place, and they have Crossbows... which are a great strength we Evil players have, strength 4 range 24" weapons, Good players wish they could have these bad boys.

04-06-2008, 23:32
Reavers are a little iffy due to D3-I prefer to have a minimum D4 front line. However you could either shield them on the way into combat or simply use the Shadow Lord when he comes out. As it is, models being wounded on 4s by Elf Bows and by everything in combat is a little off putting-the extra attack and high FV is nothing if they don't survive.

05-06-2008, 12:30
corsairs are they fight value 4?

Guard Of The Citadel
05-06-2008, 17:26
corsairs are they fight value 4?

Yes they are :) Sorta like wood elves, high f/v and low defence