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Death Korp
28-05-2008, 13:15
This thread is where you put your army lists.

*You can comment on other army lists and ask for advice, but only put 1 list in (2 if you are doing 2 armies) and edit it if you change it.

*Your army (-ies) must follow the Legions of Middle Earth rues (i can make some exceptions, just PM me if needed, i don't bite :))

*You must name your army by the Legions of Middle Earth Army List you have used. You must name any allies you have used too.

*Colour your army title 'royal blue' if Good, and 'red' for Evil, like i have done below.

*Put down army fluff if wanted :)

This thread is here because i want to keep all the army lists in one place, and its easier for people to help each other.

Here are my Lists:


*Khamul on Horse
*Easterling Captain
*20 Easterling Warriors (8 Shield, 8 Bow and 8 Spear and Sheild)
*1 Easterling Warrior w/ Banner
*5 Kataphrachts
*1 Kataphracht w/ Banner


*Faramir w/ Horse and Heavy Armour
*Peregrin Took
*Cap. of Minas Trith w/ Shield
*24 WoMT (8 Shield, 8 Bow, 8 Shield and Spear)
*1 WoMT w/ Banner
*5 KoMT
*1 KoMT w/ Banner

Thats mine, whats yours?


Mr Feral
28-05-2008, 13:36
I'll be the first to post then ;)


Dalamyr, Fleetmaster of Umbar
Corsair Bo'sun (Two-handed weapon)
24 Corsairs of Umbar (8 Bows, 8 Spears, 8 Shields)
12 Haradrim Warriors (4 Spears, 4 Bows)

The fluff for this force is it represents one that hangs down by the docks and repels any invaders. Can someone with the Harad sourcebook confirm this is all legal and in the list? I think it is but I want to be sure.


What the hell, sign me up for two armies! (I have half of it already that needs repainting)


(Minas Tirith)
Captain of Minas Tirith (Shield)
20 Warriors of Minas Tirith (13 Shield, 7 also with Spears, 6 Bows, 1 Banner)
Malbeth the Seer
Captain of Arnor (Shield)
10 Warriors of Arnor (1 Banner)

This list represents an Arnor force more in it's prime, with lots of soldiers and banners.

28-05-2008, 15:17
Cirith Ungol

Shagrat, shield
Gorbag, shield
11 Mordor Orcs (with a piece of equipment)
4 Warg Riders with a shield
9 Mordor Uruk-hai (with a piece of equipment)
Mordor Troll

Excuse me for the lack of desription about the weapons the Orcs and Uruk-hai have, but those both depend which guys I've got lying around here and how I convert them.
I would have liked to use some more Orcs and Uruks, and no Warg Riders, but I don't want to buy ANOTHER box of those boring Mordor Orcs and the Uruks are already expensive enough (tough I'm converting some Isengard Scouts to Mordor Uruks, but that costs alot of time).

28-05-2008, 16:39
I think this list is all perfectly legal, it also seems reasonably flexible. i'll likely expand it at a later date to about 1000pts (but now is good too)

Fluff: The final stage in my Orc protagonist, Gothrak the Terrible's long and glorious life. After fleeing to Angmar, crippled and weary, the once legendary Orc warlord has taken command of a small warband of Orcs, submitted a Hill Troll Tribe and a pack of fearsome White Wargs. Though with barely an arm and a leg (literally) left he now leads his growing feral host with conquest in mind, but with a deathly winter gripping the North, how much longer can he fight?


Gothrak Boldog, The Terrible (Gothmog - ally) – 135pts

39 Orcs – 264pts
14 Shields, 15 Spears, 2 Great Weapons, 7 bows, 1 banner
(Note: Orcs include Jonathan the Gardening Orc (just accept him), Gurkhan, Angela, Alastor and King Pip)

The Shire Triad, The Three Goblins, etc (3 Orc Trackers) - 15pts

Hill Troll Chieftain (Buhrdur) - 110pts

Hill (Cave) Troll – 80pts

Hill (Cave) Troll - 80pts

Moon (White Warg Chieftain) – 75pts

12 White Wargs – 120pts

The Lonely Prince (Barrow-Wight) – 50pts

The Fallen (Shade) - 100pts

Total - 999pts

Models: 61
Trolls: 3 (good number...)
Bows: 10 (a decent meatshield)
Might: 7
Cost: 117...... (happy birthday to me..... happy..)

The army is set in winter, will be "individualised" and its actions chronicled in modelling and text (I hope to write a few battle reports and convert models based on their "progress" through each battle). I'm not sure whether this army will work out, i'm used to haven just a horde of Orcs with a handful of captains and banners, this army has a bit more stategy to it i suppose..

Edit: Now that the list is 1000pts i'll follow this plan:

June: 19 Orcs (since i won't have much time in June i'll struggle to do even this)
July: 20 Orcs, 6 Wargs, Troll (Summer holidays; i'll be busy, i'll do this when i'm not busy)
August: 6 Wargs, Warg Chief, Troll (i'll be getting exam results and returning to school, i'll do my best)
September: Gothrak (Gothmog - spend my time converting him)
October: shade, Barrow-Wight, 3 Orc Trackers (a little break i suppose)
November:Troll Chief (haven't decided to what degree i'll convert him but i'll take my time nevertheless)

Comments and tips appreciated :D

28-05-2008, 18:31
@ Temozarela: you could still make that work, because we are actually supposed to have 100 pts each month (meaning that would take you to October with no jokers). You could do:

June: 23 Orcs (15 - 148pts)
July: 6 Wargs (12 - 48pts - That puts you on 196pts for 2 months...)
August: Barrow-wight, 6 wargs (19 - 98pts)
September: Gothmog and chieftain (19 - 120pts)
October: Troll (12 - 85pts)

or you could just joker a month and do it your way, just make the points work.

28-05-2008, 19:07
@Nightsword: That looks good, though i'd probably have to play my Joker in June to get those Orcs done, just move everything up a month.. (i'd struggle to do 23 Orcs in June...)

It'll all be OK in the end..

So what about your list? Elves is it?

28-05-2008, 19:21
Yeah, elves. basically I don't know what I'm doing, and I didn't want to move off the topic of this thread otherwise it would defeat the purpose of all the finilised lists being in one place, so I created a seperate thread for help... I hope it comes soon lol.

28-05-2008, 20:08
Ok here's my official entry:

The Corsair Fleets

Dalamyr, Fleetmaster of Umbar - 100 pts.
Captain with two handed weapon - 55 pts.
Bo'sun with crossbow - 50 pts.
12 Corsairs with boarding Pikes - 96pts.
12 Corsairs with shields - 96pts.
6 Corsairs with Bows - 48pts.
6 Arbalesters - 60pts.

36 Warriors (12 with bows/xbows)

Total - 505pts (5pts over as I hadn't originally planned to give the bo'sun a crossbow)

I plan to paint for all 6 months so I'm going to do a second Bo'sun with boarding pike and another 6 Corsairs with bows in month 6 to bring it up to 600 pts. and give me some extra options.

If I can paint 6 Half Trolls in June I'll also do my Troll Army as well - the Troll army is 1000pts. as there is such a small mini count (17) I plan to paint 150 -200 pts. or so a month to get it done in 6 months really once the half trolls are done it's just 1 or 2 mini's a month after that.

The list (It's not LoME legal as Angmar can't ally with Mordor but I'm not too concerned as this is what I want to paint up - my only other option would be to use Moria for the Cave Trolls but the Hero presents a problem - a solitary Moria Goblin Captain running around would be a bit odd!.)

Troll Army of Far Harad
Far Harad:
6 Half Trolls with Hand Weapon - 132 pts.
3 Half Trolls with 2 Handed weapons - 69pts.
1 Half Troll Chieftain with War Spear (Mahud Tribemaster) - 61pts.
Mordor (not sure which list until I see the book):
1 War Troll Chieftain (Mordor Troll Chieftain) - 120pts.
2 War Trolls (Mordor Trolls) - 200 pts.
1 War Troll Drummer (Mordor Troll Drummer) - 150 pts AFAIK
1 Cave Troll Chieftain (Buhrdur) - 110 pts.
2 Cave Trolls with Spears - 150 pts.

Total 992pts.

Mr Feral
28-05-2008, 20:16
I though I was the only one who was going to paint up Dalamyr but nevermind, it'll be interesting to see how you do it dax.

Your Troll army sounds mad too, are they all going to be converted to have the Far Harad theme? That'll be one to watch!

28-05-2008, 20:21
To be honest it's a struggle to make 500pts of Corsairs especailly as I've already done the 6 Reavers and won't count them so I needed Dalamyr to make up the points.

Yeap all will be converted to Far Harad Style. The Cave trolls are done (see my log in my sig) The 4 Mordor Trolls will all be converted from the plastic kit in the same way that I've done the Cave Trolls, the cave troll chieftian will actually be the Buhrdur mini but with Far Harad conversions this one is going to cause me the most trouble as it's metal and I've converted the Half Trolls by swapping around the arms and weapons so that they look as different as possible given there's only 2 poses.

Mr Feral
28-05-2008, 20:33
That's cool man. I chose Dalamyr because I think it's a rather nice model (and proved to be just as good to paint too), but I can't forget his in-game smokebombs and nasty statline. :evilgrin:

Your all-converted Trolls sounds like quite the challange. I've seen your Cave Trolls and very nice they are too. Converting the Buhrdur model sounds difficult, but I imagine you can pull it off successfully :).

28-05-2008, 20:51
The Ravagers of Fornost
Mouth of Sauron
15 Morannon Orcs
-shields, 2 shield/spear
13 Orcs
13 Trackers
Spider Queen

MC: 44

28-05-2008, 23:08
Legion of the White Hand

1 Uruk-Hai Champion, Heavy Armour, Shield.
1 Uruk-Hai Warrior, Banner.
15 Uruk-Hai Warriors, Shields.
15 Uruk-Hai Warriors, Pikes.
6 Uruk-Hai Warriors, Crossbows.
2 Uruk-Hai Beserkers.

A raiding party that was sent into Rohan, to sabotage Rohan's plans, while the main force of Saurman's Uruk-Hai force was attacking Helms Deep. Learning of the defeat at Helms Deep, and of the fate of Isengard, they have vowed to be a roving band that shifts with the shadows to blight the lives of those they see as the killers of Isengards might.

28-05-2008, 23:39
Everyone seems to have some pretty good army ideas

@Dax - You stole my idea! in that you converted a Far Harad Troll army before me and much better than i could ever hope to do... (the same goes for your DP.. Jesus wept....)

Not only does there seem a variety of armies, but climates too, from the deserts of Harad to the wintry forests of Eriador

I have a dilema though, I've been planning to make my army really dark and gruesome (needless to say it'll make Warhammer look like The Princess Bride....)

However, my dearest most precious Cave Troll is in peril (why have a mordor troll when you could have a cave troll.... Seriously). I had plans to convert the troll to be more hunched, fatter, standing over a horse with it's throat ripped out, blood on its hands and gaping mouth, whilst dangling the poor steeds rider. The idea was to make it a real feral monster, something that would be let loose on the enemy and forcefully chained at battles end. But then i remembered the Cave Troll of old, the child-like creature that lived a humble live, tortured by Orcs and forced to express its furious pain on those it had no quarrel with, i.e. the good guys. So do i make it a berserk bloodthirsty monster or a more humble creature, playing with his foe, rather than tearing them limb from limb...

Modelling tips appreciated.

29-05-2008, 12:03
THE BLACK GATE (with Minas Morgul)

1 Mordor Troll Chieftain (140)
1 Orc Taskmaster (55)
1 Black Numenorean Marshall, shield (65)

12 Morannon Orcs, shield (96)
11 Morannon Orcs, spear/shield (108)

5 Black Numenoreans (45)

Total Cost: 500

edit: list changed to remove Nazgul and include Minas Morgul

29-05-2008, 14:22

Rangers of Ithilien
6 Rangers of Gondor
4 Rangers of Gondor w. Spears
10 Warriors of MT w. Shield, Spear
10 Warriors of MT w. Shield

Minas Tirith
Cap of Men w. Shield, Horse
5 Knights of Minas Tirith w. Shields
3 Warriors of MT w. Shields

# of Models – 41
# of Might – 6
# of Bows – 11 (incl. Damrod)

Total: 498

The fluff? Recent border skirmishes with both the Haradrim and Orcs have pushed back supply lines of the Gondorians little by little. Owacyn(the Captain) and his small band form part of a small rearguard which has been cut off from the others during one particularly bold act by Boromir. By some huge stroke of luck, they have stumbled across a column of their bretheren, lead by none other than Cirion, Lt. of Amon Barad.

29-05-2008, 14:46
THE BLACK GATE (with some allies)
Morannon orc captain
Morannon orc captain
24 morannon orcs
The Dark Marshal on horse
5 Morgul Knights
Total 528pts
Fluff: Sauron sent for all possible forces for the battle at the black gate, The Dark Marshal recieved his message and rode towards the gate with his Bodyguard. On the way he found some morannon orcs marching towards the Gate and took command of them. On the way they had loads of adventures blah blah blah...

30-05-2008, 18:16
I don't like those extra 3 Wargs (2 boxes equals 12). What can i replace them with (24pts)?

30-05-2008, 19:03
Ok here are my two armies
its going to be the same "theme" on both but with a small twist since its going to be the two sides from the coin
Basically Im going to field numenor army for each side

Im nost sure who this army is going to work since I havent received the new book from Mordor but i always wanted to field the black numenorians that were presented in WD a LOOONG time ago now with the new range I had to do it

Mordor Army
still in waiting just bought
Mouth of Sauron
Dark General
Black Numenorian X 9
Black Numenorian knights x 3
castellans x 4 as allies

For the good Army is the Legion of Ithilnen (now Minas Morgul ) this legion has been faithfull to their legacy and still wear and field the numenorian colors

This army is composed by numenor warriors, captain of men and king of men
Just started priming the following
Captain of men w/ shield, hand weapon and armor
Numenor warriors with spear x 8
Numenor warriors with bow x 4
working on a standard bearer and a mounted captain

Death Korp
30-05-2008, 19:51
skuller: I've added you on to the Tale, as i couldn't see your name. :)

The signing up thread is closed now, but i've left this one open for until the 1st June, so you can discuss the TOLotRP here with each other.

Any questions, PM me, and no more signing up.

EDIT: Mr Feral is now the 2nd in command for TOLotRPs. This is just in case (ulikely though) i can't run it for a month due to problems. So, if i am not running it for a month, mr Feral will start the opening post.


30-05-2008, 20:18
Defenders of Fornost

Homeland defenders of the stricken city of Fornost, and their hobbits pushed into service.

This is actually a 700 Point army list, going with my theory of an 'Anti Joker' When i do 200 points in a month, which will get me to the size of army i want, lol.

Captain of Arnor

10 Dunedain with spears
40 Warriors of Arnor,
20 Hobbit Archers


Sniper Kelly
30-05-2008, 23:14

(Some points values are approximate, so some minor changes will be made when the Mordor book comes out)

The Shadow Lord ~100 points
Mordor Troll 100 points
2 x Morannon Orc Captains ~100 points
24 Morannon Orc warriors ~200 points

31-05-2008, 08:23
Serpent Horde

Harad Chieftain
Horse, Warspear
and bow

5 Harad Raiders- 2 with bows and two with warspears
1 Banner

13 Harad Warriors
Spears & 1 banner

6 Watchers

Allied Muhad King
Camel, Warspear, Sheild

5 Mahud Raiders
With war spears

499 points

29 models

31-05-2008, 11:05
The Elven Havens

Elladan and Elrohir - 140
9 Elven Warriors with heavy armour, elven blade - 90
6 Elven Warriors with heavy armour, elven bow - 66
3 Elven Warriors with heavy armour, shield, spear - 33

Haldir with armour and bow - 80
3 Haldir's Elves with elven blade - 27
2 Haldir's Elves with bows - 20
1 Haldir's Elf with banner - 43

Total points - 499

Can anyone just nod if the points costs for this are correct, or shake their head and raise an angry fist if not please.

@ Temozarela - With your spare points, why not reduce the amount of orcs you have and convert some to Trackers? Is that possible?

31-05-2008, 21:02
@Hermanesq: Finally an army with Hobbits in it. I really like your idea, if only i could face it on the battlefield.. However, with all those warriors of arnor and Hobbits etc, shouldn't the last King of Arnor be present? Not only will he inspire your men, but he is royalty (and i wanna kill him!).

@Mr Feral: Good twist with the pre-Fall of Arnor army, makes me want to find someone with an Arnor army and fight them with my imaginary horde of Angmar

@Nightsword: Great idea (again). I've taken out those 3 wargs and replaced them with a fearsome Tracker triad (that leaves me with 10 archers..) Volley away..

Since the "journey" (as it were) will begin soon, could someone just check my army (especially Gothmog's pts value) as both the Ruin of Arnor and Mordor books are a part of my, yet to be made, list of first purchases. much appreciated

Good luck to all the members of The Fellowship of the Tale of the Lord of the Ring Painters :D

Mr Feral
31-05-2008, 21:15
I plan on having all the shields in my force bear the Arnor insignia.

(BTW Temozarela, Gothmog is an extra ten points to what you've said, check the rulebook!)

31-05-2008, 23:06
@Mr Feral: Look forward to seeing that.

That would've helped...

I plan to make a few (hopefully) unconventional conversions, from the likes of the Arnor Captain, Arvedui and maybe even Hobbits, to create a slightly more diverse host of "foul things"

My list has now been finalised

I'll get pics up of my WIP when i can..

01-06-2008, 00:15
@Nightsword, your points are spot on, except for the Galadhrim (Haldir's elves) with swords, who are 8 points not 9 apiece. Unless you meant to give them blades. Now you can double the size of your army with those extra 3 points!

Also note the 140 cost for Elladan and Elrohir does not include horses, bows or armour, in case you weren't aware.

01-06-2008, 11:25
Cheers Lorelorn. Yeah, i meant to give haldir's elves blades. I'm assuming (because the model's do), that they have armour too? And thanks for letting me know about Elladan and Elrohir's lack of protection/equipment. They weren't meant to have horse, and I didn't even know they could have bows... Oh well. How do they fare without armour? I have the unarmoured figures, but if I sculpt a bit of armour on, I could probably get away with both versions. If I can do it :D

Death Korp
01-06-2008, 15:53
ITS ON PEOPLE!!!!! (http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=2662744#post2662744)


01-06-2008, 16:25
Looking good death korps. I could have been the first to post too... if only my delivery had turned up... Why pay nearly 4 for first class delivery when the guy posts it late? Tsk.

Mr Feral
01-06-2008, 20:36
Looking good death korps. I could have been the first to post too...

Beat you to it! :p

I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone is coming up with, so get those WIPs posted up!

01-06-2008, 23:33
I'll get you next time Feral *shakes pointy stick*:)

05-06-2008, 18:12
...Not many good (as in the good side, im not saying your lists suck :p) lists here. Well heres one, its in a white dwarf, but ive been using it waaaay before that article came out :P
Elven Havens

Gandalf (Grey)
5 elves with elven blades
5 elves with spears
5 elves with bows

Basicly spears and blades get into combat, elrond casts nats wrath, getting as many enemys but no heros. The gandalf casts strenghten will, so elrond can then cast it AGAIN next turn :p. Gandalf strengthens, Elrond casts with 2 dice, while enemys get choppy choppyed by elven blades.

Oh yeah and fluffwise, gandalf has traveled to meet elrond to try and perswade him to give him one of the rings (I beleive gandalfs ring was an elven one ) but they meet said enemy.

07-06-2008, 10:27
i should put my army up here:
Captain of Dol Amroth
Forlong the fat
10 axemen of Lossarnach
12 rangers of Morthond vale
19 pikemen of Dol Amroth
1 man at arms with banner

fluff wise its a part of the larger force of the fiefdoms going to march to minas tirith but got ambushed by said enemy