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28-05-2008, 17:15
Ok, so there's a new one of these every other day, but still...

I'm thinking of getitng a new fantasy army - not played for quite a long while (early 6th) and I'm looking for something that doesn't have a particulary high model count (I'm the worlds slowest painter - and decided to collect Orks for 40k!) or is very very quick and easy to paint. Cost isn't a major concern (although obviously, I don't want to be forking absolutely stupid amounts of money out! The only other thing that is worth considering is that I'd rather paly a newer army (with a 'current' - that is, Dwarf's onwards) army book.

My current thoughts are:

Dark Elves - used to collect them a while back - love the imagery and idea, but I don't remember getting very many victories with them! New models also look amazing!

Daemons - another army I used to collect (back when Steed of Shadows could be used on a Daemon Prince!) Like the idea but seem to be missing rather a lot of their range?

VC's - don't know masses about them, skeletons should be easy to paint and fairly expensive points wise for almost everything in the army - always had a thing for the hordes of undead thing

Empire - No idea, but they get a poowder monkey!

Any suggestions?

The Anarchist
28-05-2008, 20:19
at the moment dark elves are waiting for a new army book, when they do come back they should be pretty sweet. Elves are all very playable armies, and seem ti be well favoured amongst the older gamers, so if you are intrested in DE wait a little bit before you invest too much money.

deamons may have changed a bit since you last played, with new rule book making mulit-god armies very playable and entertaining. pop down to your locla store as many have practice games atm involving deamons, will give you a taste for the infernal maybe.