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28-05-2008, 22:22
I played a game the other day and i fielded karl franz on deathclaw well long story short deathclaw got smoked by a warplighting cannon. since i did not have the KF on foot i lost him as well.:cries: anyways GW does not make a KF on foot and i havent been able to find a suitable counts as. has this happened to anyone else and where could i find a good kf on foot

28-05-2008, 22:28
Another KF model with different legs?

28-05-2008, 22:29
In a word, no. There is no KF on foot model. You're going to either have to convert the original to be on foot (not exactly difficult) or use something else.

I would suggest the Greatsword Champion as a good basis for a conversion.

28-05-2008, 22:30
Why dont you just some random converted captain or something? Your opponents cant be so dull that they force you to remove Karl Franz from play simply because you only have a model for him that is mounted? Because people with that attitude are the one's with the problem and are best to be avoided.

The Anarchist
28-05-2008, 22:33
fair few heroes have this problem, if your playing with most opponets jsut about any model will do aslong as everyone knows what the model represents shouldn't have a problem.

28-05-2008, 22:55
Agreed. Easier to stop playing against dicks then do the conversion for the rare occurances.

28-05-2008, 23:38
since i did not have the KF on foot i lost him as well.

i hope you wont play this opponent again without a lesson in gamesmanship..

29-05-2008, 02:28
Last time this happened I used a random swordsmen model. If you really had this problem, you need to find different opponents.

29-05-2008, 03:48
i would just cut the karl franz model at the waist and stick him on some other legs such as a swords men legs or something of that sort

29-05-2008, 04:10
Your opponent was an idiot if he forced you to remove the model. If Franz isn't stuck to deathclaw use a bit of blue tack and stick him to a base if you are forced to play that opponent again, with any sensible people use any model you have to represent him. A swordsman without a shield would be fine.

29-05-2008, 06:34
I agree with above posters. He shouldn't force you to remove Franz completely.

29-05-2008, 07:09
I sometimes just use an orc boy to represent the warboss after the wyvern is killed.
There's already so much money pumped in this hobby...
What's next? Force you to have a second dragon without a rider?

Lord Pree J.
29-05-2008, 08:08
That is unfair that the model had to be removed completely.
What you could do is cut off from the waist, and use small Rare Earth Magnets , and use them on his body, his legs, and his other legs. Thats how i did my empire general.

29-05-2008, 08:44
What a dick of a player to make you do that.

I wouldn't bother converting one just out of spite.

29-05-2008, 11:57
I remember the old rules saying stupid stuff like "you must have a model to represent the character on foot if the monster is killed or the entire thing is removed" but everyone played that as you put down a generic hero. Unless this was some super Hard Boys tourney that guy was a loser who you shouldn't play again since he's obviously trying to game the rules.

Either way you should be using Karl on horseback. He's much more survivable in a unit of knights with a 1+ armor save, cheaper and you don't have to worry about the offchance of some ass pulling something like that. All you have to do is cut off the waist and green stuff him onto the legs of the Empire General plastic model. The problem is now that you can't bitz order you have to buy the entire model which sucks...

The Red Scourge
29-05-2008, 13:35
Laugh in your opponents face, while saying:

"Oh man, you're really one of those guys giving this hobby a bad name."

Continue by pointing out the little flaws in his models. Lack of paint, a shield that isn't paid for and how that sword on his general really is an axe.

As a final gesture remove your models from the table, shake hands and thank him for the game – and flip him the bird.

Oh, and find someone worth wasting your time on ; )

29-05-2008, 13:49
Most of my dragons have riders that are removeable. Their riders have pins (metal sticks up their butt, and they really enjoy it) that slide into holes I drilled in the dragons necks. I did this years ago when most armies could field dragons with out riders (I miss that option).

Pretty soon I am finally going to finish my WE sisters dragon/eagle combo, but what is holding me up is I really cant come up with a good way to pin them to the green dragon with the pecular pose they come with. Anyway, I may soon give up and just permafix them onto the dragon and convert a couple female looking glade guard for the eagle. I still plan to occasionally use the dragon as a generic lord, and will just call the extra rider "moral support" for the lord.

Sorry that I just sorta rambled way off topic there, but what I meant to say is: Do what you can to meet the WYSIWYG stuff, but there are limits. This guy crossed the line and really gives the game a bad name.

Royal Tiger
29-05-2008, 15:19
I would just use the plastic kit to make an unmounted one, and also get another kit to replace the GOD awful mounted version, but thats just me because I prefer to have an unmounted model just in case something like that happens, I won't force it on others, but I force it on myself to remain fair and avoid arguments

29-05-2008, 16:33
Just a thought, there are other times when models are added only if you have them otherwise they are cosidered lost (spawns, horrors, and so forth). In these cases, even though the book says you need the model, do you let your opponent use a proxy?

29-05-2008, 16:37
I would let him, but we just proxy everything so it doesn't really matter. Great memory exercise.

29-05-2008, 16:50
I haven't really thought about that...
None of my regular opponents has anything like spawns that pop out of the ground or horrors. I don't think it would be a big problem if the other guy wanted to proxy this. You can't be prepared for everything with this kind of thing.

I do think that if you have VC or Morghur that you should be prepared at least for something.

I know that I'dd rather not use proxies though. Never done that before, not going to either.