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28-05-2008, 23:57
Basically I've read a lot about armies geared to one of their strengths or uber lists or power gaming. What I want to know is about the more versatile units or unit combo's that can be brought in an all comers list. In other words flexible units that work well together. You know army synergy.
So what units would you take in combination or by themselves? Also what would you leave on the shelf?

29-05-2008, 00:12
Skinks and Kroxigors work very well in combination especially since kroxigors can charge through skinks . . .

29-05-2008, 00:23
Any fast cavalry. Epecially, any fast cavalry with shooting. Usually not going to win you games on it's own but it's a very versatile choice for any army and it's something of a force multiplier for your real heavy hitting units. The incredable mobility of fast cavalry makes it one of my favorate things to see in a list.

29-05-2008, 04:10
Pretty much any hammer/anvil combo where with one durable unit to hold charges and a mobile unit to negate enemy; empire swordsmen with knights/s-tanks are one example, maruaders+knights/chariots and skeletons/zomnies+knights/black coaches (noticing a pattern here?) are another. Some armies can't really pull it off; brets don't have any reliable anvils while dwarfs don't have hammers (which is rather ironic).

29-05-2008, 04:15
pretty much would echo whats been said. Any fast cavalry plus reliable hammer anvils you can get your hands on. Some armies accomplish these tasks in different ways but pretty much all armies will have the same variations. In the skink/krox list the anvil is typicaly ran down skins or the flee reaction or timid opponents knowing about the kroxigors, dwarves rely on any unit beside the one charged as a hammer, ect. Any army without fast calvary should probably have some form of versatile flyer as well or something to march block so your opponent doesnt just roll up and dictate the fight to you either.

29-05-2008, 15:56
That's a very vague question. I'll give you advice for the armies I'm most familiar with:

- The Organ Gun is their most versatile artillery piece as it can really take out most things on the board with equal effectiveness unless it's toughness 6 or more.
- Thunderers are as good of shooters as anything I can think of and are a solid anvil in combat.
- If used right Miners can do a bunch of different things such as flank, war machine hunt, march block, or be used as an anvil.

Wood Elves:
- The Treeman. I've never been the biggest fan of it myself but one cannot deny how versatile it is and how many different tasks it can accomplish.
- Warhawk Riders can harass small units with their bowfire or charge in and kill wizards with their hit and run capabilities.
- Alter Kindreds are awesome in close combat, march blocking, war maching and wizard hunting, and if you give it the bow of loren or hail of doom arrow also shooting.
- Dryads and Wardancers work great together.
- The Great Eagle is probably my favorite versatile unit. It can war machine and wizard hunt, march block, and provide modest support in close combat.
- Waywatchers can cause some damage with their bows, they mess with your opponent's head, and in close combat against low toughness and lightly armored troops they are actually really effective.

High Elves:
- White Lions with their lion cloaks are near impossible to shoot down with regular bows making them a good screen for lighter troops such as Swordsmasters. Then they go in and kick butt in close combat.

Dark Elves:
- Dark Riders. Take at least two units of these as they are fast calvary with two shots apiece. Can't go wrong there.

Vampire Counts:
- I don't know the new list as well as I knew the old one but Spirit Hosts are still very effective at screening units from missile fire and bogging down an enemy unit.

That's about all I can think of off the top of my head. Does that help? Also when you said what not to take, do you mean not to take due to it's lack of versatility?

29-05-2008, 18:09
In seventh edition can units and models below US 5 march block?

29-05-2008, 19:20
brets don't have any reliable anvils

Give the Grail Reliquae a try.

29-05-2008, 20:36
In seventh edition can units and models below US 5 march block?

Now that you mention it I don't think so. Good call... I still occasionally get the rules mixed up.

30-05-2008, 04:16
Give the Grail Reliquae a try.

Dang, forgot them.

:begin rant:
Probably because I've attempted to erase any memory of that terrible unit from my mind. Honestly, we're expected to believe that in a nation where a peasant can be hanged for looking at a noble the wrong way, a bunch of crazed lunatics who are known to have murdered grail knights are not only permitted to live, but form an important part of the army and receive the blessing of the Lady :wtf: Really? Seriously?
:end rant: