View Full Version : Buying original (3e) BRetonnians

Lars Porsenna
29-05-2008, 00:48
Posting this in Fantasy since I figure y'all would know...

Does anyone know if these figures are still available? Any ideas how much they cost, and how I would go about ordering them (just ring GW? US or UK?). These were some great figures, and plan on supplementing the ones I already have, as well as some other manufacturer's figures, or a WAB army...


29-05-2008, 08:29
As far as I understood, they were discontinued around autumn 2005 (or that is what I understood about what Paul Sawyer wrote to the WAB medieval yahoogroup).

However, Wargames Foundry has got the rights for them (though with an integral base instead of tab for slottabase), and is producing some of them (not the plastic horses, though). You can find them browsing through the medievals section of Foundry website.

Eg. following pages should contain some


Notice that these might have been mixed with other sculpts made by the Perries directly for Foundry.

Lars Porsenna
29-05-2008, 15:13
While I am very aware of the Foundry range, they never got the foot knights or the mounted knights (the mounted knights are MUCH smaller, though probably compatable with Perry Minis line). Many of the foot knights may have either been unreleased Bretonnians, or from when Citadel had an actual historical range...