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29-05-2008, 08:07
Hi all
Is the unit strength of a chariot ridden by a us 1 hero / lord allways 5 ?
E.g. Demon Book - Chariot (US 4) Plus herald clearly = 5 from BRB page 71
Orc Chariot plus hero - text in O & G book says he replaces a crewmember so is us 4 or 5 - i would think 5 based on BRB but wondered what the consensus was

Nurgling Chieftain
29-05-2008, 08:44
The fact that a crewman is lost when a character joins a chariot does not prevent the chariot from gaining a point of US from the character's presence. The loss of the crewman simply doesn't drop the US of the chariot.

29-05-2008, 09:23
IIRC a light chariot is US 3, so a TK character in a chariot would be US 4.

29-05-2008, 09:48
AFAIK the only chariot which is below US 4 is the Tomb King one, which is 3. All other chariots are US4 regardless of the crew. If there is a character in it, it gains +1 US, thus being US5.

29-05-2008, 10:59
Thanks for this - i guessed it was the case that it was always us5 with a character but wanted to check i want being dumb

29-05-2008, 12:33
Chariots never change US except when you add characters. All O&G ones are US 4. Even a goblin chariot with 3 wolves and 4 crew is US 4, not 7. Its not the crew that defines the US, its just a standard number.
Since a character is treated as a seperate part of the chariot (for hitting, and for dying) he brings his own US, just as when he rides a monster.

Otherwise I will be adding a lot of crewmember to my chariots, since US can negate ranks and give bonusses. And only for 5 points...