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Black Templars fan
29-05-2008, 17:04
I know it may be a little early to ask this question but does anyone have any idea when the Black Templars codex will be re-done? And if so any rumors on changes for them any help would be great.

Thanks in advance

Black Templars fan

29-05-2008, 17:05
Wrong place for questions my friend!

However, there is no word yet of a re-release. May not even happen. There is meant to be an FAQ in Jult with the advent of 5th Edition though.

Max Jet
29-05-2008, 17:07
Whenever it may be...
I hope AFTER a Dark Eldar, Imperial Guard, Necron, Tyranids and Tau Codex. Seriously..... but knowing GW it will be before all these Codicies. (so much for "Leaving enough room for the Xenos armies")

29-05-2008, 17:12
Moving to 40K General



29-05-2008, 17:13
They recently did the Black Templar, they wont get done any sooner then the Dark Angles.

29-05-2008, 20:38
A) It should be a long time, and

B) Please make your subjects a little more informative!

30-05-2008, 00:23
i think it might actually make it in fairly soon actually, looking at the list of stuff that needs doing (due to rule changes) and is definantly getting done my best guess on a new edition order of play for codexes would be (and this is heavy on the best and the guess part)
space marines, gaurd, space wolves, dark eldar, tau, necrons, nids, templars,
However, through 4th ed the trend has been alien codex, then something in power armour, then another alien dex' and so on,
if this carries on the list might look a little more like this:
space marines, gaurd, wolves, dark eldar, blood angels, necrons, templars, tau, power armour, nids

purely for speculations sake