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30-05-2008, 20:46
Just thought of an idea which may be silly or unworkable but worth mentioning.

I've often wondered what it would be like to play against some players here and thought of a way of doing it online through Warseer.


1) Played on standard 6'X4' board. All terrain are 'squared off' for simplicity and placed in the same way as units below.

2) The table is assumed to be a grid and movement is determined by two sets of co-ordinates - at the start and at the end of each unit's movement followed by a compass bearing for facing
E.g. Move unit of Black Orcs from (8.6, 12) -> (10, 12.4), facing at a compass bearing of N24degrees W.
Players will have to verify that the movement is legal before doing so.

All movement co-ordinates are relative to one bottom left corner of the board
the bottom left corner of each players side.

3) Dice Rolls - Tricky one here. Some possible ways

a) Appoint a 3rd person to roll dice - if someone is willing.
b) If 2 games are going on then each player could offer to roll dice for the game he is not involved in?
c) Some kind of Random number generator?

Other rules:
i) Army list (the known bits) are exchanged first
ii) Both players set up as usual - using pieces of cardboard if they do not have their opponents army. Dice roll for sides, terrain and first turn.
iii) Photos to show the current positions for the players and anyone interested would be nice
iv) Rules conflicts - resolved by Warseer? or a chosen group?
v) Moves must be made within 24hrs or preferably less. Similarly dice rolls etc have the same time limit.
vi) Deployment may have to be speeded up to 2 or 3 units simultaneously (using the same grid system) but can be mutually agreed?

Any comments. modifications and suggestions would be most welcome.

The prospect of playing against Avians O&G or Neknoh's Chaos or Latro's VC is simply stupendous!

Moderators - This might not be in the right place but do keep it here for a short while please, as it will attract more attention. Thank you

30-05-2008, 20:57
There was a program that allowed for this, tried it whilst it was free, was a good representation. Ultimatly its not the same as playing with real models on a real board. Also it makes the games far far longer.