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30-05-2008, 21:09
Hey all.
I play TK and Skaven and am really pleased with them. theyre both at a bit over 5k now, if fielded in their entirety and are essentially finished and have a healthy selection of unit. Apart from the odd model or unit as a treat, they dont need anything else doing to them.

So I just wanted to pick peoples brains, particularly those who have used the armies in question, as to what you wouold recommend for my next army project. Assuming I don't go for a Celt army from Warlord games, as Im keen on historical gaming, I think Ive narrowed my choices down to either Dark elves or Lizard men. They seem to be the two that are firing my imagination the most right now. I love the fluff for both, and now that the updated DE book is coming out soon, having waited this long Im really tempted to hold out just that bit longer for them! On the other hand, Lizard men seem awesome, as I say, I love the fluff, and my group could play rise of Sotek with my Skaven!

But being primarily based on numerous blocks of cheap(ish) Infantry, do any of you Lizardmen players think I'd find their play style perhaps a bit too close to skaven? I know they have more in the way of cavalry, but even so, the strengths (and appeal) of both Skaven and Lizardmen seem to be very analgous to ancient warfare-Infantry with supporting skirmishers. A further point on this line of thinking is that noone in our group has elves of any kind, so the DE would certainly be welcome in that respect (theres my TK and skaven, Empire, Dwarves, O'n'Gobbos, and a guy with bascially every shade of chaos, and VC).
Alternatively, I could alwaysdo thos 'Nids Ive been promising myself for 40k?

Thanks in advance all.

31-05-2008, 16:19
Although they're both critter-men of some kind, I don't see skaven and lizardmen being too similar. I don't play either army but my impression is that people tend to take more skinks than saurus who I wouldn't really call cheap infantry anyway.

Which army's models do you like more? For my money I can't stand the clone looking saurus models and some of the DE models are a bit dated.

I think the best move for now, barring inspiration or compulsive credit card swiping, would be to wait a bit for the new DE book and see how you like them and then decide.

31-05-2008, 17:15
Moving away from the TK and Skaven, both having large numbers of cheap infantry and very good magic, I'd think that the upcoming Dark Elves would be a great direction for you and alternatively Warriors of Chaos

31-05-2008, 17:29
Cheers guys, I think I will wait-Ive got this far waiting for DE, so I'll just have to exercise a bit of willower and hang on that bit longer!

Although TK cheap? with shield and armour they clock in at near elf price, with goblin stats!;):D