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31-05-2008, 05:48
Well I have been in the hospitalfor the past 4 days.
I had mono....
My mother being the kind soul she is went out and hooked it up.
I had awoken to
Heldenhammer (already 200 some odd pages into it. GOOD READ)
The Vampire Counts Book
The Wood Elves Book
The Beasts of Chaos Book

I am greedily veiwing each of the army books thinking to myself " Which one... oh which one." You all must have known this feeling once.

I am currently wondering what I should do.
A. Start all three armies at once. I would go and buy a Lord that catches my for each race, model and paint them and continue on to buying 2 boxes of troops for each etc.
B. Start on one and out the other 2 on the back burner for a while.
C. Run a poll on here skim through my own thoughts and each individual army book, pick one and only one army and concentrate on it and trade in the other two books for store credit or return the other books.

Anyways what I need from the esteemed members of War Seer is this...
Tell me what you think I should do.
Tell me what army you would pick and why.
Give me a rundown on the units, specialities etc. of the army of your choice.
Give me some tips on how to work with the army.
Thank you for any and all feed back in advance.

31-05-2008, 05:55
Well, I wouldn't touch BoC with the major overhaul that the 3 chaos armies are in the process of taking.
Out of the other two, I guess it just comes down to which army you prefer, do you want a major mobile/shooty army? If so I'd suggest going Wood Elves, but if you want some super strong characters and an unbreakable army, then I'd go Vampire Counts.
Personally, I really can't stand any of the elves, so my pick would be Vampire Counts, they've also just received a good update, so your army/models will be good for quite a few years now.

And trust me, you don't want to build all 3 armies at once, I did something like that once and hated it.

31-05-2008, 13:34
Well, I wouldn't touch BoC with the major overhaul that the 3 chaos armies are in the process of taking...I disagree, this would actually be quite a good time to start a BoC army, as long as you do it slowly. Buy the lord with GW, one or two herdboxes* and a box of centigors. Neither of these would get new models when the armybook is redone, as they're looking good, and are comparably new. Paint these up, play a few skirmishes, and prepare to reap when the armybook is redone sometime next year (my guess is late spring).

But my usual advice is to start the army with the coolest models. :cool:

*Gors should have AHW, no one should have a shield.

31-05-2008, 15:30
For me I always tell people to ask what kind of play style you like and go from there. The Wood Elf and VC lines both have great models and the Beasts isn't bad, just outdated.

My thinking when selecting my army was, I like shooting. I knew that and eliminated those armies that don't have shooting. Next I asked what moves fast. That eliminated dwarves right off the bat. Next I asked what hits hard, well Elves can shoot, move fast and hit hard. Which Flavor of elf? I like guerrilla tactics and I enjoy nature, so I went with Wood Elves. Don't regret that one at all.

31-05-2008, 15:54
Well, I play both VC and WE... I love both, but if I had to choose one, it would be VC. Mostly because Vampires are my favorite fantasy "creature" and I enjoy the dark, Gothic nature of the army.

Both armies are quite competitive and I do well with them, so I think at least when it comes to picking between those two armies, pick the one you like the "flavor" of the most. Both will perform well, so it's just a matter of taste...

31-05-2008, 21:36
I'd go with whichever play style you would most enjoy playing.

Vampire Counts are all based on super powerful characters and an unbreakable army. It can be slow and ponderous at times, your main core really only wins be grinding down your enemy than by doing devestating damage, but the more elite units are pretty nasty. There's a lot of versatility in the army, but no shooting to speak of. As VC has the newest book right now you won't have to worry about any changes in rules or what not until the next edition comes out in, like, five years.

Wood Elves are highly mobile, shooty, and have some insane rules themselves. (Wardancers anyone?) They aren't very tough, but can deal a lot of damage quickly if used right. They also got this amazing spell that moves forests around. (Much better than it sounds). While their book is technically not part of the newest edition, it works pretty damn well with the new rules and you won't have to worry about getting a new book for quite some.

Beasts are also mobile, though not as much as Wood Elves. They do have a large selection of nasty monsters though and the ambush rule, if it works properly, can overtake an enemy rather easily. Their book is a little outdated, but doesn't suffer the same stigma that Warriors are suffering right now 'cause the Beast book was much more self-supportive. I wouldn't worry about a new book changing up your army too much either. If Lizardmen and Skaven are going to be the first two new books next year, you're probably not looking at a new Beast book until maybe next summer. I would be a little hesitant at starting a god-specific army though. After the new Warriors book comes out we'll have a better understanding of what GW is going to do with cult armies in fantasy.

31-05-2008, 21:50
well i want high elves, chaos warriors and daemons so if i were you i would chose a main army (mine was high elves), a second army (daemons) and a third army (warriors)

the first army is the one i learned how to play with and is my favourite and the one i by most units for (but i dont know if this will be your first army or not)

my second is one i like a lot (obviosly!!!) and i will collect a big army of these

the third is the one i will buy when im feeling a bit bored and feel like painting something different

wood elves=fast with shooting and good in CC (look at treemen)
vampires=strong characters and large army
beast=fast but wild cc amy