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31-05-2008, 05:53
Having recently looking at both sisters and grey knights, they look fluff-wise really good to be put together (however, I REALLY dislike the inquisitors and assassins). How would you play the two together. I KNOW that a pure sisters list is a lot more effective than mixed and grey knights tend to cost a heaploads. Just curious IF you had to use the two combined how would you use them? Remember 5th ed. rules.

31-05-2008, 06:03
Like you say, IF I where do try that, I'd take terminators as elites, a Grand Master as a secondary HQ and fill up the rest with SOB squads, seraphims and exorcist tanks.

I figure that if you're going to reduce the number of faith points you can abuse (hmm, sorry, I meant "use" ;)), at least do it by taking the best unit from the DH codex. GKTs also happen to have excellent models, mobile psycanons and more importantly, they are monsters in CC. This is particularly important since your SOBs won't have much faith points, this way the termies take care of CC and the SOBs concentrate on being invulnerable and ignoring saves with their guns.

Khornies & milk
31-05-2008, 07:31
Well I always go the other way, as in DH Parent with Allied SoB's.
With WH as the parent the only DH Squad I would take would be the same as Hicks, so GKT's. Reason been that WH can more readily handle themselves, especially been half the price of GK's, and what they bring to the table.

But man, I wish that last statement wasn't true.

31-05-2008, 10:31
I add a grand master & GKTs to my sisters for battles of 2000 points+, and I'm considering a second GKT squad to take as elites. The terminators fill a double void in the WH list - they give you some serious CC power, and they give you a unit that can deep strike from reserve (for that reason I'm considering a teleport squad as well). When I started out I debated which ordo to have as primary, and went for sisters because they have so many more units to choose from - okay, so I miss out on the LRC andGK dreadnought, but I'm slowly building up my GKs to the point I can field a mixed Ordos force for apocalypse, which should solve that problem - I doubt I will ever play DH primary, unless a lot of people around here start playing daemons

31-05-2008, 11:45
I really like inquisitors but I tend to take one as an Elite as I like to have a Cannoness and a GK Hero as my HQs. I also like to take GKT as my other elite choice, two if its a large points game but I shunt one to the GK Hero as a retinue so I can take an assassin.

For troops I like to take a couple of squads of storm troopers, they aren't that much cheaper than SOBs but I tend to use them to hold (close) objectives. Squads of SOBs make up the bulk of the troop choice, with them mounted in Repressors, the points saved by having storm troopers just about pays for the upgrade over a Rhino.

Fast is a mix between Dominion squads in Immolators, and Seraphim squads, again dependant on points for the mix.

Heavy is very dependant on points, I try to shove in an Exorcist or two and a pair of LRs (usually used as transports to save on slots) mostly, but I don't mind using dreads (thus saving points) to help defend areas when I can keep them reasonably static.