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31-05-2008, 06:58
Was drooling my way through the store copy of the new 5th edition rulebook today and noticed this model. I've never seen this particular Kroot (Shaper?) before and was wondering if anyone knew when/if it was released? Is/was it a special event/order only model?

31-05-2008, 07:04
I'd assume that's a (really good) conversion. Either that, or a model as yet unreleased. I've certainly never seen it before.

And yeah, going by the leather, it's a Shaper.

31-05-2008, 07:09
Well I know I want one now...

31-05-2008, 07:11
My thought exactly, Stillfrosty, which led to to the thoughts of "Where can I get it?" and "Can I get it?"

31-05-2008, 09:21
I think it's a conversion of this Kroot shaper (http://uk.games-workshop.com/storefront/store.uk?do=Individual&code=99060114002&orignav=9). Head and body look very similar.

31-05-2008, 09:30
I think it's a conversion of this Kroot shaper (http://uk.games-workshop.com/storefront/store.uk?do=Individual&code=99060114002&orignav=9). Head and body look very similar.

I think that it is a new sculpt, there is a lot more detail on the legs and arms. Although I agree that the face looks similar.

So is this 'Krooty the Hammer'?

31-05-2008, 09:53
I'm inclioned to say New Model, either Convert or Sculpt.

If it is a new sculpt this could mean Kroot will get their own legit Codex.

I AM only joking about that.

31-05-2008, 09:54

Please, please, please be made available. :cries:

31-05-2008, 12:23
I like it lots, lots indeed I tell you.

Please be a new model.

31-05-2008, 12:29
maybe its to come out with apocalypse II , like the guard commisar was

31-05-2008, 13:11
I think it's a new model. Mainly because otherwise his entire arm has been rebuilt, re sculpted the quills and repositioned the legs. Basically he could've better started from scratch. Won't be surprised if this a apoc 2 release.

31-05-2008, 13:12
Sweet. I'll be getting a few of these for my kroot army. Great to see GW giving the kroot some attention.

31-05-2008, 21:22
I also vote for a new model: Only an experienced sculptor could model those leggins on the legs. The rifle looks like metal and is different from the current shaper rifle (the only current metal rifle).

No surprise: I would love to see more Kroot models! From GW and FW! And more different units. It's about time!

The Anarchist
31-05-2008, 21:36
I had heard from a red shirt that FW might be doing a (ver) few new kroot models for one of the new Imperial armour books. if he had any truth in his words this might be a possible FW kroot of the future.

Captin Korea!
31-05-2008, 21:46
I want a few of these now....

I hope its in the 2nd apoc release

Brother_Chaplian Raimo
31-05-2008, 22:21
Wow...it's about time for some new Kroot, and this one r teh winz. Plz is releaseing soon, for I am needing zis models to live.

01-06-2008, 11:30
Like the rest I hope it's a new kroot because thats fantastic!

Sephtar II
01-06-2008, 16:45
Kroot mercenery dex Forever! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Well I can dream.
Very nice though, hopefully there will be more.

Emperor's Grace
02-06-2008, 03:01
Or it's a one-off or test piece, or etc... from a hopeful/sculptor in training/sculptor's private army.

Don't mean to rain on parades, but it's a possibility

02-06-2008, 03:42
Won't be surprised if this a apoc 2 release.

what is this Apoc 2? Please don't tell me my massive book is out dated already....

02-06-2008, 03:52
Nice find, looks like a really nice model!

The Orange
02-06-2008, 07:21
what is this Apoc 2? Please don't tell me my massive book is out dated already....
So far it doesn't seem like it is. The next book should only be more datasheets, etc.

15-06-2008, 01:02
That Kroot is really nice and would definitely make it into my collection

15-06-2008, 01:07
This model has now officially been identified as an upcoming release in the GW collector's range. It was sculpted by Mat something, who will also sculpt a Tau Air Caste pilot. All part of the new (and overdue) strategy to release new models for each army between Codex releases.

Taken from DakkaDakka rumours found in this thread on the Baltimore Games Day:

16-06-2008, 15:20
a new kroot model?!!!! now i have a whole new reason to pull that army out of mothballs!

16-06-2008, 16:38
Thanks for the info, Bregalad. I'm obviously not the only one who is glad to see they haven't missed their chance to get this model.

16-06-2008, 17:56
I saw it (among other models) at Baltimore Games Day as resin masters. These minis are part of a new collector range, models that may or may not fit in armies, but started as vanity projects, dares, etc of the specific sculptor.

In the Shaper and Tau Crisis Suit pilot, the sculptor is an avid Tau player, and was looking to add pieces to his army not made by GW (until now, soon).