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31-05-2008, 11:28
right, recently, i played a game against one of the blokes from my local GW, 2.5k, my High Elves, His Wood elves.

game started alright, he had some cavalry, tyrion, a treeman, etc but the biggest thing was a unit of 30 eternal guard,

i had 4 RBT, 3 units of spearmen, some archers, alot of magic, and a very expensive lord on dragon,

i thought i'd hold up rather well, took out both cavalry units, did some damage on the tree man, and cast flames of the pheonix on his eternal guard, killed 8 men first turn.
then bang, orion charges my unit of spearmen, i thought nothing of it, i'll counter with the other, and the lord on dragon isn't too far away either, and in a charge arc, what i didn't know was the special rules concerning him, that anything in a rediculous radius must take a panic test on orions first charge.

i thought, meh, they're high elves, high LD, but no, failed, the 'counter charge' spearmen fled, 2 of my RBT fled, a mage fled, and worst of all my expensive lord of a dragon fled after 2 D6 rolls of 6. gutted.

i had a fraction of my army left... but i persisted, and despite there being a treeman and orion running about, my shooting and magic, got their own back, i took out some more troops and wounded the treeman again with the RBT, and then magic phase, after failing to dispell FotPheonix in his turn, it continued to burn again, this time killing 17 of his men, and wounding a hero and BSB,
the following turn, after having my unit of spearmen crushed, and down to 1 RBT, FotPheonix continued to burn this time killing his hero, and BSB and finishing off all but 1 of his men, i then promptly lost of course, but i took as many as i could with me..

any such similar stories of woe? appalling

31-05-2008, 11:48
I think a battle report is the only way to demonstrate one of my worst losses (i'm not even going to go into the various games I've played with High Elves against dwarves, as they outdo even this)

(I have done better with a 2k army though)

31-05-2008, 12:38
Similarly I was facing the new Daemons a couple of days ago using my High Elves. It was going pretty well to begin with- I killed a Herald with banner of -2LD, a Fiend, and some Flesh Hounds. Then his Keeper of Secrets and some other stuff went into the front of Spearmen- they did okay the first round, thanks to the Champion taking one for the team and a Noble with Bear's Anger. Then in my turn the nearby Swordmasters failed terror, and were run down by 4 Furies. Damn my opponent for not overrunning with them off the board when they destroyed my Bolt thrower the previous turn! Then the Spearmen lost combat by one, all killed. The Flesh Hounds pursued just far enough to be able to see round the hill (without going off the table) and charge my hiding Mage. I still had a chance though, as my Phoenix Guard charged through the Furies that had killed my Swordmasters, overrunning into the deadly Flamer. The Flamer subsequently killed the Archmage for almost no losses, even when my BSB hit them in the flank. Massacre to the Daemons, an appalling loss!

31-05-2008, 13:11
That sounds awful! Stop using bricks for dice!

31-05-2008, 13:24
my friend's orcs vrs my brother's dwarfs

on the vry first turn a lucky cannon shot killed his general.

arrowfire caused multiple panic tests, which with only goblin ld resulted in most of the army fleeing.

his trolls and spider riders were massacred by a master rune of immolation.

it looked awful, but they kept playing (to the last man) and the orcs managed to kill few back. not good day for greenskinks.

31-05-2008, 14:04
Where was Orions position when you checked the radius?......as that'll make a frankly massive difference to how the rule is played.
Before the charge is moved(as it should be) then all is fine...few unit's will be hit.
After he has moved into base contact (illegal) sounds like this is what happened to you.

That and you seem to have got unlucky with your panic tests.

31-05-2008, 22:40
In 7th edition don't you need US 5 to run down stuff?

31-05-2008, 22:53
No, that's for crossfire.

01-06-2008, 13:06
My worst was this:
The Orcs had Waggged to far forward chasing off kroxigor and my other cavalry. My cav had a BSB and 2 troops left from fanatics. I flank the gernerals unit, win by 7, and he rolls a 2. Then the goblins flnak the cav...

............(Gen.+Gobs) (Orcs+BSB+Shaman)
................(Fleeing Krox) (Fleeing Cav)

Commodus Leitdorf
01-06-2008, 13:55
Well lets see. Last year, at a tournament my Empire Vs Orcs...im not going to go into exacting deatails as to WHY this happened but I'll give you the gist of it.

I killed half a unit of goblins...3 wolf riders and about 2 Boar boys...

My opponent killed EVERYTHING in my army, he captured all my banners including my BSB (holding the Banner of Sigismund), he killed my general, he took every table quarter.....it is quite honestly the WORST way you could lose a game of Warhammer.

The only saving grace of the game is that my 9 man Halberder detachment charged and broke a unit of Boar boys in combat. Before they, of course, rallied and charged them slaughtering them mercilessly. :cries:

01-06-2008, 15:06
2000pts. My tk all comers army vs a magic and shooting heavy, tooled against undead wood elf army.
I caused one wound which was saved. My opponent destroyed my entire army winning 2800vps to 0vps. He hasn't accepted my rematch invite yet....!

A 2000pts tournie, gourger heavy orge army tooled against chaos, dwarfs and skaven. Sadly I was using my all comers chaos dwarf army. I don't recall getting any victory points in this one either. Even my opponent said the game was a waste of time.

2000pts my tk all comers army again against a shooty skaven tournie force. My only victory points came from the warp lightning cannon being destroyed by the tomb kings curse!! Again lost by over 2000vps.