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31-05-2008, 21:59
Hi guys,

I've just got a very quick question for you.

I've been out of the hobby for a couple of years now and am looking to get back into it. I've always been more interested in the modeling side of the game as opposed to the actual playing, so am looking for a small army where I can convert every model.

I've been looking at the "new" Terminator models, and was wondering if, other than Dark Angels, if there is an army that can have only Terminators?

I've not got any of the Codex's yet, but if you could give my some idea of where to look I would be very grateful.


31-05-2008, 22:11
From the back of my head I would say no. Terminators are Elites choices in all other codices. It could be that vanilla SM have a trick to do it, but don't quote me on that - I am not familiar with vanilla Space Marines, since none of the dozen guys I regularly play with uses that ruleset for their Marines.

Iron Father
31-05-2008, 22:13
As far as fluff goes, I'd say you can field a whole list of termies.

Rules are another matter. Only teh Da codex can field a whole list. Sm, BA, BT, and chaos can only field them as elites. You would still need to use 2 troop slots.

But theres nothing keeping you from using the DA codexd to rep. other armies.

31-05-2008, 22:26
At least until Codex Space Marines is released and the rumours about Terminator Captains/Terminator Special Captains reorganising the FoC to make Terminators a Troops choice for SM armies are either proven or disproven.

31-05-2008, 22:42
Although there is only pure deathwing for a pure terminator army, there are terminator variants for a lot of armies. Mega wing for orks in mega armour, chaos wing for chaos marine terminators, lysander wing for vanilla, etc etc

Partisan Rimmo
31-05-2008, 22:52
You can use the Dark Angels codex with a chapter of your own devising entirely legally it's worth pointing out.

Terminator armies are a lot of fun :)

01-06-2008, 02:00
You can also go with

2 x 5man scouts with missiles
3 x elite termies
Y x Termie body guard (With termy hq choice)

01-06-2008, 02:47
You can also go with

2 x 5man scouts with missiles
3 x elite termies
2 x Termie body guard (With termy hq choice)

Exactly what I was about to suggest.
Or Lysanders wing?
I cant remember the rules - but Im sure there are a few Termies in there.
Probably by the above ratio, but with special rules.

Iron Father
01-06-2008, 03:00
Exactly what I was about to suggest.
Or Lysanders wing?
I cant remember the rules - but Im sure there are a few Termies in there.
Probably by the above ratio, but with special rules.

Yeah Lysander gives you the ability to deepstrike ALL of your termies on the same turn, AND lets you reroll the reserve roll.

DA lets you only deep strike half on the first turn.

01-06-2008, 09:24
Cool guys, thanks for the answers

01-06-2008, 09:39
You could also use the new chaos terminators for a deathwing force if you like the look of them. Reaper autocannon can make a passable assault cannon, lord kits have lots of bits which can be used on normal troops. Only trouble is making the cyclone misslie launcher.

01-06-2008, 10:33
Use the Chaos Smoke Launcher or the vehicle missile thingy that I can't remember the name of right now.

01-06-2008, 12:31
You mean the Havoc Launcher. TBH, I think it is abit big actually. The smoke launchers would work better.

02-06-2008, 00:34
May want to hold off on a non-DA terminator force until the new Space Marine codex.

Rumour has Lysander making terminators troops (no mention of teleport assault though, so that may become a DW-only schtick) so the scout squads may be un-needed (and since they may lose the ability to take teleport homers they may not be that great a choice afterwards).

Also not that a Terminator list is quite hard to play as it allows no real room for error or bad luck. Going terminator heavy with support is usually the better option (at least for Deathwing it).

One possibility is a 1st company only army that uses terminators, veterans and vehicles. This could work fairly well with the rumoured changes in the new SM codex (I think it will turn out to be a favourite with Lysander as the DA tend to use teleport homer toting bikes to bring terminators in but vanilla marines wouldn't likely have this option thus using the awesome veterans they get to fill in points around the main terminator spearhead).

02-06-2008, 03:24
Can you also make an all Gray Knight termi army?

02-06-2008, 03:31
"Elites choices in all other codices"

its been made obvious by the other posts but terminators can also be hq if its attatched with an hq choice

by any other army, do you mean chaos also? I don't play chaos so that might be an option, you are going to have to ask a chaos player bought that one (though I doubt it)

02-06-2008, 04:06
No... no all Grey Knight termy army.... that would be even less numbers than Pure Deathwing.... lolcakes...

My 7 Cents.