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02-06-2008, 11:29
Ok, so it's two days before i go to games workshop, i've just got paid, and i'm going through my ritual of "what-do-i-want-to-buy". i'm looking for a shooty list, so i was thinking high elves. apart from the tomb kings, i don't have any army which can rain down arrows on the enemy and i'm considering trying it.

basically, i want to know how i could make a 500 point list. i've set myself a buget and will buy online if necessary. i also need to get the army book.

i would like to include in my army a unit of archers and a bolt thrower, but i don't know how many points that will make. could some high elf player please give me an idea of how big this would be, and what i could add to make a 500 point list, (bearing in mind i need a character and another core unit).



02-06-2008, 13:49
firstly, you don't need another core unit, as HE have a different composition chart to any other army (so far). However, if you are buying a box of archers I strongly recommend trawling e-bay and/or bitz sellers to get a fifth sprue, allowing you to field 2 units of 10. Take a L2 mage as your hero, with the Seerstaff to ensure you get the Curse Of Arrow Attraction spell, and this army should cost in the region of 475-485 points (sorry, don't have the list handy)

02-06-2008, 14:52
thanks for the advice but unfortunately time was pressing for buying online. i eventually bought spearmen, archers and a bolt thrower. if i proxy a hero i can make about 600 points. thanks again.