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02-06-2008, 16:02
does anyone have any ideas for a campaign involving:

Abunch of chaos guard vets and fanatics

a deamonhuntress and her warband

and finaly an eldar harlequin and ranger:)

02-06-2008, 17:52
Well an obvious one would be that there's some artifact hidden on a world that's the key to summoning a daemon. The Chaos guys want it to unleash the daemon. The Daemonhuntress has a risky plan to banish the daemon for a 1000 years by allowing the daemon to be summoned and destroying it while it's still weak. And the Harlequin wants to destroy the artifact so it can never be used.

Or perhaps the Daemonhuntress wants to summon the daemon herself so it can be bound into a weapon. Or maybe bound into a host that will then be placed in stasis where the daemon will be trapped forever (or until there's a power cut!).

Or what if the Daemonhuntress believes that the Harlequin could be forced to tell her the location of the Black Library so she is out to capture him, whereas the Harlequin is there to prevent the summoning of some daemon by the Chaos guys. It just so happens that the vital ingredient needed to summon the daemon is the blood of the one who banished him 50 years ago - the Daemonhuntress.

I'm sure you could build a series of scenarios around one of these ideas. Once you've played a few games all manner of side-plots will no doubt suggest themselves as the players interact.

02-06-2008, 18:32
ok thanks sounds fun:)

i just needed something different. we'v played

a full out war
harlequin and deamonhuntress takes 6 chaos guys
how to dismantle a super bomb
and a single character each played by 9 of use at once