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B L A M B 0 0 M
02-06-2008, 16:31
So i read all kind of stuff about armies and how they play etc..

I'm intrested in Imperial guard and SpaceM- but i have some questions

1. read that SpaceM- is quite a beginners army, i am a beginner so no problem, but i just dont like the feeling of having something lot of new people have..so my question is:

Can you do enough optional things with ur SpaceM- army to make it look quite unique??

2. my second question:

Does anyone else have the feeling or what ever of imperial guard beeing to humanish. I mean i play this game to escape from the normal world..not that my life is bad but its way more kickass to sometimes play or paint with something that isnt imagenable in the normal world at all.

My dilemma: Imperial guard..great range which i love..Not to cool looks exept for the cadian sniper HQ and the elite troop.

02-06-2008, 16:37
well for #1 its not just beginners who play space marines its basically everyone who plays them(maybe its because they get the most support rule wise and or modelwise im not sure), as for unique... well i guess you can make a somewhat unique one, but with so many players playing them i doubt its even possible to make a unique list. that and the fact that pretty much every army has to use tactical marines as troops with the exceptions of dark angels and i believe blood angels.

as for imperial guard bieng to human, some people want to play as regular joe's while others rather be green or multi-limbed bugs(same thing as warhammer fantasy with the empire to an extent)

02-06-2008, 16:43
Not to cool looks exept for the cadian sniper HQ and the elite troop.

Forgeworld (http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/) does some beautiful Imperial Guard models. Also you should know that the Guard has a new Codex due (recently) soon, so perhaps wait for that / check out the current rumours circulating about it.

02-06-2008, 17:14
Time to answer your questions:confused: (although my profile is quite beginner, I know a lot about warhammer 40k - I only just signed up recently).

1. It is true that almost everyone has played space marines. To answer your question - Space marines are very customizable and the chapters are each uniquely differant. You can model robes on Dark Angels, Crusade icons on Black Templars, Company icons on Ultramarines,and the list goes on. Modeling Space Marines is easy and just look onto the Space Marine homepage on the UK games workshop for a wealth of paintig, background and modelling advice. So, all in all, with a bit of effort you can make a space marine army look unique. A very easy way to do this is to make up your own chapter which can be fun...

2. If you want to field an imperial guard army, be prepared to re-create something like resistance fall of man -WW2 soldiers fighting superhuman alien menaces. It is true - Practically all imperial guard are, are troopers from the world wars with buffed - up weapons. (I say buffed up, Lasgunsare simply rubbish - the worst basic gun in the game!) If you want to escape the real world, try Eldar (WHOOHOO!) or (adopt booming voice) Chaos Space Marines.
You are right - the hammer of the emporer are just average human joes...

One more point - When choosing an army do not just go with other people. Look at battle tactics and models and, more importantly, HAVE FUN!!:D

Brother Loki
02-06-2008, 17:29
I've been playing 40k for 20 years, and I play both marines and imperial guard. Don't let the popularity of marines put you off.

Many people recommend Marines as a beginners army for a variety of reasons:

1. As they have the widest range of plastics they are one of the more economical armies to collect.

2. They are a fairly elite army, so you don't need a massive number of models. This goes hand in hand with no 1.

3. They have solid basic troops and good armour, meaning they are relatively forgiving of mistakes.

For Imperial Guard, the 'human-ness' is the attraction for most people. Many guard regiments are very loosely based on real world military units (for example, the Praetorians are based on the British from Zulu).

Guard are a great fun army, but not necessarily the best one to learn the game with, in my opinion. There are a number of reasons for this:

1. The low points cost and comparitively poor in-game performance of individual guardsmen means you need a lot of models, so it can get expensive, especially if yo ugo for one of the regiments without plastic troops.

2. They can be quite difficult to master, and are often considered one of the less powerful armies.

3. They can be less forgiving of mistakes, as their poor armour means they tend to die in droves to enemy firepower. Until you get the hang of using them, this can be a bit depressing.

However, at the end of the day go for what you like best. Currently, Marines and Guard are the two most customisable armies in the game, due to their systems of traits and doctrines respectively. However, they will both be getting new codexes in the relatively near future (october-ish for marines, and early next year for guard) which will change how this works.

At the end of the day, what makes any army unique is the paint scheme and background you use for it. For both marines and Guard there's no need to stick to established colour schemes - there are over 1,000 chapters of marines, and literally millions of Imperial Guard regiments, so virtually any way you want to model and paint your army is suitable.

02-06-2008, 17:41

1. About SM. Personally I don't recommend anyone playings SM, for the sole reason, that I I'm sick of the huge SM players around (sorry but I have to say this). But for me 40k universe is way too rich in races, miniatures, fluff, types of armies to resume to one faction/army.

Now, if you really like marines, go for them! I can tell you one thing, SM are easy to start with (easy to paint, very resilient army, etc), but don't expect an easy run! They are not an easy army to play (contrary to popular belief). Experienced Eldar, Nids, Orks (actually most of the Xeno races) will mop the floor with your army. The new SM Codex / 5h ed. might change this balance, but only time will tell this.

2. About IG. I will recommend this army, as is quite unique in style. My only concern is that they have a 3rd edition Codex, otherwise this is a great army with lots of cool units to play around and various lists.

Marshal Caligula
02-06-2008, 20:02
Well I've been working on my Black Templar SM for awhile. Love how you can personalize chapter with the traits or be SW, DA, BA, or BT. However with the loss of the traits in the new codex, I personally think that they might become a little more boring. Not saying that I don't enjoy playing with the power armoured heroes, I'm just saying that it gets to be a little boring for me.

However, I've always had a love for the guardsmen and the fact of a simple soldier fighting against all odds is pretty cool for me. So, I'm going to start a Gaurd army. Also, with the Doctrines for the IG its pretty easy to customize your army. Furthermore, I love all of the awesome armoured vehicles. Just my opinion. Remember have fun with whatever you choose.

02-06-2008, 21:20
I really dislike SM and have collected pretty much every army except them. Everyone and their grandma has a marine army. Personally they are boring and game wise, not very good.
Out of all my armies my IG is my favorite not because of its rules or models, but because of its fluff. Just read(if you know how, 50% Illiterecy rate in the first world LOL) the Gaunt ghost books or the last chancers.
I would reccommend IG-head over to the tactica to get you started.

02-06-2008, 21:21
regarding SM:

as many people have pointed out, a good army for beginners does NOT mean an army just for n00bs. SM are a great army to start with because they can be played in a very straight-forward manner when you are just starting out, and then as your skills increase you have a variety of different units and tactics to choose from.

some people complain that SM are always played the same, and that as a result are boring. this is as true as you make it. for example I really like assault troops, so I field them even though I often send them to their doom. I also have three or four dreads, even though they usually light up like chinese new years after only a turn or so. I also have a predator, a land raider, terminators, bikes, etc.

if you want to power game them, marines can do it. if you don't care too much about winning or losing (guess which camp I'm in?) and would like a diverse army you can field in totally different ways from game-to-game, SM will not let you down.

regarding the IG:

I've always thought they were a cool army, but if you are turned off by the "average joe" aspect, they might not be for you. also, they take a lot of dedication because a guard force requires TONS of models, both troops and tanks, and with their codex being as old as it is, tactics can be a little tricky as well.

either way, good luck!

B L A M B 0 0 M
03-06-2008, 06:07
Ok thanks all for the info, i might try SM then, because i dont wanto spend to much money on it because im just beginning. wanto know how all things work..and maybe trough the years i can build it up etc..

Now someone said to go Eldar..Can any of you tell me how eldar are used and if they are expensive and all the stuff please :evilgrin:

03-06-2008, 06:32
I'd say Eldar are about in the middle financially. You need a moderate amount of models, and a good half or more of those models will be metal or tanks costing more. I'd say starting off it would be cheaper than IG and only slightly more expensive than SM depending on what models you like.

How Eldar play is kind of like having a scalpel against the knife of SM or the club of IG. Every Eldar squad has its strong point and weak point whereas SM squads are more jacks of all trades. It doesn't necessarily mean that Eldar are harder to play, just that it is more unforgiving when making a bad judgment.

Really what I would do is go look at the model gallery and see what you like. Nothing is worse than playing an army and deciding you really dislike how they look game after game!

03-06-2008, 06:39
Eldar are amazing, started with them in the 2nd Edition and haven't played anything else in a full army complicity since then.

With Eldar you are looking at 2 different armies

Craftworld Eldar are what most mean when they say "Eldar", these are the psychically active, strictly regimented, space faring warrior-mystics who ply the far reaches in massive ancient "Craftworlds". They are a dying race, a victim of their own excess (They are responsible for a certain little problem called "Slaanesh") They wage war with a mix of citizen soldiers, highly specialized shock troops known as "aspect warriors", fast lightly armored vehicles, and powerful and immensely tough wraith-constructs fueled and controlled by the souls of their dead.

A Craftworld Army follows a number of different schemes. It can be a highly mechanized strikeforce of mainly tanks and aspect warriors, a infiltrating nightmare loaded out with ranger snipers and striking scorpion, warp spider, and swooping hawk aspect warriors, a foot slogging phalanx of guardians armed with heavy weapons, supported by warlocks and wraithlords, and anchored by anchored by the Avatar of Kaela Mensha Kaine (lit. Bloody Handed Khaine, the eldar god of war) They are an army with many many options but they are frail. Many say they aren't an easy army and there is some truth to this. They are less forgiving perhaps than Marines or Guard due to their frailty and tendency toward high specialization but properly thought out and played, an Eldar list will carve a massive swath of unstoppable destruction through one's enemies. This leads to their reputation as being a cheesy army but they are no more cheesy than so many other armies.

Dark Eldar on the other hand are a totally different ballgame. They are razor edged origami. Fast as can be with massive assault potential and viciously lethal units...that can be cut to pieces in a heartbeat if you give your opponent half a chance. They suffer from a terrible looking model range and poor and generally nauseating BDSM influenced background fiction but in terms of gameplay they are reasonably sound if rather difficult to manage army. They tend to be much faster and more close combated oriented than their Craftworld cousins but at the expense of being less well armored.

If you have any more questions don't hesitate to ask.

03-06-2008, 11:53
Well, you're going to see lots of Marine armies in 40K, partially because they come in the starter box and partially because they're iconic and partially because they're pretty customizable and good.

Marines are popular with beginners for a few reasons, the fact that they're one of the best infantry units in the game, the fact that they're reasonably tough so that even if they are getting trounced, they usually don't get stomped fast. Also, Marines are easy to paint for the most part and by that I mean that they're pretty easy to make look descent. You can put some time into them and make them look fantastic (and a lot of folks do), but the Space Marine armies are also ones which can look pretty good in just solid colours and a wee bit of detailing. That sort of simplicity definitely holds some appeal for beginners.

03-06-2008, 13:20
I make my Word Bearers fairly unique by mixing Chaos bitz with Black Templars. Keeps them chaosy, but also gives them the old style armour and religious fanatic look, plus I get some mad bitz like robes on my chosen!!

03-06-2008, 14:02
Models should be one of your main ways of choosing your army, your going to spend alot of time painting the models afterwards you will want to actualy be able to look at them without disgust. Personally space marines and imperial guard are my least favorite armies but thats just because i dislike the joe averageness of imperial gurad and the fact that ALOT of players where i live have space marines as there army. But in the end its your army and any army can be unique and fun to play with and against.

I would recommend going for an army that you like the models and work from there, as you play with your army you will learn to appreciate there strengths and weakness and tailor your army to your way of playing. Even if u end up with an army thats more complex if ur playing with nice gamers they will help you to make your games fun.

03-06-2008, 14:14
Ive collected Imperial guard for about 5 years it is my first and current army I think you should choose an army on your own preferences, ie do you like how it looks do you like the idea of the army, for me i just love how imperial guard looks like a real army. As for space marines being a beginners army i dont think it makes a difference thats why the points system from the codexs is there to even things out and all armies come with there own challanges

As for Imerial guard being to human it makes sense because they are