View Full Version : Pick-up games in Toronto

03-06-2008, 00:16
Hey, not sure if this is the right place for this, but the new GW bunker in toronto opened up and I was wondering if anyone was planning on dropping in for some pick up games.

Im looking for 2000-2225 games for fantasy after 4pm during the week or anytime during the weekend. I play a nurgle daemon legion. PM if youre interested.

03-06-2008, 01:52
I didn't even know that Toronto was getting a bunker... that's pretty cool, makes 3 now in Ontario, and I have been to the Ottawa one once, and the Oakville one a couple of times for auctions and special events.

03-06-2008, 02:43
yeah, apparently they have about 5-6 6x 4 tables. Not as quite as big as the bunker in oakville, but hell of a lot better than 3 4x4 tables

03-06-2008, 02:59
I went there today and found to my shock that it is closed on Mondays! Bit of a wasted TTC trip...

03-06-2008, 04:32
haha, yeah i tried to give them a call earlier... bugger that

03-06-2008, 04:50
Well, I would suggest to definitely go on tuesday's, that being fantasy night and all. Last tues, there were only 6 fantasy players, so the more the merrier. Also Thurs, are a definite No, if you want to play fantasy, all 6 tables were full with 40kers. But apparently they are going to have a basement soon, for more gaming space.

at the store almost every tues, Losing most games with the elves....

03-06-2008, 05:08
so the vet nights are staying? thats good. they didnt run them at the bunker in oakville so coming in any time was a bit of a crap shoot

ill try and make the trip tomorrow

03-06-2008, 05:18
hmmm when are nooby nights? nearly finished constructing my 1k force and actually want to try and get some games in this time (last force was a HoC list which I wanted painted before playing it :mad:)

03-06-2008, 18:46
I have a ream of guys assembled, the only problem is they aren't all painted. GW policy is still that they need to be painted to play there right?

04-06-2008, 02:45
Nope, that rule has been taken out. You can have unpainted models, the only requirement is that they are Citadel Miniatures and are fully built. No proxying the Dr. Pepper Carnifex or half built regiment (unless they are zombies, which makes sense) with bits of paper.


04-06-2008, 02:57
Well I might swing by there next Tuesday evening then. I was there today in the early afternoon and they said that Vet Night is mostly from like 5pm on. And then they tried to sell me a whole bunch of stuff... ;)

04-06-2008, 03:02
made the night, played a good game against some high elves. good to see theyre sticking with vets nights. The oakville bunker didnt have them which always bugged me.

ps. paint you minis ppl! nothing burns more than losing to a unpainted army when yours are all nicely painted and convered ;)

04-06-2008, 03:31
well at least have some colour on my guys as I wait for my gobos to arrive.

Though apparently I left one of my reds somewhere :( anyone want to trade a blood red for any other red (preferable more like maron) or a gold/bronze?