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03-06-2008, 04:31
Branch Wraith
Spell Singer

4x10 Glade Guard
4x10 Glade Guard Scouts
8 Glade Riders
4 War Hawk Riders
2x10 Way Watchers

I need to see what u guys thing about this one. Getting shot too s*** over here.

03-06-2008, 08:11
Well i've never been a fan of gamers who take minimun core unit sizes whilst maximising the size of special and rare choices.

I'll put it this way; if i encountered this at a tournament i would be completely fine with it seeing as tournaments are pretty much FOR power gaming anyways.

If it were just a friendly between you and me i would encourage you to make it 2 x 20 glade gaurd and 2 x 20 glade gaurd scouts........but its your list mate.

03-06-2008, 12:32
No where near as bad as it could be IMHO. With another Treeman, more magic, dryads and no Glade riders this would be even harder to beat.


03-06-2008, 13:02
NakedBarbariab, please keep in mind the fact that Glade Guard are missle troops with little combat capability. Name one army that fields such units in larger than minimum sizes.
And his glade riders are quite a bit over minimum size, while his special is just barely minimum (and the sub par warhawk riders too).
Also, he has 9 core units (ie 5 more than required I think) as opposed to 4 non core units.

I don't think this list qualifies as beardy.
He has little combat power (in fact almost none apart from the treeman), yet he has enough units (and large enough ones) that he will not be able to hide them all from the enemy. Only one regular treeman, no ancient, which at this point value (3k I'm guessing?) isn't too bad.

I can see how this army can hurt, but I can also see how it can fall apart.
It's not a waac list, but it is possibly an annoying like heck list to play against for armies that have little long range threats (high M or range).

03-06-2008, 13:22
Doesn't seem overly powerful to me. You have lots of shooting but a lot of it is ST3. Nothing can stand up in a fight really except the treeman. It is not even like it can spend all game running away and shooting as the 4 GG blocks are fairly immobile but WE standards.

You have 9 core units so it seems a bit harsh to call this list cheesy. In fact since you ignore one of the main strengths of the WE's in their hard hitting combat units I would say the list is a bit weak. This is of course theoryhammer as I have never tried this type of list, (I just could not paint that many glade guard) so it may turn out to be effective, but I would certainly have no problem facing it. My personal opinion is that the list probably looks scarier with the amount of shooting than it actually is.

Also 5 is the minimum for scouts, 5 for glade riders so the core units are hardly minimized. Also 20 glade guard is just redundant bows or an unwieldy long line. Asking a WE player to take 20 glade guard is a bit like asking any other player to deploy their infantry in a long line to stop getting that cheesy rank bonus.

Chaos Mortal
03-06-2008, 13:55
definatly not but what size of games are you playing? hes got 3 rare choices so it may be an illegal list =P

Gazak Blacktoof
03-06-2008, 14:13
I'd say it was boring.

Okay woodelves are supposed to have bows but there isn't anything in there apart from the treeman that can really put up a fight against most units.

This list is one dimensional and would probably kick the snot out of other elves who will take a beating from the shooting but it would struggle against more numerous armies or those with heavy cavalry and probably undead too (or at least VC).

04-06-2008, 00:46
I play Daemons, and this list kills me all the time.

@Gazak yes very boring even if I did win.