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03-06-2008, 10:34
When the old ones still walked the earth, they manifested as great frog-like creatures. Agile and strong, but still able to make the minutest of changes to their world. In their mortal bodies, they were far less powerful than their godlike true form, but being a godlike creature doesn't really help communications with mortals. Every creature still greatly feared the sheer power oozing from their forms, but the most curious tend to be able to make contact.
Their mortal form is, compared to most mortals, still great, but it highly curtais their power, and makes them very vulnerable.

Old one (mortal form):
M7 WS7 BS7 S7 T7 W7 I7 A7 Ld10
Weapons & armour: Energy blaster, close combat weapon.
Other equipment: Arcane rerouter, warp blocker, Arcane focus, Aethyr replicator.
Magic: The old one is a level four wizard for all intents and purposes, but knows all spells in his chosen lore. He may choose from all lores in the basic rulebook.
Energy blaster: Missile weapon, Range 30" S7
Arcane rerouter; One use only. Automatically stops a spell, like a dispel scroll.
Warp blocker; One use only. If a casting roll comes up a miscast, it is automatically negated.
Arcane focus; One use only. Discard three dice from your casting pool, any one of your spells is casted with irresistable force.
Aethyr replicator; May cast the basic spell of your chosen lore as a bound spell at it's minimum casting value.
Causes terror, and is unbreakable.

I thought about giving him saves, but it didn't fit with the imagery and made him way too powerful.

The glade wanderer

03-06-2008, 10:38
an old one would have a 2+ ward and regeneration IMO and cost about 900 points

Von Bismarck
03-06-2008, 10:46
so less than lord kroak? i thought the slann were less powerful than the old ones.

03-06-2008, 10:52
The idea behind this is an old one in mortal form. They take on a 'lesser' shape to be able to communicate with mortals.

Regen would be an option, but I'm not too keen on a wardsave.

Oh, and another rule: Large target. I imagine them to be about the size of the old giant.

The glage wanderer

static grass
03-06-2008, 10:54
It is not obvious that the old ones are lizards. The slann were basically servants of the "old ones". But we don't know the true connection between the two the background is definitely contradictory on this which for once might be a good thing.

Rules wise. I think an Old one should resemble a LoC. This keeps him playable because an Old one is basically a God and that is no fun to play against.

03-06-2008, 11:10
an old one would have a 2+ ward and regeneration IMO and cost about 900 points

3+ ward on 2d6 and regeneration.:cool: