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Gobbo Lord
04-06-2008, 00:45
I have come into possesion of a lot of the new plastic black orcs. I decided to construct a unit of 12 for my own use and sell the rest. They are hard work to rank up, big brutes that they are. Just like my arrer boyz a divider strip of plastic had to go between the two ranks so as to give them eough space. However i am having a nightmare with the musician.
His huge drum takes up so much space it is impossible to fit a black orc next to it. I have tried so many posistions, angles, different models next to him and none of them work.
Anyone else had this problem and found a solution? If so do you care to share it with me.

04-06-2008, 01:28
My brother is complaining about the BO's but also complained about Chaos Warriors (watching him it was due to the way he was doing it). I learned this from building big old block of skaven, and having to deal with the command squad, and tails which is a bit of a pain.

My tip would be to build the front rank one model at a time from one side to the other. Leave them there and do the same for the 2nd rank. You may have a guy or two in a less then straight on the base, but it should rank up and look fine.

Based on looking at the picture of the musician, I think the best tip not seeing what you've already glued... put him as far forward on the base, and possibly turned inward.

Gazak Blacktoof
04-06-2008, 07:56
Deffinitely follow the dark duke's advice.

I also try to sneak some extra space into units by placing the front rank models as close to the fronts of their bases as possible, whilst models on the back rank are placed as close to the rear of their bases as possible and models in a middle rank placed on the base according to where they sit in the unit.

04-06-2008, 08:04
If you look at the unit from the front put the musician on the right hand corner. he keeps it out of the way then.

use the orcs wielding great weapons above their heads as spacers between dual weapon wielding ones as they take up less room.

04-06-2008, 12:44
Black orcs suc. Take normal orcs, or bigguns.

Gobbo Lord
04-06-2008, 13:17
Although i think the term "suck" is perhaps a little harsh i do agree that they take up a valuable special slot. I am not one of those posters on here who complains that orc are rubbish etc. I have been with them from 4th edition when i first started playing and love the army.

The reason i got into them was because of their look, fluff, and models. Not because they were the hardest army (which at the time i saw to be dwarfs). I do not jump ship when the next uber army is released because i want to win and although, yes i do field lots of orcs, i want the option, should i choose it, or it crops up in a narrative sense, to take black orcs.

The new models are very nice and a unit of 12 with musician and standard does what it is supposed to. I imagine they are not so good at getting a +4 combat res as each rank is insanely expensive. Thats what goblins are for, Black orcs are hammers, you should take them to support bigger units of orcs or goblins.

I think a lot of people get into the hobby because they see the painted miniatures and think, wow they look cool, i really like the look of those. Their first army is then whatever they thought looked and sounded the best. As time goes by a lot of people start to say, this unit is not worth taking over this one because of x, y and z. Or this army i will have to sell even though i love the idea of the goat men of laschek because the new fishmen of kar nasherak are a lot harder. I am a narrative player, my army is painted well, often much better than people who constantly move to the new army and fill it with super units, combos etc.

I am not saying this is the wrong way of approaching the hobby it is just not for me. Boar Boyz suck as well yet i have a unit of six that are painted nicley that are part of my blue skull tribe. I play the game and enjoy it if i win or lose. My army often puts the oppositions to shame and looks connected. I gain a victory from that.

04-06-2008, 13:32
Black orcs suc. Take normal orcs, or bigguns.

This post was certainly useful, and not a troll in any way... :rolleyes:

I just put together a bunch of black orcs, and the correct way to go about getting them properly ranked up has already been mentioned - build them one at a time, and fit them into the rank as you go, having the ones on the outsides of the unit as far to the edge of the base as you think is decent.

I used blue-tac first to pose them, then went through and glued each joint in place.

04-06-2008, 13:54
You know, I would have hoped that scale creep would have been at least heavily curtailed when miniatures got to the point of not being able to rank up, but apparently not with GW. I’m going by experience with the lanky Empire militia here. It is rather annoying.

04-06-2008, 14:53
Black orcs suc. Take normal orcs, or bigguns.

im sorry but how is this useful?how is this in anyway advising the op on ranking up his models.

as im not an orc player i cant advise on ranking up black orcs,that stupid comment just really bugged me.