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04-06-2008, 00:46
I have been a big critic on the new Daemon release in the quality of the models. The bloodletter gaps in the plastic are awful to say the least.

However that said. After I had painted them they are at stage 2 and they look lovely and the part. The quality of the look, the visual is fantastic. They need to get the fittings right and have more extra bits on the sprues. A couple of skulls would have been great.

Once finsihed I'll put pics up. But I want to stand up for GW and congratulate of a great visual leap forward. Now they need to get the rest on spot with the models. Can't wait and I lookforward to it!

They also need to start to produce more hobby articles to support their new release. I for one do not think it is enough and for those who don't know how to fill gaps using green stuff or what not that support to be their (not being dependant on the stores not everyone has access to one.). My concern is more inline with the new website.

9/10 for looks
4/10 for poor gaps
6/10 for price

Btw anyone seen this? It's really cool and funny. Space Hulk stop animation. A bit cheesey but great!


04-06-2008, 05:32

Please don't go for the scatter gun approach with your threads. Your painting comments belong in M,P&T, your comments on the release belong in the 40K or fantasy sections and the space hulk link has been seen before.

Get out of here and explore the rest of the forum OK ;)

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