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lord marcus
06-06-2008, 01:56
ok all. i am on a mission. to finish 2k of skaven and 1k of tau. then i'm done, i'll not buy a single piece of warhammer for a long time. the tau is on its way in the post, but the skaven are struggling. this is what i have so far





also, i need to sell all of my other stuff, and i thought i might combine this thread into a triple purpose. i am only accepting cash for the items below, and i need offers. if you want pics let me know. THIS IS ALL BEFORE GONIG ON EBAY, BUY NOW!

giant bag of misc imperial bitz

giant bag of misc chaos bits

10 chaos furies, 1 painted red/orange

1 chaos beastlord with great weapon, minus base

1 skaven warlord minus back banner with dwarf head, includes tail

1 necharch vampire on horse (OOP) = 11 bucks or equiv

1 necromancer on foot = 8 bucks/ equiv

1 brettonian lord on horse - horse (the great wepon one 8 bucks or equiv

1 brettonian BSB on horse - horse = 8 bucks or equiv

2 men at arms command models (muscian/champion) = 4 bucks / equiv

bag of traitor guardsmen = 5 bucks or equivalent

2 chaos marines with plasma guns = 6 bucks or equiv

6 chaos raptors - back packs, with weapons = 16 or equiv

1 OOP orc big un champ = 8 bucks or equiv

8 dryads (some must be stripped - light paint)

14 glade riders, 2 extra horses (5 must be stripped - light paint)

1 converted spellsinger

14 wardancers (4 OOP)

18 glade guard (1 OOP, some need stripping - light paint)

lord kroak (includes palaquin, kroak painted with red and white, paliquin primed black)

40 oop skinks with bows (painted, lightly)

15-20 new skinks, painted lightly, need stripping

20 oop sarus, painted, need stripping

8-10 new sarus, 1 painted orange with white accents

8 sprues of chaos mutation bitz, some missing

bag of empire/ogre bitz (medium sized

large bag of dwarf bits (leftovers from battalion)

dwarf BSB, metal, includes base

15 dwarf warriors with two handed axes, full command

10 or so dwarf warriors with hand wep + shield, unpainted

bag of brettonian sprues (mostly archers/knights of the realm)

24 mordor orcs for LOTR

thats it for now, choi everbody!

13-06-2008, 15:32
All that stuff should really be on the trading and wanted forums (i.e. where you actually advertise and sell stuff - That's what its for ;)) and how is this a triple purpose? Your wanting to sell stuff here (which i've established for you, is the wrong place to do it) paint up our skaven and tau (since this is a fantast log, I'm saying no to the Tau and hello to the general logs for you).

Aside from that, it would be nice to see a skaven log so get on it. I think maye some better photos, and perhaps better care of your models would be a start, and then maybe we can see how this progresses.