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23-10-2005, 06:34
Hello and thanks for taking the time to read this thread,

In September next year (2006) my gaming club, Les Squigs du Nord, will be repeating its 40K Tournament again. Only this time bigger !

It will be held in Calais, France. For those that are not familiar with Calais, it is the French Port on the English Channel opposite Dover. It is the principal Cross Channel route for both cross channel boats and the Euro Tunnel / Euro Star. Therefore does not involve any travaling once on the french side of the channel for UK residents. It is also within half an hour drive from the Belgian border on the coastal motorway and therefore provides good access for the Dutch, Belgians and scandanavians.

It will be held in Mid September. Date to be confirmed to avoid GD UK.

The Tournament will be held over 2 days, including 5 original and challanging scenarios. Festivities start Friday evening with food, Drink and the possability to play a game or 2 Friday evening.

Points value will be 3000 points maximum. 1 and only 1 Force organisation schema.
2 troops and 1 HQ obligatary.
At least 1 piece of Forge World is an obligation. Does nt matter how big or small it is !
Each super heavy class vehicle will take up one heavy FOS. There fore possibility to take 3 Thunderhawks !!
This years was a great success. 50 players participated over 2 days.

Forge WOrld Pieces present included:
01 Conquéror
01 Thunderer
02 Vanquishers
02 Vultures
05 titans Warhounds
06 Enfants du chaos
01 Hell Tallon
04 Squiggoths
03 Hierodules
01 Land speeder Tempest
02 An Angron Démon majeur de Khorne
02 Valkyries
02 Shdowswords
01 Thunderbolt
02 Cyclopes
01 Thunderhawk
01 Vindicator
01 Titan warhound du chaos
02 Dreadclaws
01 Bête du chaos
01 Forteresse de Bataille
01 Chassa bomba
02 Baneblade
01 Firestorm
01 Scorpion I
02 Stormblade
01 Pylon
01 Titan Revenant.

1st prize was Tyranid Hierophant Bio Titan (£175)
2nd Prize was Tyranid Scythed Hierodule (£85)
3rd Prize was Tyranid Winged Hive Tyrant (£55)
Every other player got a choise of a 40K blister, Box set or Codex. So no one went away empty handed.

For those that are interested there are now some photos online of the weekend;

If you are interested in participating in next years Dark Crusade, post your interest and comments, questions below.

Chaos and Evil
23-10-2005, 09:57
I'm afraid my French is quite rusty, would I be able to get by mostly with English?

03-11-2005, 15:51
This certainly sounds interesting, so I will keep an eye on this thread for future devolopments. :)