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11-06-2008, 01:43
Ever wondered what your local GW staff member is doing while there is nobody about?? Do we sit there maniacally laughing that we have been left with the shop to ourself? Or prehaps run around building idols and singing hymms to various chaos gods?

Or do we actually build and paint stuff, as it is a large part of our job!

Anyway ive been trying to do a project log for ages and haven't made much progress, so i thought i would document all the things ive been building and painting working for GW. Ill try update this however occasionally i have to do real work and therefore unable to update as often as i would like.

So in a GW store somewhere in england ..........

Ive currently been building some new bits of 40k terrain for the store to promote the new edition of 40k. Ive also got a long list of things to do for them as well :) . These bits are based on foam board as its all we had lying around and therefore as ive found out these are crude bases and should never be used. I seem to of been given the position of master terrain maker as the manager and other full timer practical skills are not exactly brill and therefore was nominated!

Pics -

Defense Line - Some pre painted pics, etc, the unpainted one was built by the other staff member and i think looks cooler, however i will be needing to clean it up alittle. The problem with foam board is that its too weak for a base, however its all we had lying about for me to use. Also i came in to the store today to give it a coat of rough coat only to find all the gas had leaked out and all i got was a dribble of the stuff on my hand! Dam annoying!


11-06-2008, 01:44

Main building -

Nice big bit of terrain to block line of sight. Ive actually got to finish the guns on the stuff tomorrow, the buildings also look alittle green, considering i painted them in greys.


11-06-2008, 01:44
Rock pile - your standard pile of general purpose rubble!


Mini's - Im currently doing the shops lord of the rings stuff (slowly) i must admit i am now a big fan of the new washes to use on metals, however i find they really are matt and take any sort of shine out, im happy with the effect on the mounted dark marshal, however im stuck on highlighting the black capes though, they are proving to be abit of an ****!


Ive also got a mordor troll in the works, put togther and based, just needs undercoating and painting, more to come on him!

The next project for me is the new intro board for the store, its 40k and its bridge themed!

Comments and ideas??

11-06-2008, 01:52
Shooosh, don't say you work for GW, or all the geeks on this site will abuse you and whinge about prices, then ask when the plastic Titan will come out ahahahaha.

Anyways, great terrain, how'd you make the rock formation?, looks really ace.

11-06-2008, 03:11
Nice, looking forward to seeing the bridge next.
So when is the plastic Titan coming out?;)

Bugbait out.

11-06-2008, 07:19
Consider the gun emplacement idea stolen! I never thought of something like that!

ARGH! I personally hate it when people mix the basiculum thingo and sanctum imperialis bits together on the same building. :P

For black try 50/50 chaos black adeptus battlegrey then adeptus battlegrey by itself. Then wash it with badab black. Then keep repeating over areas. I do it about 4 times no my black cloaks but the finish is awesome :D Also i thin my paints 50/50 water so yeah :p

How long have you worked with GW for?

11-06-2008, 17:58
Shooosh, don't say you work for GW, or all the geeks on this site will abuse you and whinge about prices, then ask when the plastic Titan will come out ahahahaha.

Anyways, great terrain, how'd you make the rock formation?, looks really ace.

plastic titan aye?? I was trying to pester my manager to let me build one for the apoc stuff but said no :(! In other news i have to build a full size bolter to raffle off, this one im not sure i can done, ive got a month! But the bridge is taking priority!

The rock formation was just some styrofoam off cuts we had lying about, i just attacked them with a kitchen knife and pva glued them. Easy peasy!

Liamrob - In the end i did go with adeptus battle grey and black mix, though i didnt see your post till after i had done it, ive left the ink off for the moment, its based and in the cabinet, here are some photos!


11-06-2008, 18:03

Feel free to steal my ideas! Technically their not mine, they are gamesworkshops! Ive been with the company all togther about a year, i did a 8-9 month stint about three years ago as a part timer and in march started working again as a part timer then managed to wangle a full time job!

The lighting in the shop is awful on some days for photos as you may of noticed. Im happy with the dark marshal. Comments and feedback, always nice to know what ppl think of your work!

i was also hoping today in the weekly delivery i would get to see some new spray guns instead i got this!


there out this saturday! (shameless plug.)

11-06-2008, 19:59
Like the gun emplacement, might steal that one ! (the idea, not the model !)
Consider yourself abused !
GW prices blahblahblah !
When's the plastic titan coming blahblahblahblah !
Cheers mate, keep the updates coming !

12-06-2008, 00:33
Nice work dude, cheers for the info on the rocks.

12-06-2008, 00:59
from worcester.... were you the one who covered in tunbridge wells for a day a while ago?

not bad, the washes are indeed good for metalics (gotta keep then thin) but if you add some VERY thin metalic washes after it brings back the shine which looks pretty neat.

12-06-2008, 02:35
well, well, well, lookie here. a blue shirt. how nice. (proceeds to hurl abuse your way)

any way... it is noce to be able to see into the mind of a Blue Shirt and know what they do in their "spare time".

intrigued about the new washes (partly from this thread and partly from other ones), and might pick some of them up in the near future (read: when i have money that i can spend).

please keep this log alive as it will likely turn out to be very interesting.

ttfn (tata for now)

12-06-2008, 03:18
Tell me, how does Danny Webb sound pronouncing WH40k words. Boltgun. Emperor. Chaos. ... lol. Audio book eh.


12-06-2008, 09:05
Or prehaps run around building idols and singing hymms to various chaos gods?

Please, don't try to deny it. I actually caught a couple of you guys doing this (well, not in England, I admit that) when I walked in during quiet hours.

Nice log, by the way.

12-06-2008, 10:42
Tell me, how does Danny Webb sound pronouncing WH40k words. Boltgun. Emperor. Chaos. ... lol. Audio book eh.


also heard it, found it to be rather poor.

12-06-2008, 23:28
Please, don't try to deny it. I actually caught a couple of you guys doing this (well, not in England, I admit that) when I walked in during quiet hours.

Nice log, by the way.

lol, well you wonder why there are soo many chaos idols around the store!

Im afraid not that one from worcester. Im currently drawing up plans for some bolter rounds to put in the store window and i thinking im going to attempt to make a bolter. Anyway ill put up the designs for this and the new store 40k board tomorrow, depending if i have to do other work.

The danny web stuff sounds ok actually, i do prefer a book though to audio stuff as it lets me use my own imaginations rather than the sounds etc used by them.

12-06-2008, 23:44
Someone else from the faithful city:) nice log, now paint some more please.

17-06-2008, 23:40
rightie well ive been busy doing 'real work' and not had much time to build or paint stuff, again im doing more building, mondays work consisted of me attempting to finish the black gate of Mordor for Saturdays release. Well i got some of it done, the actual project was started by two regulars who then disappeared, so ive been pulled in to finish it off, we were using the guide from a LOTR magazine, ive decided that they need more pics in order to finish it properly! Also preventing me from complete ling project bolter / bolt pistol and new 40k board! grrrr.


Anyway ive got the grills done on the front and ive got to recycle the large sheets of polystyrene in order to form the sides, im in later in the week to finish it off so more pics then. Other wise ive had a certain new rulebook to read! Also its seems that the new laser pointer is actually a LED so will not be hurting peoples eyes.

18-06-2008, 00:03
No pictures.
Or is it just me?

Looks like photobucket has been hacked by NetDevilz, hope their backups are good.

Bugbait out

18-06-2008, 01:41
yup, they are working, btw if anyone wants me to attempt to build of paint something, i shall see if i can wrangle it at work. Im open to doing guides for pretty much anything shown.

18-06-2008, 05:07
Imus that is awesome :D

Our local GW store staff got to see it last month :p but they got flown 2500km to see it! for free :D

19-06-2008, 22:26
lucky bugger. Why thankyou Liam!

Right today i needed to get main bits and bobs done which i did. I did however make alittle bit of a mess.


I have made the sides and stuff, i didnt need to make that much mess, which sucks. But here are the gates etc, ive sprayed them with roughcoat, black then lightly with boltgun, ready to paint tomorrow. Also just got to texture the rock! I had to cut a few corners due to time constraints (i had 2 days including doing other work!) Plus the regulars came back and did alittle bit of work on it. Also the card i used was too thick which slowed things down, but lessons learned and i think it fills the role well.


19-06-2008, 22:27
and here the nearly finished gate. Soon i can began the new 40k board!!!!!


19-06-2008, 23:06
As a fellow blue shirt I so wish I had the spare time to do some of the cool stuff for the events and releases coming up.

I am currently penning ideas for a new 40k board in time for the new games release.

Ork camp or trench board?


19-06-2008, 23:16
i know you pain, soo many cool things to do and soo little time. If you get the chance put some some of your stuff here, maybe we can nab as many blue shirts to show everyone what we get upto (besides worshiping chaos).

Trench boards always sound cool!

20-06-2008, 01:38
That looks really cool. Now you just need a heap of orcs and trolls ;) to finish it off lol.

Go trench board ironduke!

What board are you doing for 40k imus?

22-06-2008, 21:49
I was thinking trench board would be a lot more fun to make in the long run.

Can go for using a lot of the new water effects to make it extra sludgy and gritty for the Orks and Space Marines to fight over...

I will certainly put something up when I have something.


22-06-2008, 21:56
im building a bridge board, work starts tomorrow on it. However ive been painting some dire avengers for my new army. Im doing ulthwe but i want them to be bone to stand out from the rest of the army.

What was really cool is that we had mark lifton in today (numerous golden demon winner) , got to have a nice chat with him and he is coming down to do a master class for us! Ace, really nice guy and superb painter! That made my day!


Kasrkin 666
22-06-2008, 23:17
Awesome bone!:p How did you make it?


24-06-2008, 09:22
Very nice :D

The colour looks to simple :p I feel white undercoat, with one of the new washes then one highlight!?

But i have started eldar not 2 weeks ago and they have some awesome stat lines and models. I'm doing it mainly for the painting.

Looks like you have quite a big GW store there. Can we have a piccie?

24-06-2008, 14:51
I would go for a Ork camp board Ironduke.

We made a trench board back when I was a 'red' shirt and it was great for the first week or so but the trench system soon made games play out in a very similar way and it got a bit dull.

The Ork camp could look real good, a big meks shop, a pile of looted 'scrap' and some of those grot gun towers.

24-06-2008, 22:45
orks boards would be cool. Ill get you a pic tomorrow liam, when there are no customers in. Right well i can begin building the new 40k board, plus im building a scrap demon award for saturday days competitions! Pictures to follow!

25-06-2008, 18:15
right well today didn't go quite as planned, i was cleaning in the morning for being a bad staff member the other day. However i did start the board and got the sketches out for it, then couldnt find the hot wire cutter for the polystyrene! ARghhh i hunted high and low and so work has come to a stop at the moment.


However i have got the space marine gamesday model in the mean while to paint, he is being done as a ultramarine, in a dark blue shade to go with the rest of the workshops smurf army.


Scrap demon pics coming.

Also it was abit rude of me not to answer, the bone was really easy to do.

1 - White undercoat
2- 2 washes of sepia
3- Highlight bone leaving sepia in the shaded areas
4- sepia wash again
5 - final bone highlight.

Liam ive sent u a pic of the store, its not that big.

25-06-2008, 18:16
more SM pics


comments and critique welcomed!

25-06-2008, 18:26
Wait a moment, I recognise this shop- I worked their long enough!

Glad to see you are keeping busy, do try not to get fired mate :p

26-06-2008, 00:49
It hasn't come through :p (the piccie)

Dam wonder if the GD model has gotten into our GW store.
The blue is awesome :D Similar to how i used to paint my marines, till i fell in love with Eldar ;)

The board is really looking interesting at the moment. Just have to wait till you find that hot wire cutter to cut the polystyrene, then it'll look 100% better :D

The Wildchild
26-06-2008, 17:29
The blue on the Ultrasmurf is brilliant! Love the change from the vanilla Ultramarine blue. How did you do it bud?

26-06-2008, 22:25
cheers, its fairly easy.

Regal blue
50/50 regal blue, enchanted blue
25/75 regal blue, enchanted blue
1/1/1 mix of regal blue, enchanted blue and ice blue.

Then a ashrumen blue wash and a final highlight using enchanated blue and ice blue

23-07-2008, 16:26
rightie, ive been bogged down at work of late, with all this 40k marlack! Anyway progress on the board, this was done awhile ago, its nearly finished, just need to do the bridge, towers, few bits and bobs and paint.




23-07-2008, 16:30
and more pics. The sand on the board is scattered as i was waiting for the glue to dry so i could shake it off.





i dont think ive done a bad job since i built it from all the left over crap we had lying around the store.

24-07-2008, 14:07
It's great man :D

Now paint it lol!

25-07-2008, 17:44

I need to play in YOUR store.

we are making a board at my local ATM.

can you get a sort of part time job with workshop instore, It'd be nice during uni, and I already have hobby retail experience...

just wandering ;)

17-08-2008, 07:57
it is interesting what blue shirts like yourself do for the stores
i am loving the board your making keep, and the black gate was very nice indeed

Inquisitor Gideon
17-08-2008, 21:27
Max, is that you?

31-08-2008, 20:52
Put down the new space marines book and paint the bord or at least spray it :p

The Wildchild
31-08-2008, 22:48
How's the marine with the thunder hammer coming along?

22-03-2009, 13:35
rightie, so i havent been updating. Well alots changed, first off im no longer a blue shirt, but a free man with a small bit of my soul left.

But anyway in the time ive been away i shall give you a low down on what happened.

1) The board i built got destroyed by some thugs outside before it was being painted. It has now been recycled and is still running intro games to this day.

2) The GD marine got covered in silver paint by an over eager child one afternoon and at that point i gave up the will to paint it.

3) I had a interview for forgeworld and mail order, i failed horribly, infact soo bad i wanted to have a commissar excute me right then and there.

4) I went to the GT with borrowed tau and came 100 and something.

5) I left GW

6) Im back now with a better job, more money and time.

So then, at this moment in time ive been playing around with dipping for a guard army and ive finally got something. Ive based it roughly along this scheme


Im going for a desert scheme, the regiment shall be known as the green rifles, i put some fluff up at some point.

Here is the test model, now i wasn't particularly neat with this one, but i think it works quite well, with a base that contrasts well it should make the model stand out. Another thing is that ive not had time to spray the anti shine varnish as ive not got any.


Let me know what you think

Kasrkin 666
23-03-2009, 04:12
Welcome back! Wow, lots of **** going on in your life, huh. Well it's good to see you have a job...unlike me:cries:. Great work on the IG and can't wait to see whats next.