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14-06-2008, 21:29
So after reading the Soul Drinkers Omnibus I have finally been motivated to start an army. This will be an ongoing collection with no direction in mind as far of a list, but just collecting and painting what I would like.

First off is the scheme:

I really like the Purple combined with the bone and gold highlights. My only question so far is to go with either nmm or gw metallics. I have done the nmm before and feel confident in it.

Here is a test mini (very test). I used metallics, but let me know what u think:

Once I have he scheme down these boys are ready to go. About 16 Bolter Marines in total. Looking at doing conversions for the special weapons and the SGTs.

For the record these guys will be loyalists, so no crazy warp drinkers runnin' around. Any ideas, c&c are very welcome and much appreciated. Look forward to what is to come.

14-06-2008, 22:14
Looks good. The purple looks a little *flat* but in my opinion space marines looks best with a flat colour scheme (ultramarines for isntance).

Really nothing else to comment upon, like the colour scheme alot. Not many that go for purple space marines, even thought i personally think they are amongst the most awsome looking space marines around.

ah well, Keep up the great work, looking forward to more painted models :)

14-06-2008, 22:38
they look real nice

just a little tip on the sgts hand do them bone as souldrinker sgts and vets plus command had bone hands, as they are an off shoot to the imperial fists

also are you making any assault marines


15-06-2008, 00:10
Hey thanks for the tip rickie, that is a great idea. I have five assault marines at the moment and more will come in the future for sure.

Duckdude: Yeah the colors look a little flat, but that will be something taken care of when painting commences shortly.

Another thing by the way if anyone has a great recipe for purple I would love to try some different ones out.

Lord Zso Sahaal
15-06-2008, 00:13
like the scheme like duckdude says a bit flat, why not though if they do a purple in the new washes set try using that ive been hearing great things about them, anyway thats just my creative critisism. Nice to see a different chapter for a change. Keep up the work!


15-06-2008, 00:15
That's an excellent purple that you've produced. If you go with NMM I think you'll reap excellent results, NMM gets much easier with practice as well so i say go for it! :)

I too was tempted to make some Soul Drinkers after reading the novels but my Salamanders yearned for more attention, I've got some Soul Drinkers in my Deathwatch though.

15-06-2008, 04:39
Looks good

15-06-2008, 08:07
digg it and like the gun. Looks very unique

15-06-2008, 09:07
Love the look of the souldrinkers. always beeen tempted to do an army of these but just too many other projects. Be watching with interest.

Cheers, Rom

15-06-2008, 10:11
nice paintjob, i especially like the bolters!
looking forwad to an update;)

30-08-2008, 21:20
cool but where are the characters?