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19-06-2008, 22:34
Im thinking about this years golden demon entries and thought i would post last years entry which made finalist in the lotr category. This year im entering all 3 single miniature categories but am not sure what im putting in for fantasy - possibly vlad but most likely something new - probably vampire or dark elf related tho. Im entering the mask for 40k and saruman for lotr i think tho this may change. have a look and let me know what you think i can improve on for this year


20-06-2008, 09:34
Hi there Vicki. First thing I'd like to say is the hair and face are fantastic. Draws you in instantly. Compliments are always nice, but you want criticisms right, so here goes. Working on the metallics would be a good starting point. They look a little rough and don't perhaps make the transitions through the highlights seemingly enough. The highlights are good through, just perhaps make them a bit smoother. I like the red, though again, I think maybe more highlights are needed. All the golden daemon models I see go through flawless stages of blends, and this might be a little sharp for the judges liking. I like it though!

Third Picture down: Her arm looks a little rough and it looks like there's something on the metal surface below the paint that wasn't necessarily cleaned properly. I think the colour choice is great, though perhaps something more stylish for the skirt could have been employed. GD judges like freehands, so maybe the skirt could have had a hand painted trim on a smooth green surface. Jen Haley's website has a good article on how to paint freehand.

IMO, i think many people would take vlad to GD, so it might be worth doing something else, because you'd really have to go to town on him to make him stand out. Maybe try the old blood on cold one (fantastic model and makes use of bright, vibrant colours), or maybe even the female vampire. You know, something thats a not everyone else would do. Try and get a conversion in or two as well.

Hope this helps.

20-06-2008, 16:54
thanks thats good criticism. it was my first golden demon entry and id only been painting a year so i was very surprised to make finalist. I think youre right about the blending. I need to work on that - its not my strong point. This year i think i will try non metallic on my stuff. The sword had a little mis hap on the way to golden demon and there was a little cracking of the paint on the sword. I think this might be the bit that doesnt look clean. thanks for your opinions tho - its good advice that i will take on board. I still cant decide what to take this year tho.... damn it....

20-06-2008, 16:59
Try this guide for NMM.


That guy is a eavy painter (Darren Latham you know) or search for anything by Razza. His NMM is really good, you should see his first attempt!
I've used it on my LOTR elf, and it takes some practice, but the results are well worth it.

Layne in Spayne
20-06-2008, 23:49
If you do Saruman, then you might try to represent his self styling as Saruman of Many Colours, with subtle shading and washing in various colours on his cloak, be sure to label the model very clearly, so they know to look for it. If you want a model that would require lots of different techniques, like accurate blending, NMM, and freehands, you could try Gil-galad. That's kinda the trouble with Eowyn : nice model, but fairly plain, not much to work with.

Good luck and all.

21-06-2008, 00:17
pick a piece that inspires you, dont just pick a piece

as for the work, study lighting, you need more levels of shading your highlights are the same brightness across the board, and shading as well

also work that blending it looks quite rough, more layers, for smoother transitions

try to play with colour more, your colours are too basic(red is red, green is green) try using colours to tone some areas, and shade and highlight with different colours...this also goes hand in hand with nicer transitions and lighting...the more accruate the lighting the nicer the depth and the more transition the nicer the colour

try and create a palette and stick to it, avoid always bringing in new pots everytime you do a new colour :)

23-06-2008, 18:08
thanks guys i'll bear that in mind when picking my entries. Ive well and truly got the painting bug at the moment (after a long bout of painters block) so i should be fairly prolific in producing some stuff. More pics will be added soon.

Titan Wolfe
12-09-2008, 00:15
Nice to see such a gorgeous model . It looked mint in the cabinet but the pics really capture how good you got it . Next one please my sweet . The next one better????