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25-10-2005, 20:08
I'm a 40k vet looking at entering into Fantasy, but am also a rather poor student, so my options for buying a whole army is rather limited.

In 40k I play Thousand Sons, and so have a number of Daemons allready, and was playing around with what I could do using a lot of the models that I have already.

I'm looking for advice for playability primarily, have I set myself up to lose from the very beginning ( I don't mind that too much, but I like to know going in ) and what I would have most difficulty with. All advice is appreciated.

Lord of Change

Aspiring Champion of Tzeentch
- Skull of Katam

16 Horrors

12 Horrors

12 Horrors

11 Chaos Warriors
- Hand Weapon + Shield
- Full Command
- Mark of Tzeentch
- Blasted Standard

5 Screamers

Thanks everyone.

27-10-2005, 11:40
I think you'd find it easier to play a storm of choas demonic legion then straight Choas with this list

Basically You'd have to drop the choas warriors but you get a proper ward save for your horrors which s a big plus and you can take horror champions which are level 1 wizards! It also gives you access to some funky troops such as change bringers which are flammers mounted on Discs. The rules for storm of choas are availble for download on the GW website

27-10-2005, 13:11
Thats fair advice, and I'll look into it.

However, I've read in a few places that there are folks here that think that the SoC lists are a bit over the top. I'm also of the opinion that if I'm going to invest in models of any kind, I'd like to play with them. Are those lists allowed outside of the SoC campaign? Would I be able to take them to say an RTT and be welcome?

27-10-2005, 13:50
Well SoC lists can be played in a way that makes them over powered, but they are legal outside storm of choas and in all GW tournments.

Tzeentch demonic legion is one of the regular armies around the top of tournments as it can be very powerful int he magic phase, but if your playing a standard list with a lord of change in 2000 points I think the reaction of oppeents will be the same to either list.

Most importantly generally how people react to your army is very much how you play as a person and what you do with your army selection. Any army can be cheesed up or made unfun to play against or with. If you have a laugh then I'm sure people will accept the list as fun.

Overall if your worried about people thinking the army is overpowered, cheesey beardy etc etc then choas is probably not a good army choice as unless you have loads of maurauders etc you'll have an army of elite troops lead by hard characters which tends into over powered

27-10-2005, 14:39
Some of the conversion possibilities for the Daemonic Legion intrigue me, will definately have to look into it.

I suspect that the changes to Daemonic Legion would be one of:

Change the AC to a Herald,
Pick up a small unit of Changebringers.

Change the AC to a herald,
Pick up a unit of Flamers
Add Champions to the Horror units

Both options would probably require rebalancing the Horror unit sizes, but thats all right.

Any ideas on which would be preferable?

edit: My concern is to avoid something that is illegal primarily. I'll deal with the beardy/cheesy comments as they come in. If all else fails to appease them, games night is a friday, and I'll take my opponent out for a beer afterwards.

28-10-2005, 11:07
I would try and get plenty of change bringers into the list, as they can float 15" are fast calavry, ranged attack and reasonable on the charge.

If you go for the horror with wizards you'll just stand in line and zap the enemy with magic and it wont be fun for you or them. Changebringers add flexibiltity and character to the list. Also provide an offensive unit to go with the Lord of change as he is a combat character on his own but is a lot to risk against big units as he might go pop