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24-06-2008, 12:54
I assumed you'd all seen this, but no thread, so...

Regular visitors to the site will have noticed a lack of updates recently. This has been because of some behind-the-scenes changes that are now slowly coming to fruition.

As American readers will probably already know, there’s a brand new Games Workshop website that’s gone live recently. This is just the first stage of a global web launch. As part of that plan Games Workshop’s Specialist Game support will be integrated the new site, giving it a much more prominent status than the range currently has.

There’s also other changes afoot – the recent global range review that has been carried out means that Specialist Games products are now widely available in all parts of the world. A feat that has eluded us until now as the many hobbyists in Australia will attest to. We’re also building the range back up again, with Blood Bowl players being the first to gain with team booster packs that will be coming in July. Theses are 4-man blisters with a selection of positional players allowing you modify your teams. There’ll also be a Goblin Secret Weapons blister for all you cheeky greenskin players. The other Specialist Games will also get similar packs in the future.

The new website has no forum provision, however, as these areas on the current site have developed a community and unique character of their own they are also moving to a new home. Under the guidance of Lex (the head-moderator) and with invaluable help from EpiCom’s Cybershadow the forums will be migrating to a new place with the only difference being a change to the URL. Many of the Moderators and Answer-Mods who look after the forum on a voluntary basis will be also making the move to the Specialist Games forum’s new home. I wish all who post and sail in her well!

So, there’s loads happening for the Specialist Games and more to come in the future. However, this point effectively ends the “Fanatic” era of support. This website will no longer be updated as all future material will be published on the new sites. On behalf of Jervis and myself I’d like to thank all the contributors, Fanatic team members from the past (Steve, you're still remembered), and, most importantly, you – the players of the Specialist Games.

For now,
Andy @ Fanatic



25-06-2008, 05:08
I posted this over at Eastern Fringe a few weeks back. Personally, I'm looking forward to the expansion of the catalog. Some stores are showing more bitz and blisters. This includes some "ganger" packs for some of the specialist games. If the entire lines for games like Necromunda get released again, it could be new life for the division.

Also, with GW reabsorbing SG, this might mean more money and support. That said, it could means less fan support and more bureacracy.

We'll have to wait and see. But just remember. SG is unkillable. It has broken off and reabsorbed a few times before, and each time something new has happened. And with Fantasy Flight doing the roleplaying games and board games (apparently), let's keep our fingers crossed and hope GW does it good.

25-06-2008, 07:00
Yep, known since Andy posted that ... month ago or so. However this does bring up a quesion. What do we call Warseers and Firebases Specialist Games section now :)?

25-06-2008, 08:40
The games that we play will always be 'Specialist Games', and will always be known as this by the community. They are not going anywhere and from a players point of view I suspect that we really wont notice much of a difference. The only real change will be that we trade 'official fan driven support' for wider accessibility.

27-09-2008, 13:22
I wouldn't get too excited as judging by Games Day where there were more tables for warhammer ancients than specialist games (and the only items in the shop were rulebooks) I would say this remerger is more of a case of not even being willing to spend what little effort it takes to keep the seperate website open.

I think specialist games from GW perspective is now pretty much officially dead - one patronising article by Jervis aside