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24-06-2008, 17:23
We are playing a small skirmish (1k) campaign at the moment.
It is quite a heated affair.
I was wondering if there would be any interest in me posting the battle reports here?

24-06-2008, 21:28
i am
pics as well?

24-06-2008, 21:35
pics as well?
46 of them ;)

25-06-2008, 13:02
Here is the first of five reports from our Warmaster small skirmish campaign.
The opposing forces are high elves and Skaven.
Gary will be playing the High Elves with whom he has had 100% success and I (Mick) will be taking my Skaven out for their first outing.
The campaign goes roughly as follows:
• Pick a 1000 point force.
• We play until break point is reached, General dies or the 3 objective markers have been held by one side for a full turn.
• At the end of the battle any surviving units MUST be used in the next army list.
• The winner gets 100 points of additional troops for the next battle.
• The owner of each objective gets an additional 50 points per objective.
• The loser gets -1 command to one surviving commander.
• There is also the chance of a magic item being on one of the battle objectives (decided on a D6 roll of 4,5,6 and then randomised between the 3 objectives). The magic item is drawn for the pool of items.
We will play 5 games in total with a bit of variation to the above as we progress (availability of unofficial units for example).
Apologies for the table cloth but until I can get my 8x4 board delivered to complete my gaming room this will have to do.
So here is how we started:
The objectives are :
1. Ruined village (hard cover)
2. Hidden Forest Cave
3. Ruined village (hard cover)
The brown areas are ploughed fields these cause units within to move at half pace.
Here are the respective army lists:
High Elf 1000 Pts / High Elf 2.2 - 990 of 1000 points - breakpoint : 5
Name Type Atk Rng Hit Arm Cmd Siz Pts
General General +2 - 10 1 180
Wizard Wizard - - 8 1 90
Spearmen Infantry 3 - 3 5+ 3 60
Spearmen Infantry 3 - 3 5+ 3 60
Spearmen Infantry 3 - 3 5+ 3 60
Spearmen Infantry 3 - 3 5+ 3 60
Archers Infantry 3 1 3 6+ 3 75
Archers Infantry 3 1 3 6+ 3 75
Silver Helms Cavalry 3 - 3 4+ 3 110
Silver Helms Cavalry 3 - 3 4+ 3 110
Silver Helms Cavalry 3 - 3 4+ 3 110

Skaven 2.2 / Skaven 2.2 - 1000 of 2000 points - breakpoint : 8
Name Type Atk Rng Hit Arm Cmd Siz Pts
Grey Seer General +2 - 9 1 130
Hero Hero +1 - 8 1 70
Warlock Wizard - - 6 1 30
Clanrats Infantry 3 - 3 6+ 3 40
Clanrats Infantry 3 - 3 6+ 3 40
Clanrats Infantry 3 - 3 6+ 3 40
Clanrats Infantry 3 - 3 6+ 3 40
Plague Monks Infantry 5 - 3 - 3 70
Plague Monks Infantry 5 - 3 - 3 70
Rat Swarms Infantry 2 - 3 - 3 25
Rat Swarms Infantry 2 - 3 - 3 25
Rat Swarms Infantry 2 - 3 - 3 25
Rat Swarms Infantry 2 - 3 - 3 25
Rat Swarms Infantry 2 - 3 - 3 25
Rat Swarms Infantry 2 - 3 - 3 25
Rat Ogres Infantry 4 - 4 5+ 3 110
Rat Ogres Infantry 4 - 4 5+ 3 110
Warp LightCannon Artillery 1 D6 2 - 1 50
Warp LightCannon Artillery 1 D6 2 - 1 50

Deployment was as follows:

Gary setup a brigade of 4 spearmen on the, his 2 archers in the centre with his 2 commanders between.
I opted for a brigade consisting of a unit of rat swarm in row formation backed up with a column of clanrats, a column of rat ogres and a column of clanrats, backed up by a unit of plague monks on the left flank.
A brigade similar to the one above but with the plague monks and an additional unit of swarm to the left.
The final unit of swarm was placed centrally for shielding manoeuvres.
I then had my lightning cannons as separate brigades protected by a rat swarm unit to the wrapped around the flanks and rear, one on the left flank and the other place centrally.
We rolled for who would go first and Gary went first.
His wizard easily commanded his spearmen to move and hold the first objective but then failed a second order.

The General ordered the Archers forward.

The Elf General then ordered the silvers helms to begin the advance into the skaven hordes. http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f364/mickmarriott/Warmaster%20Battle%20Report1/DSCN6087.jpg
Again Gary chose to keep his lines quite ordered.
Here the silver helms approach the cave.
There was no shooting or magic so it was over to me.
First off I ordered my left hand cannon forward with my warlock and managed to do so to get them into position for the next turns moving and shooting.
The warlock then proceeded to make a further successful command on my left hand infantry block to get them up through the field.
In the centre my hero ordered forward the central cannon brigade, but then failed the second order.
Now the Grey Seer ordered forward the rat/plague monk brigade to claim objective 3.
He also ordered the right hand infantry block forward in preparation for seizing the central objective but then failed the second command.

The village is ours 

There was no shooting or magic so it was on to turn 2.
The High Elf Mage gave 2 successful commands to move the spearmen brigade into & through the field ready to take the brunt of the rat hordes attack.
He then attempted to order the archers to move into range and promptly failed.
The General then commanded the Silver helms to charge into the right hand Infantry block, only the front 2 units could make leaving the third loitering near the central objective.
Which they promptly did and smashed into the awaiting rat swarms.
Again no shooting and the elf mage was busy twiddling his thumbs so forgot to attempt any spells.
The combat was very uneven with the silver helms wiping out the swarm unit in the first round but the swarm killing 1 stand.

The helms then advanced into the awaiting 3 units.
They managed to inflict a massive 8 hits all of which bypassed the Skaven armour.
The Skaven returning the favour killed causing 6 wounds.

Which with support meant the elves where pushed back.
In the final round the Skaven managed to all but destroy the 2 units (1 stand left).
But not before they had completely wiped out the Skaven brigade.
The silver helms redeployed facing the ruins.

Now over to the Grey Seer to finally sort these Elves out.
The warlock tried to move the right hand infantry block forward and failed.
The Hero tried to move the Central Warp Cannon and failed.
Things were not looking good.
The Grey Seer took charge and moved the rat swarm forward to block the charge of the full unit of silver helms whilst the plague monks engaged the lone stand stranded near to the ruins.

To make amends for his shocking command style the grey seer cast plague on the spearmen unit facing him. Out of the six attacks 4 hit and 1 wounded.
The left hand cannon could not see anyone to shoot at and the infantry seemed to like it in the field.
Next up the central cannon fired on the spearmen.
Ever since I started collecting these armies I have been itching to try this artillery out.
It didn’t disappoint I rolled a 5 and of those 4 hit and three wounded.
Because of Gary’s strange formation this pushed the 2 units back out of the field, leaving the remaining 2 units flank wide open.
The plague monk combat ended as expected b the silver helms being destroyed with no wounds returned.
The High Elf Mage had an astounding round and moved the 2 units that had been driven back straight into combat with the central cannon.
He also moved the archers onto the central objective.
The general finished off by moving the remaining silver helms down onto the lower objective, but failed to command them into combat against the rat swarm they faced.
Luckily (for the Skaven) he had forgotten to hold the objective closest to his deployment zone otherwise the game may have been over quickly.
Again the mage decided it was beneath him to cast spells and the archers had no visible targets.

Onto the combat phase.
As would be expected the Spearmen made mincemeat of the cannon and rat swarm brigade.
But lost a stand in the process and took more than 2 turns so not having the range to hit the left hand infantry’s rear, re-deployed ready for the next turn.
It looked like the Skaven’s number was up.
So the warlock ordered the left hand plague monks to wheel. Then promptly failed to get them into combat.
The hero failed to move the front block of infantry.
The Grey Seer was most upset so ordered the right hand plague monks into the rear of the silver helms followed by the rat swarm into the front.
He also ordered the remaining right hand swarm onto the central objective.
No Magic was successfully cast and the shooting was poor.
The remaining cannon rolled a 1 then did 1 hit against itself.
The combat went as predicted and the helms were forced back into the rats and were destroyed, they did manage to take a stand of plague monks with them.
The monks re-deployed to support the rats in the centre.
With the remaining rats staying put to claim the objective closest to their deployment zone.
At this point the game hung in the balance I needed 2 units to hit the high elf break.
There were a couple of units consisting of 1 or 2 stands.
The high elves only needed 2 units to break the Skaven and again this could be accomplished easily.
The Spearmen initiative charged the remaining cannon and swarm brigade.
The cannon hit them with stand and shoot and did 2 wounds.

Sensing the end was near the mage ordered one unit of archers towards the objective nearest his deployment zone, which he succeeded in doing and thereby at least securing 50 bonus points.
No shooting and the mage stuck to his guns and refused to cast a spell.
The combat did not go well for the elves they lost 2 stands and were driven back in exchange for the cannon and a stand of rats.
Foolishly the rats pursued into an unwinnable situation rather than retreating and letting the plague monks mop up the single stand needed to win.
The following round of combat saw the stupid rats butchered thereby granting the Elves the win.

The game was very enjoyable and quite evenly balanced.
The objectives and new scenery rules worked well.
As the Skaven general instead of getting the red mist and going for it I should have retreated and left it to the plague monks in my turn. This would have granted me the win.
I loved playing the rats and was impressed by the cannons.
So for my labours I get a mage on a command of 5 and 50 bonus points.

The high elves major failing was not to utilise their 2 most powerful tools Shooting & Magic.
A few lucky rolls ensured the held 2 objectives so they get 200 bonus points for the next game.
A magic item turned up, on an objective held by the elves.
This item was the bow of power  not good in the hands of elven archers.

Cpt. Drill
28-06-2008, 11:04
A nice battle report! I always enjoy reading other peoples endevour...

It will be nice to see some more especially when you get the bigger less table clothey look going on. One of my favourite things about warmaster are the smaller battles that always take place on the extreme flanks!

Hope to see some more battles coming up soon!

By the way what are the other armies taking part and what do all the army lists stand at post game?

01-07-2008, 22:35
just read through and saw all the pics

very nice!

wish i could play with any regularity

11-11-2008, 20:21
Wow! Cool! Just read it all. I'm new to Warmaster, and I find it superlicious! Real army battles!) Got my first Empire models painted, maybe I'll make a blog) Great bat rep looking forward for more.