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26-06-2008, 22:18
On the specialist Games website there is an article about all the specialist games eventually having some of their line being repackaged into blisters.
Blood Bowl is the first to be getting the treatment.

From speaking with Jervis we discovered they wanted more of a push of SGames in stores and they would be doing this soon.

So come July when the first blisters (packs of 4 players, or gobin weapon models for example) are released, i assume we'll see these in stores.

It just seems odd we haven't had a mention of this in White Dwarf at all..
I was hoping that a push like this would not only increase sales and therefore players in my area, but also allow GW to see the income SG's have and give those systems more support.

Any thoughts from anyone?

the anti santa
28-06-2008, 15:02
I just hope that they do sensible booster blisters to help you complete a team.

Some races use few linemen whilst others use lots, also you often get all of a certain positional you'll need in 1 boxed set. For instance the high elf team gives you 2 dragon, 2 lion, 1 phoenix and 7 linemen. So their booster should have 2 lion, 1 phoenix and 1 lineman in it rather than 1 dragon, 1 lion, 1 phoenix and 1 lineman.

I hope they'll go back to selling all the star players as well.

28-06-2008, 15:49
Jervis mentioned star players getting blisters.
but so far the website hasn't (though not much of everything).

Thats the thing i was worrying about. that you'll end up buying these blisters and getting stuck with a load of extras you didn't want.
Depends on the size of the blisters, maybe small blisters of two or three would be best..
the human one could be 3 linemen, then one that has a thrower catcher blitzer mix

28-06-2008, 22:59
The contents of the booster blisters have been discussed with GW by the Blood Bowl Rules Committee and Dave Downes, president of the NAF - so the boosters should contain what you need to turn the 12 player box sets into sensible full 16 player teams. Some teams are going to be tricky (Nurgle especially) so they probably won't get boosters. First up is supposed to be the goblin secret weapons as they're used as roster players.

Check TalkBloodBowl for more info...


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