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26-06-2008, 21:42
OK, so here's my log of general buisniess!
First out, C&C are always welcome, as long as it confers anything (not; "this is great!" or "this sucks!")

i thougth I'd try to post pics and write a bit about my current projects, which is going in (very) irregular random speeds. Here's a list of my Want to do's; Doing's and Done's, Updated as I go along:

Nurgle HoC Army - somewhat on ice, since the new army book is coming out this fall (No 3 godforgotten pages in white dwarf is not an army book. Even GW management get more coverage than that)
currently working on:
5 Knights of Nurgle
Nurglified chariot
10 warhounds

Grape Marines - My first and foremost army, the SM. They never, ever tend to get finished, there's always something to add
FW Dreadnaught
Drop pod

Nugle Mortals - I like green, sharply. And I like nurgle. every now and then, I model something nurglish, and hopefully I'll get an army out in the end

Imperial Guard - Somewhere in time I'll make these...

First post saved for law and order in thread.

26-06-2008, 22:28
Ok, so I've been working on this nurgly cha(m)p for a galdiator game (AoD) in my Local store this monday... Here comes some images of the primed model and the first few layers. sorry for poor quality. I plan on fixing that by getting myself a new camera next month.

I'm thinking of buying myself a dread from forgeworld as they are sweet and beyond. The plasma cannon is the best looking gun I'd say, and one of the better ones as well. anyone knows if it's going to be in the new codex?

29-06-2008, 17:57
have been working a bit on a nurgle chariot, based on; NOT A CORPSE CHARIOT although that is sure to come as well


I thougt I'd put the champion of nurgle on the roof (which is coming on later) as some kind of crew. And for this one, I'll have a pestigor dragging the cart. Not that much nurglings, since they are expensive and... Yes, expensive and small
I'll work on it during the evening and post tomorrow if I get the time

30-06-2008, 12:54
The Nurgle chariot looks interesting won't a pestigor be a little weak to lug that thing around? Maybe have the pestigor upper torso and green stuff a slug like lower body, or something nurgly.

30-06-2008, 15:37
I have to agree with Slaaaaanesh (enuf "a"s?...), a pestigor might be a bit weak. Maybe get a beast of nurgle to pull it? Reposition its head so it faces forward, and u'd be good to go i think.

As for your painting of the gladiator, I think you have to thin your paints a little with water and maybe try a few adding a few more layers. Looking good though.

01-07-2008, 09:28
thanks for the replies
@slaaaaaaanesh: I first wanted a beast of nurgle, but they were too large, they simply wouldn't fit on the base. so I have to go with something man sized.

@Nightsword: Iknow what you mean, and I try to paint wet layers all the time. I seem to fail though. My biggest problem isn't really the skill, but the lack of dicipline to actually do it... (that said, I'm nowhere near a pro). Also the beast which is my camera auto focuses and always over-exponates(see attatched pic). yes that is my ugly-**** face made even worse by the camera.

Could add that I finished 4 of 8 in the gladiator games, which I'm happy about. I had a great time (exept for this one guy which everone smote down their wrath upon) and I'll keep painting on my mini to have it complete for the painting contest; a follow up of the gladiator games.

01-07-2008, 14:37
Iknow what you mean, and I try to paint wet layers all the time. I seem to fail though. My biggest problem isn't really the skill, but the lack of dicipline to actually do it

Seriously, if you spend more time on it, it will make other things quicker in the long run. Or, change your painting style. Go a basecoat with foundations, use 1 or 2 of the new washes, 1 or 2 highlights, and maybe a glaze to finish. Seriously, its practice. Not that's there's anything wrong with your paint job, I'm just trying to motivate you lol.

yes that is my ugly-**** face made even worse by the camera.

You're not kidding... :D

Why not have two pestigors with the chains over there shoulders to pull it instead.

01-07-2008, 22:36
Update time! Today has been a good day, in terms of what i got done, I finished one (loyalist) marine and started on two others. I should warn you of my colour scheme thoughhttp://i310.photobucket.com/albums/kk428/Jagarne/3-1-1.jpg

got a little bit of work done on the chariot. will be pics of it in the next update.

Also, I need to ask: Is a sweet dreadnaught from forge world or a predator to prefer?

02-07-2008, 12:57
An idea for your chariot, what if the main body of a bloated nurgle daemon/pestigor was resting on the front third of the platform. That would allow you the space to have grotesque arms reaching forward and clawinging into the ground to drive the chariot forward.

Conversion wise, a a couple of nurgly shaped green stuff, follwed by 2-3 large clawing arms like those found on Rat ogres.

Being as Nurgle are decrepid and deseased, it would be quite fitting to have a lardy monster who won't/can't be bothered to support it's own weight.

I will shush now! :)

18-02-2011, 23:58
So yeah... Long time, no post.
Actually I went out of the hobby for a while, due to school-related issues. Recently though I visited my local GW and felt the need to paint (Imagine if that happened more than every now and then). So I got home, googled around and found Svartmetallīs thread about his plauge marine army.

Damm, that is inspiring. C:SM and started sketching on a competative list. Now, I mean top tier competative (and borderland-cheezy. Or make that definately cheezy) because I find that the fluffy and plainy fun models I want to get and paint anyway.
So here's the draft;

2* deamon prince. MoS, lash.
1 unit of chosen (thinking 7, but unsure) 4*meltas, rhino. Maybe a fist?
3 (at least) units of 7 plauge marines, 2*plasmas and asp with PF and combi-flamer in each. Also, everybody mounted in a rhino.

6-9 obliterators.

I know it's not the most fun to play against, but I feel that I want a rock solid core, so that I can experiment with them fun-zies without being bent over and probed.
Also; I'm scratchbuilding the obliterators - And not using chaos termies - and ideas are welcome.
...Which is true for basic marines as well...

Oh, and lastly. I'm going with a very infested theme and using loyalist-marines and GS to do this (as seen on the old marine), and it's actually working out. There's a pretty cool admiral akbar-marine that I'll take a pic of and paint.

/End of badly organized post.