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26-10-2005, 23:17
Okay, I know that there already is a thread for the KGB, but after noting that another 15 pages odd had added since I last visited Warseer, I realised that the thread is only filling half of what it promised, a clubhouse. This thread is specifically only for posting details. Chat in the other one, details here. This will mean that people can actually find people rather than trying to sift through that 70+ pages of sometimes irrelevant, sometimes amusing banter. If people feel strongly that this thread should not exist though, then I will remove it.
Also if you want to contact someone about something, PM them rather than here. Thank you.

Play @: SAMWC
Armies: Sons of Lion, Orks, Necrons, Eldar (WIP)
Empire, Dwarves, Dogs of War (WIP)
Warmaster Empire
Necromunda Delaques
Warhammer Quest
LotR Minas Tirith and Goblins
Munchkin in all its forms
And am now dabbling in WHFRP and DD thanks to LL

27-10-2005, 02:32
Good idea. Anyways on with the details...

Play @: "Hammerheadz" Nelson wargaming club
Armies: Necrons, Imperial Guard, Empire, Orcs n' Goblins, Vampire Counts, Skaven, Tomb Kings

I'm also dabblign in a bit of a Necromunda/Kill-Team hyrbid a guy at my club came up with.

15-04-2009, 05:17
Hey guys!

A new club in Auckland is starting up this Sunday (the 19th!), we'd love it if you came along.

Our venue is the Remuera Commerce Club. http://www.commerceclub.co.nz/ When you come in the entrance, go to the rear end of the main building. At the far end of the carpark is where you are aiming for(when you come in the main entrance, turn right, follow it up into the large car park, then turn left - our entrance is around there). We have a bar with food and drinks if you feel like having some post match deconstruction.
The forums will have regular updates, so check them regularly.
Thanks, and have fun at the club!

Our website: http://www.eastaucklandelites.freeforums.org/

The venue is huge, ample parking and we will have a hopefully around six tables running games. We will be gaming from 2-8pm at this rate, I will update this post if anything changes that! We hope to meet once or twice (or even more!) a month, depending on numbers. Gaming day will be Sundays.