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27-10-2005, 17:18
What do people think of MSU bret armies (so 6 man units, or 5-man+characters)? Are they seen as over-powered? I'm interested in making my Bret army into an MSU one, but I'd want to know if this is scorned on. I know my regular bret army is a bit too good for the points I pay. You can beat it, but it requires little skill for me to win. It's got 4 9-strong knightly units, with archers and a small unit of pegasus knights.

Also, are MSU Bret armies more interesting to play with? I've tried it a few times, but I just ended up slamming two knightly units into the front ranks as opposed to one.:eyebrows:


30-10-2005, 23:35
I think if your bored of the slap units in and overrun! Then MSU will be no better, why not try maybe going for some peasent blocks or a grail unit for a change,

But the way just followed the link on your sig and is pretty freaky as middle of night and am abit drunk lol

Shield of Freedom
02-11-2005, 07:08
I play Bretonnia, but uh... I've never heard of the MSU army. What does that stand for?

Sir Jadon Claymore
02-11-2005, 08:32
MSU = Multiple Small Units

21-11-2005, 21:59
I recently started playing my Errantry list as MSU. at 2000 points, I'm running 6 units of 6-model errant units includining a BSB and 2 damsels. Add a lord on a pegasus, 2 units of 3 PKs and 2 units of 5 mounted yoemen and you have a whole bunch of trouble you can cause.

04-12-2005, 12:15
Does anyone object to MSU Bret armies any more than your bog-standard 90% knight bret army?

Does anyone find it more fun to play with a bret MSU army than with a 'normal' knightly Bret army?

I ask, because my usual Bret army is fairly boring to play with/against and is imo unbalanced. I want to have fun and fair games with it, without having to splash out on lots of new models.


04-12-2005, 14:43
The Brets are just boring army thats it - and no thay arent overpowered - think of it if you are charging from less than 8" you only have 3s ... oh wait sorry we have to wait for 7ed to make that happen - but then :skull: all those half brain bret players ( i'm not saying that even majority of bret players are dum :D - only that there are more - "just move them 16" till thay make contact" players amongst the brets than any other army ) will change armys and cry thayir sorry asses out :D

The new rule will change this - you will have to acctrualy time your charge and not only think about not beeing charged - and this will give brets extra dimension - go GW :D

Brother Edwin
04-12-2005, 15:38
I use a brett list with 4 units of 9 errants, 2 units of 6 errants and 4 units of 3 pegasi. Only played 3 games with it but it seems good if you can get it right, much better than normal bretts. Whenever playing against brett players I always ask "how many lances". The size or quality are errelevent.

04-12-2005, 23:09
Until you add blocks of infantry, Bret armies are going to be the same one-deminsional army that you presented. No matter if you go MSU or Errantry list or Flying Circus you are going to be bored after a short time IMO.

If you are looking for a new and multi-dimensional Bret army, get foot troops. :)