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09-07-2008, 11:35
I finally got myself a digicam. And since painting stuff only to put it on my shelf to collect dust doesn't really inspire me to paint, I decided to share some of my stuff and hopefully get some useful commentary, too.

To start it off, here's two miniatures I managed to finish just a few days ago. If someone wonders, they're men transformed into some sort of genderless insectoid gladiators for the french game Hell Dorado. Don't ask for fluff info please, the game is in french and I have no idea.


I'm pretty pleased with how the skin turned out. I thought the nets they are carrying looked a little plain after I took the pics, so I added in a final highlight. Much better now. As for the bases, they'll eventually get some patches of static grass painted brownish, like it's dried up/dead/whatever. They are supposed to be in hell after all, don't want to make it look too cheery.

These guys were also my second try with the new GW washes, I think the stuff works fine even when you don't want to just slosh the wash all over the mini, call it quits and go game.

Magos Explorator
09-07-2008, 16:23
Best plog title ever. :) I like the skin on the models; are you painting any GW stuff?

09-07-2008, 21:02
Thanks, glad you like them. :)

You bet there'll be some GW stuff in here too. However, I can be a lazy painter at times and get bored painting similar stuff over and over, so it'll mostly be Specialist Games. Doesn't help one bit that my army of choice is Orcs & Goblins, meaning my 49 finished miniatures add up to...300 points of troops and one shaman. Ouch.

I'll be posting some more finished things in the days to come, to get this thread properly started. In the meantime, here's a group shot of my orcy Blood Bowl team. I put the pic in as a link this time because it'll cause horizontal scroll bars of doom due to its wideness.


The paintwork's done, but I still need to figure out how I want to finish those bases. Probably adding in a fair amount of static grass, with maybe a white line on a base or two. Don't want to get overboard with those.

10-07-2008, 00:01
Nice bugmen thingies, flesh tones are nice.
Looks like they have their butts stiched up!?! must make them exta angry . . .
More of a painter than gamer? Have you done any Dark age (http://http://www.dark-age.com/main.php)minis? they have some cool/strange models that I would like to paint up one day.

Bugbait out.

10-07-2008, 07:33
Great thread title- if a little misleading!!;)
Nice work on the bugthings- very good start- interesting to see how this progresses..

10-07-2008, 09:03
They don't only have their rear ends stitched up, but also have their genitalia removed and the front end stiched up. It's a little small, but it does show in the first picture.

I do have a few Dark Age miniatures that I originally bought for my 40k chaos army (for which I've got two miniatures half-painted, that project isn't exactly progressing rapidly) but they're still in my box of unassembled minis. I do get in games every now and then though, so I mostly try to paint stuff I can use for those occasions. Especially since I decided not to play with unpainted miniatures, that just doesn't look cool enough.

As for today, I've got pics of my fantasy orcs for you. Did them in a 'tale of x gamers' kind of thing that only progressed to 300 points. Played small games with warbands rules in which they caused much havoc - in one game the main orc unit squabbled three turns out of four, while the squigs pulled off some rather heroic moves and ate the opponent's army by themselves, leaving only a few peasants and small pieces of bretonnian plate mail on the field. I liked the unreliability, one could always count on something going wrong and that was loads of fun.

Here are the lads, they're done in a (somewhat) quick and sloppy way. Can't get too fiddly with them, I have hundreds of the little blighters to paint after all. Ignore the rather sad movement trays I hurriedly made before the games, I'll construct proper ones our of plasticard when I get the whole regiments painted.


Yeeees, I did paint in pupils on every single miniature, including the snotlings. Too much time on my hands, I suppose.

And a few unforgiving closeups...


I love the grin on this last guy. I have bunches of the 4th-5th edition squigs and command groups in my army, I think they have lots of character and great facial expressions.

10-07-2008, 09:49
Like the orcs. Nice freehand on the banner.


10-07-2008, 12:24
I'm not sure if anyone viewing this thread noticed it, but I signed up for the tale of 40k painters, as motivation to get some stuff finished. It starts next month, but as I've never painted a Battlefleet Gothic ship before, I decided to do one now as a test, so I won't be totally unprepared when the tale starts. Had some spare cruisers around, so I managed to whip this one up this morning.


A rough and dirty drybrush job with the red areas, no fancy-shmancy techniques. ;) These are so full of surface detail I'd probably have popped a vein trying to paint them in a regular fashion. And drybrushing just picks out that detail beautifully. Wasn't originally going to paint in the windows, but they do add a lot of life to the model. I'm going to vary that bone pattern on the hull for the different ships, so the fleet'll look more chaotic, while still looking like they belong together. As for the paint scheme, I got that from those two half-painted chaos minis I mentioned. Here they are in case you're interested.


Wanted them to look unaligned, yet fit in alongside troops of any god without looking grossly out of place. So brownish red armour with bone rims and white guns/details it was. When I get around to it, I'm going to paint my epic chaos marines like this, too. Just in case someone decides to run a campaign where all three rulesets are used in the conquest of a solar system. That'd be awesome.

11-07-2008, 15:32
Painted up an imperial cruiser too, I'm fairly confident about finishing two 2000p fleets. Although that imperial cruiser had far more surface detail, making it pretty annoying to paint and it didn't turn out as good as the chaosy one. Ah well. I'll post it if someone wants to see it, more of them will be featured in the tale of 40k painters when it starts.

But today, I want to post some more Hell Dorado stuff, 'cause I like them and they're different. I don't know about you, but I'm sick of seeing threads full of space marines. :p Here's my damned of pride. If someone wonders, nope, won't get rid of the gloss on the skinned parts, I like it that way. Was my first try doing rust, I think the rust itself looks okay, but I need to think more about where to apply it. That rusty part around the hole on the blade is fine, since I think that's where rust would build up, but the big smear I'm not so sure about. Not that I'll bother to go back and fix it since I've got far too many models needing attention, just something to think about in the future. And bases are unfinished, like with the bugmen from the first post. I'm planning on finishing them all in one go in the future. Hate opening that bag of static grass. It gets all over the place.


Plus a closeup. Left the pupils out on purpose, for a more demonic look.


And again some clickables too wide for the forums. They were taken before I registered, I promise I'll resize them to fit from now on. ;) They're 200 point (the regular game size) Hell Dorado armies, one for each of the three demonic commanders, featuring almost all minis I've painted for the game. Wanted to take them because I like army pics. Might be a bit cheating, since ten miniatures is enough for a full force in that game. Of course, after taking them, I noticed the middle one is not only illegal (too many troops) but would suck a whole lot in play. That's just the painter in me arranging stuff for photos, I guess. And I even went through the trouble of making them exactly 200 points, not one point under. Bah.


If you want closeups on any minis in them, just ask.

20-07-2008, 11:25
Hmm, awfully quiet in here. Ah well. I hope it'll pick up some after I get more stuff painted. I'm currently cleaning paint from a bucketful of minis I either painted in my youth or got cheaply from eBay. Fairy power spray works well, if someone wonders what I use. Of course, the stuff is fairly powerful, meaning my skin is peeling off my fingers, making me look like I have a nasty skin disease. Then again, I've been fiddling around with the stuff for two days now. Still have seven largeish minis to clean. Bleh.

But since we're talking bad skin, here's a zombie. Everyone loves zombies. It's by Rackham, if you don't recognize it.


As for stuff to come, I've been suckered into taking care of my parents' place for a week. Just a tv to keep me company and nothing to do. I mean nothing. But it's not like they ask me to do things often. As it happens, before I started with the paintremoval business, I noticed I have enough little plastic men to make around 4000 points of epic chaos marines with tzeentchian flavour and have been assembling them. So I'll take them and a painting kit with me, let's see how many of them I manage to get done in a week.

21-07-2008, 08:42
Nice BFG.

How did you do the bone on the marines? Was it sepia over white? I'm planning on doing something similar for my DW but have to decide between sepia over white or over dheneb stone.


21-07-2008, 11:12
Those Heldorado miniatures are so hideously French! Stitched-up genitals? WTF?

But it's great to see more BFG. I keep meaning to get mine down out of the attic. Might have a crack at some on Wednesday...


21-07-2008, 16:05
Nice BFG.

Thanks! Not too long before tale of 40k painters starts, then there'll be plenty more. Speaking of that, I'd better nab some of those minis with me too when I'll be gone. Plenty of time to paint then.

How did you do the bone on the marines? Was it sepia over white? I'm planning on doing something similar for my DW but have to decide between sepia over white or over dheneb stone.

Nope, the marines were painted a year or two ago, before the new washes. They were done with bleached bone, a flesh wash, a chestnut wash, then highlighted back to bleached bone. The champion had some more attention due to the bone armour and was given some brown wash in the deepest crevices and an additional bleached bone + white highlight on the highest points.

However, I did try out the new washes on the styx. It's done otherwise similarly (bone, two washes, bone, bone+white), but I used sepia and ogryn flesh wash instead of the older flesh and chestnut washes. There's a slight but noticeable difference though, the marines are slightly more yellow and vibrant than the BFG ship.

But it's great to see more BFG. I keep meaning to get mine down out of the attic. Might have a crack at some on Wednesday...

It's a great game. Sadly not many play it, which is why I decided to start painting two fleets at once. Then I can borrow one pretty, fully-painted fleet to a friend and force them to try it out. :angel:

Math Mathonwy
22-07-2008, 06:43
But since we're talking bad skin, here's a zombie. Everyone loves zombies. It's by Rackham, if you don't recognize it.
Groovy skin tones - love the blue and purple bits, subtle but works great!

23-07-2008, 19:19
Hey, I have a question. Remember when I said I had that imperial cruiser painted? Well, I painted another test scheme. I'd like to get some feedback on them to help me pick one. Although I kind of do have my favourite already. But I'm not telling you which one it is, to keep things fair. ;)

So, here you go:

What do you think? Ideas on how to make them better? Remember, they've got lots of surface and I need to paint a bunch of them, so nothing too fancy.

And that's not all for today, I also have a sneak peek on upcoming stuff. I managed to assemble those chaos minis (about 4500 points) I talked about and the orks for the first part of the tale of 40k painters. Here's what I'm bringing along for the week I'm away. Hopefully I'll still have time to sand the bases before I leave on tuesday, so I won't have to drag sand and glue with me.


Want to bet on how many I'll manage to finish in a week? Looks like a monumental task, hopefully I won't come back empty-handed.

ancient god
23-07-2008, 21:35
Wow, that skinned HellDorado guy is scary... good work on the face!

I'd say go for the lower scheme. The main colour is great with the bluish metals. Also, it makes me think of caramel candy. :D

The first one'd look great too if you did it up as nicely as the candy ship. Seems you rushed that one a bit.


24-07-2008, 09:18
Seems you rushed that one a bit.

Yeah, I was sloppy. Didn't help that after I did the highlights, I noticed the shadows were too bright and darkened them up some. With the old brown wash quickly and messily applied. Well, you see the result. :p And rushing shows up more on bright schemes. Anyhow, I've picked out the prow torpedo tubes on the candy ship a bit better, since after taking the picture I noticed they look a bit cruddy. Silly big pictures that show all the flaws better than real life. Grr. I also washed the yellow lights with the new red wash, since I thought they looked a tad plain. So no need to point those out, already fixed 'em.

And finally thanks to everyone who's complimenting my stuff, it's always a nice read. :)

ancient god
24-07-2008, 09:31
Hehe, I hear you on the picture problem... :)

I just came back here and thought the Caramel Cruiser would look cool with some blue marking on it. Like a narrow blue band alng the spine or down the flank. Would go nicely with the blueish metals.
Other than that, it still makes me hungry. Honestly, I see it and have to go eat something.

24-07-2008, 13:23
I wonder what'd happen to you if I painted an entire fleet in the caramel theme, then. ;)

But yeah, it does look a bit plain. Although when looking at the real model it isn't an issue, since it's far smaller than in the pic. I'm trying to avoid using too many colours on these to avoid making them look too hodgepodge on the tabletop. More highly contrasting colours, like the bone and red on the chaos ships and the white and darkish brown, to make them quickly recognizable. I have another mini in which the bone/gold works well (I'll post a picture of it later on, so you'll see what I mean), but on this imperial ship they kind of blend in too much from afar.

But if I do go for the caramel theme (ack, the name's stuck now), I'll definitely paint in some squadron markings in a different colour for the smaller ships.

Math Mathonwy
24-07-2008, 13:38
Yeah, the caramel is much better painted, certainly. OTOH considering your Chaos scheme (red with some bone) making the Imperial ones something other than bone with some red is probably a good idea. And the caramel really is very nicely done. Though I must say that the creamier one has nicer engine exhausts with the details being cream and not just all metal like on the caramel.

24-07-2008, 14:03
Darn, I though no one would notice I was lazy with the exhausts. :angel: But I do agree, they're a bit boring. What should I do with them?

a) Paint the rims caramel, like the rest of the ship.
b) Pick out the parts close to the hull in black, like on the bone ship.
c) Both.

I'm leaning towards either a) or b) due to speed issues. Although I can be convinced otherwise.

Oh, and here's the bone/gold thingie that I mentioned in my previous post. I suppose it works better because there's more gold, so it's not drowned out by all the bone.

And to give you a better idea of how those things actually appear in real life, here's a quick pic with bad lighting I just snapped. There's a chaos marine in it for scale. It seems the imperial ships aren't too happy about it and are trying to ram him. You might also spot the better defined torpedo tubes and less screamingly yellow lights.

Finally, I made myself an avatar. What do you guys think? It (according to the stat card it's genderless) appears in one of the picture links I gave earlier on in the thread, if you wonder where it came from. It's such a huggable mini. :)

24-07-2008, 15:09
I got bored. And as a result, here are options a) and c). Missed a few bits on the exhausts, I covered up the small metal flecks that show in the pictures.


I have to say I like option c) most, which is the bottom pic for those who don't bother to read through all my crap. ;)

ancient god
24-07-2008, 16:19
I avoid painting with such appetising paints. I don't know what would happen. :skull:

Well, onto the ships. Actually, I liked version a) best. Second comes b) and I don't fancy c) much.
Otherwise, I really like the scheme as is. The blue/whatever would just make a nice contrast.

I'd say stick with the cold metals and skip the gold for the fleet. Much nicer contrast, more visible and it gives a nice balance as it's cold opposed to the warm caramel tone.

Good thing I ate before I came in here. But still, you're making me take up BFG again. Imperial cruisers just look too cool.

24-07-2008, 22:48
Hmm, personally I'm kind of leaning towards c) to add in black as an extra colour. Maybe I should paint over the rims and do a version of b), but I'm afraid it'll look a bit too plain again. Each one is definitely an improvement over just painting the whole exhaust thingy metal.

But still, you're making me take up BFG again. Imperial cruisers just look too cool.

And it's a great game too! I have all four fleets from the main book that suffer from a serious colourlessness issue. Planning on getting more at some point, since one 2000p fleet really isn't too expensive. Or even less to begin with, since 2000p makes for quite a big game. Maybe some tyranids, converted from 40k bitz of course. But marine and necron ships are tempting too, even though I can't stand necrons in 40k. And someday I might even find someone else who plays! ;)

Oh, and I faced some serious pain today. Remember the picture with the massed epic stuff, which I'll take with me next week? Well, I sanded the bases. All of them. In one go. That's 87 bases where you have to be careful not to get the sand over teensy 6mm feet. Bleargh. At least they're done now. So that's two things (sand and glue) less to take with me. Leaves me with nothing special to do over this weekend, so maybe I'll finally get around to painting those two conversions I made some time ago.

24-07-2008, 22:53
That's 87 bases where you have to be careful not to get the sand over teensy 6mm feet. Bleargh.

I find basing a bit of a chore sometimes, you look up after having done ten or so, then realise that there still tons left to do, so well done for doing yours!

The epic scale Reaver Titan looks badd ass too! Double missile launchers thingies....WIN!

ancient god
24-07-2008, 23:07
Oh, that was supposed to read "you're making me want to take up BFG again". :angel: I sold off a rather large Eldar fleet some years ago but I've always loved the imperial cruisers. Never actually played the game much but it seemed really fun.
Maybe a new fleet coming winter... :evilgrin:

Good job on the bases! I feel your pain.

I liked the engines best when they were a big chunky block of metal. That kind of looked right to me. You could consider trying something funky like painting the whole command deck thingy black. Like you painted the belly rudder white. Not sure I'd try it myself but here's some input. ;) At least, that'd give a bit of interest without adding a new real colour. But as I said, I love the scheme as is.

Well, bed time for me. Good luck with that Epic force. :)

28-07-2008, 15:24
Well, after a few days of peace and quiet, it's update time again. And this time it's something completely random. There's this Court of Ashes army list for Confrontation I've been eyeing. It combines the undead with a bunch of blokes from the free city of Cadwallon, which is a Marienburg-like trading city for those of you who aren't into Confrontation fluff. The biggest Cadwallon representation in the Court of Ashes comes from the usurer's guild. Now, unfortunately said guild doesn't have any miniatures made (apart from the guildmaster), only stat cards. So, what's a player to do? Convert his own, of course!

The card for one troop type looks like this:

Now, Rackham's whole bits range doesn't have anything like that. So I nicked some GW miniatures and glued Rackham blades on them. Hands are sculpted by yours truly, which is why they look like crap. Hopefully it's not too noticeable when I don't point it out to everyone. Anyhow, here's the end result. The base blue I used turned out glossy, I'll need to varnish them to kill those shiny flecks in the shadows. Happened once before with black, due to not shaking the bottle furiously enough, I suppose. Shook the blue some more today and tested it out, works fine now. Oh well. I kinda like how the weapons aren't huge and oversized, these guys look like they might actually be entertaining people on the streets of Cadwallon, or even some Warhammer city.


Again, after viewing the far too big pictures, I noticed skullface's belt looks a bit bad from behind. Toned down the too harsh highlights. And with this, I now have a grand total of three Cadwallon minis painted! At least Court of Ashes can use undead too, so I have 200 points minus the character that's still without paint. Not that anyone plays Confrontation anymore. Heh.

Well, I'm off tomorrow morning. Will be back in a week, with (hopefully) lots and lots of epic stuff finished, plus a few surprise minis that just managed to fit in my makeshift miniatures case, if I have time to paint anything after the 6mm horde. If you all behave nicely and comment while I'm gone, I promise to put in a pic with boobs, yay! No, not my own. That's just creepy. :p I mean a mini.

05-08-2008, 19:03
No comments? None at all? Grr. Some punishment is in order. :mad:

So, boobs!


Take that, daemonette lovers. Another Hell Dorado demon, for those of you who wonder. Anyhow, just got back from my one week 'trip'. Did I finish painting everything I took with me? Ha ha ha, no, of course not. Had a surprising amount of things to do, so I only had proper painting time on friday-sunday. Finished up the undivided part of the chaos guys, which is about half of what I brought with me. Still have the tzeentchians and the tale of 40k painter orks left. Although I did undercoat them and paint the bases. And even better, I managed to get a near-complete epic tyranid army for cheap. As for the stuff I finished, I'll post pics of them later on, maybe tomorrow or thursday at the very latest. I'm still tired and have a week's worth of topics to catch up with. :p

05-08-2008, 19:11
Dunno which is more disturbing -the clowns or mr boobs there- both pretty freaky! Nice work though- I like the demon- great work with soft tones for the skin and that tongue is vile- well done!

06-08-2008, 11:01
Thanks! Here's the epic stuff...

The whole lot I painted last weekend. Undercoat and bases (for all, not just these) took one day, red and white bits another, bone and metals the third.

Chaos marines, they come in squads of eight with a character or four without. Just took a closer pic of the supreme commander's formation, they all look alike. And yes, you get fed up with painting shoulder pad rims for a hundred teensy marines. Wasn't crazy enough to paint the leg rims, at least.

A chosen formation with obliterators. I use sorcerers to lead all non-khornate formations, for that macro firefight attack. And supreme commanders of course, which can't be sorcerers.

And a bunch of land raiders for fire support or transporting stuff. I use the older sculpts for chaos tanks. They look suitably old. Besides, I'm too lazy to convert anything smaller than a titan, I let my painting do the talking.

06-08-2008, 11:14

Converted some defilers, as they don't have minis of their own. They were mainly made for Lost and Damned, in which they can move around in formations of their own. In the chaos marine list they are unit upgrades and come in a 75 point package of obnoxious, horrendous suckage. But I had them assembled so I thought I'd paint them with the others. And maybe someone I play with will let me field them in separate formations, in which they're pretty neat. Other than that, it seems the gods of chaos are now in my camera too, as I took all these eight pics in one go and this one got all yellowy. Strange.

And finally a bunch of random stuff. Four drop pods, two icon bearers in case I want the upgrade, two dreadnoughts.

Took closeups of the character stands too.

And finally for those not into epic, here's your friendly neighbourhood scale comparison marine.

Whew. Of course, when I was buying those epic tyranids, I also got my hands on some other old epic stuff, including...more chaos. It never ends! I suppose I'll be adding to these soonish, so they'll have more options to pick in play. But before that, I probably need to get started on my three tale of 40k armies sooner rather than later.

07-08-2008, 18:35
Well, today I had a game of Epic. 3000 points, with my chaos marines. With only 1500 points of my planned army painted and yesterday with nothing to do resulted in a painting frenzy. Here's what I came up with. And remember, they were done in one day. Apart from the flamers, which I did this morning.

First of all, thousand sons. Used regular marines for these, as they're just blokes in sealed-up armour and no mutations nowadays. And they're cheaper. Nyah.

Disc riders. Or count as raptors in a tzeentchian theme.

More land raiders. This time in eyehurting tzeentchian colours.

Tzeentchian aircraft. Counts as whatever the generic aircraft is called, which cost a lot from Forge World and are too big.

07-08-2008, 18:37
Aaaand one feral titan, pimped up in a tzeentchian style, plus flamers.

I'll write a short battlereport with a few pics later on, I'll post a link to it then.

07-08-2008, 19:11
WOW this is a thread of pure win!!!1 :D

Your epic stuff is really really really cute. But you don't use the epic bases, why not? (I'm not sure if it even matters, I don't play it and have only seen it being played twice ;))

07-08-2008, 20:01
Thanks. :) Epic allows you to use any base you want for infantry, as long as it's at least 20mm across and no more than 40mm or less than 5mm in any direction. Official bases are 20x20mm and 40x10mm. So no, it doesn't matter, round ones are equally legal. But as to why I use round ones, I just like their look better. Titans and fliers are on round bases anyway, so this way the whole army looks more unified. Which is a good thing when painting stuff of different gods with different colour schemes. And you can do annoying things during a game with the 40x10mm ones, moving them so the side faces the enemy, meaning you get more guys in range than the enemy do via somewhat questionable fiddling. These won't allow that kind of stuff. Oh, and as a bonus, these won't properly fit five guys per base, meaning I'll get more out of rare minis like tyranids. :angel:

They don't have holes to put the miniatures into though, so it's a bit more work. My upcoming ork horde will therefore not be on round bases, as I'd probably go crazy at some point. ;)

Oh, and I posted the report. Linky. http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=156701

Image links didn't work properly in it unlike here in my thread. Ah well.

07-08-2008, 20:06
Amazing really, GW being nitpicky about from where on a model to measure range, line of sight and base sizes in regular 40k.. while in epic they let it slide :D

Maybe I should try and get into epic at some point, pushing titans around would be pretty cool (and as I'm an Apocalypse hater..) Cool battle report too, keep it up :)

07-08-2008, 20:30
I wholeheartedly recommend it! Epic (and most other Specialist Games) are great, especially when compared to the main games. Sadly, they're not too supported due to bringing in less revenue.

As for Apocalypse, I consider the whole idea flawed. Aircraft, titans and even bigger armies in a game that's already hugely expensive, then pushing them around one by one, spending ages to paint them (or just dipping, in which case you could just buy pre-paints) and having the battlefield full of miniatures, so you can't really manouvre or do anything else smart. 28mm should be for neato skirmish games, or at least have movement trays. On the other hand, I do wish I had enough money to buy an apocalypse-sized force. ;)

07-08-2008, 23:34
I cant believe those guys at the top one page has there asses sewn together :wtf:
Nice painting though!

07-08-2008, 23:36
I'm lovin' the Epic stuff! The round bases are a great idea!

09-08-2008, 17:25
Well, I've been busy painting my tale of 40k painters orks. Don't worry in case you're not watching those threads (they're pretty long), I'll post pics of them once they're finished over here as well.

But to break up the sea of green a little, I painted a Lord of Change for my tzeentchy forces. Wanted to avoid the traditional blue scheme and make him stand out a little next to the rest of the army. So here he is.

Oh, and I already neatened up the wings. Silly camera really brings out all the bad bits. Doesn't help I have something of a history getting bored with painting feathers, I hate them. :p

Mr Feral
09-08-2008, 17:52
I'm loving the Epic Chaos, the round bases and the cohesive paint jobs are awesome!

Excellent work on the Lord of Change too, the colour scheme makes a nice change. Are we going to see more from your Epic Orks soon? :)

Magos Explorator
09-08-2008, 18:23
I really like the skin and beak tones on that Lord of Change. It's a great model and hard to get hold of at non-ridiculous prices now; I had one about a decade ago but sadly threw it away at some point!

09-08-2008, 20:11
Yup, there'll definitely be more epic orks to be seen, as I'm painting 4000p of them for tale of 40k painters. I'm currently painting basic boys, pics of a stand will be up in the tale thread when they're done. The whole formation will be posted in there and this thread only after the month is up, due to the spirit of the tale. Of course, if I get bored, I might paint a formation or two that aren't part of the 4000p army. :angel: Although I do have some unassembled chaos stuff and there's the tyranids I got... And then there are other games too, decisions, decisions.

I hear you on the old model issue, Magos. It's pretty sad how getting a proper tyranid or chaos army can be really luck-based nowadays, unless you've got far too much cash and a willingness to spend it on old, overpriced miniatures. I myself am still missing two Subjugator titans for my chaos forces and have pretty much given up hope for getting them at a decent cost on eBay. And one could probably get a new car for the cost it takes to start a tyranid army from scratch. ;) I wish GW gave epic some proper support with miniatures for those two. The other Specialist Games have no serious lack of miniatures after all. Even though the bitz loss greatly hampered Blood Bowl and Necromunda.

11-08-2008, 12:06
Nice to see you finally getting a lot of minis done, and the title is a huge overstatement. Partly, the minis are still perfectly good. Now get back to painting those orcs, they look gorgeous, a horde army painted like that...Wow.

11-08-2008, 12:40
I love this blog! So many unique minis!

*scribble* scribble*


11-08-2008, 21:29
Thanks! Here's another Hell Dorado mini for you to look at. Yes, that thingie trailing off behind it is an umbilical cord. They've even gone so far as to sculpt male bits between its legs. And no, you won't get a closeup. ;)


But those orcs, those orcs... I've been thinking about painting some more of them, but somehow I can never muster enough energy to get started. I think Epic has spoiled me a little, it's so much faster to paint in 6mm! One idea would be to still quickly go join the tale of fantasy painters, but I'm not sure I can manage that on top of the 40k stuff. Besides, if I exhaust myself with them, that would leave less random chaos for this thread. :angel:

12-08-2008, 07:57
But those orcs, those orcs... I've been thinking about painting some more of them, but somehow I can never muster enough energy to get started. I think Epic has spoiled me a little, it's so much faster to paint in 6mm! One idea would be to still quickly go join the tale of fantasy painters, but I'm not sure I can manage that on top of the 40k stuff. Besides, if I exhaust myself with them, that would leave less random chaos for this thread. :angel:

Point taken, just get something done, preferably from the same army as the others :D

12-08-2008, 09:12
Thanks! Here's another Hell Dorado mini for you to look at.

Ouch that looks painful! Are you building towards an army with these?
Also, why not just sign-up for ToFP? You can always Joker if you're running behind on your painting. Or quit, worst case scenario. At least you'll be super motivated for a few months with your Lads. :)

12-08-2008, 10:03
Yeah, sticking with stuff for the same army is my weak point. It's so much simpler to just pick up something random I fancy painting and do that instead. Which of course means I don't have a single legal 40k or fantasy army painted. ;) I'm still kind of on the fence about the tale thing for these orcs, yes, it would get me motivated, but if I get busy with real life issues and have to quit, I'd feel bad. Maybe I should just paint my 40k stuff, then assemble and paint the first month of orcs, then join if I can manage that. It'd feel silly to join and quit in the first month. :D

Saulot, check out the picture links in post number nine of this thread. Same post as the demon of pride. Those three pics are three complete 'armies' for Hell Dorado, since it's a skirmish game played with ten miniatures or thereabouts. I've got everything that's been released for the demon faction so far and most of the lost faction. Two thirds of the latter are still unpainted, though. Not feeling any pressure to finish them fast, as I've already got one faction finished.

Mr Feral
13-08-2008, 15:45
A small question, what are you using for your round Epic bases?

I've got some on order and I assume that only having four Chaos Space Marines to a base is as legal as having the standard five. I know, such noobish questions!

13-08-2008, 20:07
Round plastic counters I got from a shop that sells teaching aids. Really cheap. Thought they'd last forever, but with my recent epic interest it looks like I might need another bagful at some point. :angel:

Epic rules state you can have 3-7 models per infantry base or 2-4 bikers. So yeah, it's legal. The round bases wouldn't properly fit five on them anyway. Of course, it doesn't apply perfectly to newer armies, as demon princes are infantry, too. :p

And back to painting! Finished my tale of 40k painters for the month, decided to go with the bottom scheme for my imperials. While I was at it, I repainted the cream-coloured ship I used as a paint scheme test, so it wouldn't stick out. Here's how it looks now. Slight blurriness free of charge, because I'm nice.


Most annoying bit was painting the white. I hate my white paint. It's either too thin or all clumpy and gooey no matter what I do. Grr. Oh well, try try again until you get it right, I suppose. Now I've got the rest of the month for myself as far as painting goes, it's either epic chaos or fantasy orc time. That, or I'll surprise everyone, including myself.

Hadriel Caine
14-08-2008, 00:25
Huzzah for specialist games. non GW products and VERY interesting painting logs!

Good job Discord, nice to see some variety, especially when its all of this standard! I'd love to see you paint some Inquisitor stuff, that'd be a lovely contrast to ur Epic!


Brother_Chaplian Raimo
14-08-2008, 00:35
Very nice cruisers you've got here. A little light on detailing, but that's hard to avoid with BFG. I'm really feeling the brown/blue-white look, so much so that I may have to steal it if green gets boring. I'm not going to comment on the Helldorado stuff, mainly because I'm trying to eat at the moment, and criticism would involve me looking at said models, or, at least, remembering them. Enjoyable log, this.

14-08-2008, 10:25
Thank you. :) Those BFG cruisers are indeed strange ones. So full of surface detail it's kinda difficult to cram in anything extra. However, a group of them looks still pretty impressive. Got three imperials now, the two pictured here and a third I painted for the tale. You'll get pictures in here too as the next thread starts, don't worry.

Hmmm, Inquisitor. Now that you mention it, that'd actually be a pretty interesting painting experiment. Unfortunately, I have to cut down my buying of minis I really don't need and getting a £18 mini as paint experimentation would be a bit counterproductive. If I get some spare cash, I'll definitely keep that in mind though, the demon huntress looks pretty nifty.

20-08-2008, 18:45
Hey you. Yeah, you. Have you read my Hell Dorado battlereport? No? What do you mean no? Go on, read it. Like, now. It's hellishly good. http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=158756


Played it today. Played a game of Alkemy (no, I won't post pics of those minis, they turned out bad and I really don't like them) too, but I had to quit at the end, due to some severe back pain. Ow ow. I didn't think I was getting old yet. :(

As for painting, I've currently built, based and started to paint a formation of bikers for my epic chaos army, plus a bunch of war engines and other stuff. Taking Oberon's advice and painting stuff I actually get to use somewhat. See? I'm not dense! :p Going a bit slower with them, since I have some roleplaying stuff to focus on and the army is already playable. After that, well, there's some new Hell Dorado crazyness released at the end of this month. And I really want to start on that Tyranid army for Epic and/or BFG. And maybe some more chaos for Epic. And, and...

Mr Feral
20-08-2008, 18:50
The Chaos Bikers sounds interesting, are you using the Space Marines bikes for that or something OOP?

Also, I second the request for some Inquisitor goodness :p

20-08-2008, 19:23
But but but my bank account and £18 urgh bleh. And I just bought a tyranid battleforce for the aforementioned BFG fleet and some epic conversions. :( (If you're nice, I'll make a 'how to'-guide on how to convert epic scythed/barbed hierodules and vituperators my way. Not that they're too needed, since epic tyranids are pretty darn rare, but anyway.)

For the chaos bikers, I'm using both space marine bikes and something oop. To be precise, the old plastic oop space marine bikes. ;) I like using older loyalist stuff for my chaos forces instead of sticking spikes all over them.* Only thing shared by my loyalist and chaos army are the rhinos, since I had a bunch of them and didn't feel like investing in expensive metal rhinos. Come to think of it, this thread doesn't have a picture of my loyalists yet. I suppose I need to picture them whenever I have spare time and feel bored. Which is probably tomorrow.

*Yes, I dislike the Epic 40,000 era chaos rhinos/land raiders. They look silly. :p

21-08-2008, 16:40
Hey, did I hear someone promise loyalist stuff? I think I did. So, here:

Flyers. Vrooom! Need to sand the bases on these, I decided I don't like the shiny reflective finish at all. Looks bad against the gaming board.

Fast stuff. The assault marines come in groups of four, but a separate chaplain stand lets me decide whether to use him or not.

Heavy support. Same thing with the devastators and librarian.

I've got a fifth terminator stand unpainted to do the same thing with the terminators at some point. I've just been lazy.

Hm, my connection's been acting up all day and I'm constantly getting error messages when trying to upload. Oh well, you guys settle for that one pic and consider the rest of the post a teaser, I'll edit in the pictures when my connection works again. Have something else in the works, too...

21-08-2008, 17:49
Random stuff. Hunters, drop pods, razorbacks.

Lots of infantry. Still got one stand unpainted, in case I want to take the supreme commander out.

And the man himself. No, not Dante. But still.

The reaver's been shown already, so that's it. Still got 4000 points unpainted and mostly unassembled, including some titans. Not enough to do a titan legion, sadly.

Mr Feral
21-08-2008, 17:56
*envious* ;)

How long did it take you to get all that done?

21-08-2008, 18:49
Hmm, hard to say. My chaos marines shown earlier were done at the same time (splash red on everything, then bone, metal, blahblah), while the loyalists were done a formation at a time and it's been a while. I'd say no more than one week's evenings worth of painting for the Blood Angels. The reaver took me one and a half evening, the undivided chaos dudes took three (one for undercoat* and painting, one for the red and bone, the last for white and metal), while the tzeentchians were made in one day of painting frenzy for a game the day after. ;)

*Yes, I do my undercoating the old-fashioned way. By brush. Don't ask, I just prefer it that way.

Mr Feral
21-08-2008, 18:54
Don't worry, I basecoat by brush too! It's easier to get into all the nooks and crannies after all.

Kudos for doing the freehand on the banner too, I did the same but with the Red Corsair fist and it certainly wasn't easy at all.

22-08-2008, 08:53
Oh, at least that supreme commander stand is the only thing with banners in my blood angels army. Now those orks I'm doing for tale of 40k painters, every single nob has a back banner. That's twenty little banners for this month, all with stuff painted on both sides, meaning forty little freehands for the first month. :cries:

22-08-2008, 11:51
And now for something completetly different. Well, sorta. Still Epic.

You folks know the scythed hierodule? Well, it has rules in Epic, but since it's a semi-recent invention by forge, it never had a miniature. So I decided to convert my own. Mostly because I haven't converted anything in a while, this doesn't mean my Epic bugs will get started for a while. Or maybe it does, I don't know yet. ;)

Anyhow, here's the official 40k scale one.

And here's my version, with his little friend.


I'm pretty happy with how he turned out, I think I succeeded in making him look less like a 40k gaunt with added parts and more like a big Epic monster. Still need to do another one, plus two barbed versions and two of those big flyery things without a mini. Possibly making one of each for starters to see how they turn out, then a second one of each as a step-by-step guide like I mentioned. In case some other epicster wants to add some to his army.

23-08-2008, 14:41
While I was doing the scythed hierodule, I thought I'd put the rest of my tyranid bits to use. So a BFG fleet it is. Assembled a few test ships.

Here's the cruiser. The body is a tad smaller than imperial/chaos ones, but the scythed arms compensate for that.

And four different escort types. Claw, pyroacid, bioplasma, torpedo. Size goes from cobra to infidel.

Still need to make a hiveship and a tentacled escort. Then it's assembly line time. Not that I intend to do them right now, just wanted to see how these would turn out. They should look a lot better with a coat of paint. Speaking of which, next time I'll update with something actually painted. ;)

23-08-2008, 22:06
Great work going on in here, and a lot of it too. Love the way you churn out Epic armies, BFG fleets and nice miniatures from other ranges as well. Keep going. You are truly inspirational.

Oh, and I love that scythed hierodule... ;)


24-08-2008, 12:12
Thanks! I just based two older minis and since this thread has recently been all about little spaceships and 6mm models, I thought I'd take pics of them for all those who don't appreciate smaller scale minis (shame on you).

So, Confrontation time. Here's my demonic dwarves of Mid-Nor. Slight glossiness in inappropriate parts is due to the combination of shading with old washes and not varnishing them afterwards. First a halberdier.

And a character. Sadly, Confrontation has really fallen out of favour here (not that I can fault that, due to the stunts Rackham's pulled) so I can't even remember his name anymore. You know interest in the game is dropping when you start forgetting all the names and rulesbits. Oh well, the old metals are still neat. Need to paint some more of them every now and then, since I've got bunches.

I wonder what's in that container on his back. There's a hose going from it to the crotch of the doll stuck to his chest. On second thought, I'm probably better off not knowing.

25-08-2008, 19:16
Here's two more Rackham minis, that's it for them. First a mercenary ogre. He was a pain to paint. Didn't want to touch a brush after a while when I managed to finish him.

And this is why.
Sausages, a battering ram, kitchenware, a ham, an alarm clock... He's got another clock and a lantern that you can't see on the pictures, he's just full of stuff. I wouldn't be surprised if that backpack contained a kitchen sink. Gah, all the detail.

And for nostalgia value, here's the first mini I painted after I took a five year break from all things miniature. Apparently, I got better. He even won a small painting contest. Yes, there were only two contestants, shut up. It still counts. :p

Next time it's time for something new! I managed to nearly finish two Hell Dorado minis this morning, still missing some metal bits on one of them and the eyes on both.

26-08-2008, 19:44
Hmm, quiet around here. Anyhow, just put in the eyes on those minis I mentioned. Here's a slinger girl for the Lost faction. Tried out some brownish on the base to keep it from being so gray, maybe I'll go back and do the same on my other Hell Dorado minis, too. Of course, dried-looking static grass will be applied at some point, whenever I bother to. Which will take a while. Ahem. Right, pics. The highlights on the hair are less harsh in real life, since they're a lot smaller. As is everything else. *covers up lousy painting with excuses*

And here's her ammunition bearer. This bloke is probably the most pathetic-looking miniature I've ever seen. He just crawls around after her in the game.

30-08-2008, 09:30
I'm just talking to myself now, aren't I? :p

Here's Magnus the Red, for the tzeentchy part of my epic marines. Started out as my least favourite primarch due to the funny sculpt, but in the end, now he's my favourite. Was fun and different to paint, I think he turned out appropriately tzeentchy.


Been lazy with the undivided reinforcements I mentioned at some point, they still need lots more before they're finished. But hey, I converted a banelord in case I want to try one out.

Magos Explorator
30-08-2008, 09:54
He's not very red. ;) But he looks good!

30-08-2008, 13:03
Yeah, I tried to incorporate the classic red hair and beard, without making it seem too cartoonish and silly. Considering he's a bit over the top as is. ;) So a brownish-red it was.

Looking at him kind of makes one wonder about the pros and cons of worshipping chaos, as that's the end result of someone who 'won'. So now he's a one-eyed, winged monkey that's slave to a warp entity for all eternity. Hopefully he won't begin to regret his decision during the eternity he has. And that's what happens to the fortunate ones. The gift of mindlessness that Khorne gave to some of his champions according to the old Realms of Chaos books suddenly sounds like a pretty good deal. :p

31-08-2008, 21:46
Hey, for those of you who don't read the tale of 40k painters, here's what I finished for it this month. One big mob of goffs for Epic and one carnage and lunar class cruiser for BFG. Of course, the carnage could also be used as a murder, since they look identical.





01-09-2008, 06:51
That ammunition bearer is one of the only models that I actually consider revolting- very nice work. What scale is it in?
All of your painted epic stuff is very impressive- I did a Flames of War army for a friend once and found it very hard to be motivated to paint so many small models. I have no idea how you can power through all of those little guys.

01-09-2008, 09:04
The ammunition bearer is the same scale as all the Hell Dorado minis - 28 mm. They're a realistic 28mm though, so they tend to be way more thin than GW minis. They're about equally tall.

I actually had some small motivational troubles painting my Blood Angels (having a friend over helped), which were my first Epic army. I think the thing that kept me going and lets me paint bunches of the little men without getting totally burned out is the feel of getting somewhere. Those orks above took me three painting sessions to finish. The slinger girl and her sidekick took two. I could probably do a whole army for Epic in the same time I paint some twelve 28mm minis for a small skirmish game. In comparison, I don't even want to know how long it'd take me to finish those orcs for fantasy battle, even though I cut some corners in the painting process. :D

Besides, Epic armies tend to have all kinds of vehicles, war engines and flyers to break the routine and give you something different to paint, whereas that fantasy army would be greenskins, greenskins on wolves, more greenskins, greenskins on boars, even more greenskins, greenskins with a catapult, too many greenskins, a robed greenskin with a staff, aaaagh! ;) If I ever manage to finish them and decide I need a second army, it'll be an elite chaos force with lots of counts as to give me different things to do.

Red Scorpion
01-09-2008, 13:43
Some fantastic stuff in this log mate - I don't normally comment on Warseer, so feel (slightly) honoured :) I love the random selection of stuff, you've made me want some of the Hell Dorado stuff, I'm gona have to pick up the fat demon thing and the baby!

01-09-2008, 15:55
Consider me slightly honoured, then! :D Hell Dorado has some wonderful minis, hopefully the packaging won't discourage you as they aren't sold as individual models. Of course, then you'll also get this cool little guy here, which is my personal favourite of the lemures. But I'm sure you can get some Hell Dorado player to buy the spares if not, those lemures are useful to other factions, too.


07-09-2008, 16:38
Well, I've again been busy with the Tale of 40k Painters stuff. Almost finished this month's painting already. Like before, I'll show them here at the end of the month. So less updates even though I might actually be painting a bit more. Anyway, I've finished a couple of chaos predators and decimators for my army. Converted a banelord titan too, I'll show that at some point when I manage to finish it.



14-09-2008, 11:07
Since my imperial fleet has one more painted cruiser than my chaos fleet, I decided to remedy the situation - with a daemonship. Oh okay, it's really a plastic cruiser with some cruddily applied green stuff because I'm too cheap to buy the actual kit, but anyway.



One of the turrets has an eye on the back of it, although it doesn't show on the pictures.

20-09-2008, 08:02
Man, took ages to finish these. I blame the shoulder pad rims, they're not sculpted on, so motivating myself to paint them took a long time. But now they're done and I noticed my display shelf doesn't have room for all my painted minis anymore! Didn't see that coming. Anyhow, chaos bikers. Yees, the one I started on a month ago. In other news, I'm slowly getting tired of painting dark red. :angel:


And the tale is slowly going forwards too, I did finish a freebooter kaptin for it, in case you don't follow the thread. One can't have an epic army featuring all the clans and forget about the freebooters.


20-09-2008, 09:33
Love those 'booters. Are you planning on an entire warband for the tale?


20-09-2008, 09:34
I love that deamonship! Simple conversion that really works!
Hurrah for cheapnezz!!

21-09-2008, 13:00
You bet, the rest of the warband is already painted and waiting for next month, so I can post them. And since pirates obviously need a ship, my next project for the tale will be a freebooter landa.

Glad you like the daemonship. :) I normally don't mind going for the more expensive route as far as minis are concerned, but since GW's version is random blobs of green stuff on top of a plastic cruiser too... :angel:

22-09-2008, 06:48
you've got some nice stuff in here. I love those hell dorado minis BTW.

27-09-2008, 18:20
Speaking of Hell Dorado, here's Shiny McGloss. More affectionately known as "the new GW washes dry with a matt finish my ass" or "two-headed dog-lizard thing". I suppose it has a french name too, but I can't be bothered to look it up, since I don't understand it anyway. :p Took me just over three hours to paint including the base and drying times.



Not much detail in there, went with a different colour on the spine to make it more visually interesting. And while we're talking about visual interest, I just spent 100€ on modelling crap, including neat basing materials. Of course, half of that was online and it hasn't arrived yet, but in the future I'll hopefully produce something that isn't just coloured sand. :angel: Maybe even a bit more involved than sand plus static grass. Gaspgasp! Of course, that also means I have to go back to my finished minis and redo their bases. Oh well, it's not like I have too many, since the fantasy orcs are fine the way they are. I suppose I should matt varnish the shiners while I'm at it.

28-09-2008, 07:48
Are you serious that the gloss finish is from the new GW washes? I have used them since they came out and have had none of the results you have shown above.

Which colours did you use?

Great blog BTW


28-09-2008, 10:23
Yup yup. I've used them since they came out too, it's never happened to me before this, either. ;) And yes, I'm sure it's from the washes. After I applied the basecoat there was no shine. Then I added black and purple washes on top, after which it it got all shiney. And the highlights don't reflect any, either. Didn't thin them out, applied them fairly messily.

Oh wait. Actually, if you look at the front pic of the slinger girl I posted earlier, you can notice a nasty shine in the folds of her clothing. So actually this is the second time, except in that one (where I didn't use black or purple, it's from one of the brown ones) it's only in one of the folds, whereas this one has it all over. That's really odd. Maybe the washes were only foolproof and not idiotproof.

28-09-2008, 11:09
Well, I applied a coat of matt varnish (which I should do anyway, to keep the paint from rubbing off the occasional times I get to play) and here's how it looks now, with blue highlighting provided by mother nature. I probably should get one of those boxes people use to stop outside influences from messing with my pics.



Well, it seems to have helped, especially when I'm not directly shining a light at it for photography purposes. Although it seems to have messed with the highlights a bit in comparison with the old pics. Or I'm just seeing things, I dunno. Then again, it didn't affect the slinger chick, which I also varnished while I was at it. What do you think?

And as non-comic relief, this guy told me to stop blabbing about the other faction and post closeups, or else.



03-10-2008, 21:44
Silly me, completely forgot to update this here thread with my monthly painting. So freebooters, a gothic and some iconoclasts it is.




Whee. Up next, this month's stuff for the tale. When that's done, I hope I'll have time for something different, since the basing materials I mentioned arrived today.

19-10-2008, 16:37



I noticed I didn't have any Necromunda minis painted, so I decided to fix the situation. Might be the start of a scavvy gang, might not. It's not like anyone plays it in here and even if they did, the local store still hasn't found a new gaming space to replace the one they had to close. Anyway, I just wanted to paint a zombie. ;)

Still being the only one around getting gloss from the new washes. Confusingly, they sometimes do it and sometimes don't. Oh well.

*shambles off*

31-10-2008, 11:41
Here's something I cooked up for today! It's also my first ever lightsource tryout.




Slightly messy here and there, but hey, I only spent three hours on the thing, while watching tv in the background. In reality, he's almost exactly the same size as a skull pass goblin, so he's pretty tiny.

31-10-2008, 19:30
I love your stuff, Discord, great seeing some non GW minis (even tho I have none BUT!:D)

The light sourcing looks pretty good for a first attempt, I would like to try that out myself at some stage so will keep tabs on this with great interest!

Heh heh, was I the only person who thought about Charlie Brown's friend Linus getting jumped by this dude? All hail the Great Pumpkin!!

01-11-2008, 11:39
Thanks, it's nice to hear that! Been awfully quiet around here, although it seems that goes on with a lot of threads. I wonder if branching out into some main GW games would help, since I kind of have an urge to paint something else than those orcs I'll never finish. Something more elite. Something new. Something that's the only recent army that's not horribly unbalanced. That's right, some chaos rabble! Although my realistic side tells me I'll paint about five marauders and get bored. But hey.

And as usual, my monthly stuff for tale of painters, for those of you who don't follow it.

A heap of scrap with jet engines, also known as a landa.

Another plastic cruiser (devastation). Exciting!


01-11-2008, 14:51
And speaking of chaos rabble, I just got the inspiration to whip this up from spare parts:



Dodgy greenstuff work aside, I think he turned out pretty good. I've got enough spare horses and leftover bits to do two regiments of these with musicians. I cut off that length of plastic attached to one of the hooves afterwards, since it looks like crap. Hardest part had to be trimming the beastman body to fit the horse, I'll definitely pull out my saw next time instead of fiddling around with cutters and a knife.

01-11-2008, 20:35
I'd like to think that a lack of GW models isn't stopping peeps from checking out this thread, just go with what YOU wanna model n paint, chief! I love Battlefleet Gothic, if I get a new camera for Xmas I will stick some shots of mine up somewhere too.

The Chaotic Centaur looks sweet as too, make sure you post a group shot of those massed units of 'em! Mental :D

02-11-2008, 13:42
Sure I will, as soon I manage to get them finished. With my speed and all the specialist games crud I'm painting monthly, that'll be sometime in 2011. ;)

I'm currently trying to decide what to buy, since I need some more conversion stuff for properly chaotic fellows. At least one box of mounted marauders is a must, those new heads will definitely improve the looks of those old marauders on foot. Probably waiting for the battalion box to come out before investing in knights. Although this time my plan is to work up a border patrol-sized force and then go up in 250-point playable chunks, since all my attempts of making a regular-sized army from scratch has ended in miserable failure. :p Apart from the epic stuff, but they're so tiny they don't take too much time. And speaking of specialist games, I'm glad I signed up for the tale, since I really wouldn't want to touch those things right now otherwise. Keeps some sort of painting routine up.

Magos Explorator
02-11-2008, 14:44
I like the centaur, but will you do anything about the saddle? I'd suggest either scraping it off or covering it with equipment, as I don't think a centaur would enjoy being saddled very much.

02-11-2008, 20:23
It's not a saddle, it's a saddlecloth. You can't ride on that. Or I suppose you could, but it wouldn't really be any more comfortable than riding barebacked. I did consider cutting it off, but I thought he'd probably want to have something to attach stuff to. Kind of like humans wear belts, except I'd assume centaurs would prefer to haul stuff around on their strong horsebacks rather than their humanoid torso, which they'd leave free to move in combat. Maybe it keeps him a bit warmer in the cold northern climate, too? But yeah, I'm trying to attach various bits to them, although my bits box is a bit lacking in that department. Lots of chaos and greenskin sprues, yet they don't contain many useful extras. :(

03-11-2008, 19:19
Hey, here's one I did today, without the saddlecloth. Man, cutting it off was a huge pain. I suppose it'd be easier to cut off both the saddlecloth and the straps, than leave in the latter. But, pics.



Smoothened up the greenstuff of the leather straps afterwards, they look quite rough in the top pic. And I've been furiously chopping plastic to convert a unique chaos spawn, not using any of the official spawn parts (since I don't have the kit). I think it turned out pretty nice. Still needs to dry properly, then have some green stuff applied. Pics in a day or so, when it's done.

04-11-2008, 13:19
And here it is:



04-11-2008, 13:32
Nice, you made those disgusting spider rider models even more disgusting, well done :) it looks fantastic.

09-11-2008, 15:15
Thanks, I try. ;)

And I've finally got started painting that border patrol I mentioned. Finished the skin on a bunch of beastmen. Since this is going to be a playable army at some point, I'm cutting a lot of corners in the painting process. And I'm doing the units fairly generic, so I can swap characters and not limit myself to a single god. If I did, I'd probably get screwed when the next armylist arrives. (Not that the current one is competitive, but still.)


09-11-2008, 21:29
Finished them.


Probably should concentrate on the tale stuff now so I actually get them finished. Besides, I don't want to burn myself out on yet another army that I'll never work up the interest to paint again. :angel: Nah, painting these was pretty fun actually. Brownest minis I ever painted. I intend to vary the fur/hair colour on the others, still have twenty of these blighters to go just for a border patrol list. Hopefully it'll provide a neat chaosy effect instead of a crappy thrown-together look. I do have high hopes for these, painting some random chaosmen and stuff of four different gods with unique colourschemes should be way more interesting than a sea of green.

09-11-2008, 23:54
Nice BFG fleet you've got going there, I really like the colour scheme, not sure if someone has asked, but what colours do you use for your imperials?

10-11-2008, 11:26
White and metal bits are just regular white and metal shaded with a black wash, which is then neatened up if it messes up the white too much. Lights are yellow with a red wash. Brown is beasty brown (I suppose the GW equivalent is bestial brown?), shaded with a black wash, then simply drybrushed with a mix of beasty brown / snakebite leather (Well, the vallejo version, I only use washes and metals from GW. But the name has rubbed off the pot, so I'm not sure what the vallejo version is called. ;) ), followed by a second drybrush of pure snakebite leather, then a mix of snakebite leather and bronzed fleshtone and finally just bronzed fleshtone.

The rough, detailed surfaces of these are really great for drybrushing. Should work well for any fleet apart from eldar, since they have curved, smooth ships.

15-11-2008, 09:16
Lots of cool stuff going on here... going to subscribe. Love the Hivefleet for BFG! And the various gribbly Chaosy things you got going. Plus your Epic-stuff = epic.

15-11-2008, 09:36
It's early on a Saturday morning and I figured hey! I'll just browse thru all of Diablos pages and refresh my memory of his cool stuff...

I had entirely forgotten about the Hivefleet (Thanks Aulbath!)! They're cool- I flogged all my Epic stuff a while ago, damn my eyes! Orks were my thing (my SM opponent hated them hehehe). Love the bases.

Ah well, finished my marmite and toast, guess I better toddle off and find something just as constructive to do!

15-11-2008, 12:34
Glad to hear people are reading this. :) Of course, that also means I now feel like I have to get painting so I can add something new in here... And I thought I could slack off. Although I haven't been completely lazy, since yesterday I finished not one new ork formation for the tale, but two! Not that I get to show all of them yet, but here's a sneak peek.


Yup, blood axes. With un-orky camouflage and looted imperial vehicles. The rhino bit's slightly cruddy, but it was an old model covered by a thick layer of really dark paint. It's really not noticeable at actual size and if it is, at least it's orky. :angel: And now let's see if I can get more chaos painted over the weekend.

15-11-2008, 13:01
Lovely take on those old beastmen, cool bird head conversion. I have a bunch of them as well, which I'm using as WoC marauders, as HW + shield isn't very effective for gors, and besides you want more ungors than gors anyway. I don't think that the gor head fits on the ungor body...
You have some cool stuff here, I should follow it more closely from now on.

15-11-2008, 13:41
I don't think that the gor head fits on the ungor body...

Really? :cries: I think he blends in with the others pretty well. I didn't have enough of the old minis so I gave an ungor an appropriate-sized weapon (the plastic gors and their weapons are way too big next to the old metals) and a gor head. I have five more to be mixed in to get the unit to a proper size of 25. If the head looks a tad big, let's just say it's a mutation, that's fluffy. ;)

You have some cool stuff here, I should follow it more closely from now on.

Please do. :)

15-11-2008, 21:19
Since there was a lot of watchable stuff on tv today, I used the time well and painted some more stuff for my border patrol while I was watching. And here's the result.


16-11-2008, 07:15
Nice and proper looking Marauders with a very earthen palette, where did you get the weapons from? They are not part of the chaos-kits are they?

16-11-2008, 07:36
hmmm, it appears to me that 2 of those marauders have orc weapons glued to thier own weapon shafts.

16-11-2008, 11:37
Those weapons are converted from beastmen weapons. And they're looking good.

16-11-2008, 11:58
Nope and nope, mrtn is correct. The regular marauder kit comes with shields, hand weapons and flails. So I had to do these myself. They're made of the flail-wielding marauder arms with the top clipped off and gor weapons glued to replace them. Orc weapons are actually nearly twice the size of these, that would've been a little over the top. ;)

So what happened to the flail heads, then? Well, since I had a bunch of gors without the weapon tips left, I gave them the flail heads. Gives me yet another different looking unit of "marauders", for that proper chaotic look. And a stab at GWs new policies about not allying chaos units. :D

And amazingly, I still feel like painting some chaos models. I suppose I'll try to make that gor unit bigger today, we'll see how that goes.

17-11-2008, 17:47
Well, I didn't get too far yet. But I did get a haircut and ordered some new stuff. Characters mostly, although it'll be a while before I need more than one of those. Anyway, WIPs on the beastmen, this time they're blondes. (The hair's a tad darker live, it didn't photograph too well. Just my bad camerawork I suppose. ;))


Count Sinister
17-11-2008, 18:06
Excellent log! I love the Battlefleet Gothic stuff (makes me realise I should really get mine assembled, if not painted...), love the Helldorado stuff, and the Beastmen are looking fantastic. As for the shiny wash problem - I hope to do some painting over the next couple of weeks, and I'll be using the washes, so I'll see if I can shed any light on that particular mystery!

Other than that, all I have to say is - keep up the good work! Oh, and don't worry about talking to yourself. It's a sign of genius, not madness. I think.

17-11-2008, 18:29
Thanks, posts like yours make putting up all those pics worth it. :) In fact, I'll go put some more paint on those beastmen, maybe I'll get them finished today. Go try out those washes soon and don't worry about shine, a quick coat of matt varnish takes it away and makes the minis last longer, too!

17-11-2008, 22:02
And they're done!


Here's the lot of them.


I guess I'll have to take a break now, or I'll have to post jokers next month. But I don't want to... I find these far more interesting to paint (so far) than the greenies and I like their looks more, too. I guess I'll finish those tale things, then assemble some warhounds or maybe even paint the centaurs. And that's all that'll be in my border patrol, since it has a four-unit maximum. Hopefully I won't get bored until they're done.

Count Sinister
17-11-2008, 23:04
Excellent! I think the blonde hair is an inspired idea for the beastmen. They really look great.

As for the painting, and the washes - I should just sit down and paint, it's true. It's not JUST lack of self-discipline, it's...well, mostly it's lack of self-discipline.

So, what's on the painting horizon?

18-11-2008, 02:06
I love your various mutant beast people, the eagle headed on is my favorite so far

18-11-2008, 11:38
Thanks peeps. :)

As for the painting, and the washes - I should just sit down and paint, it's true. It's not JUST lack of self-discipline, it's...well, mostly it's lack of self-discipline.

Yeah, I know exactly what you're talking about. Luckily, it gets much easier when you actually sit down and do something, getting to that is the hard part. Like that battleship I'm supposed to assemble, since there's no way I'll be able to drill that much metal in one sitting. My fingers ache when I just think about it. Oh well, it won't assemble itself.

So, what's on the painting horizon?

Well, apart from the regular tale stuff and finishing this border patrol, there's a million tiny projects, as usual. I suppose I'll keep going with the chaosmen in 250 point increments, since I'd like to finally have a playable force than just some random minis for a bunch of games. So maybe some warriors, or even more marauders. Of course, I'm also trying to figure out how to make characters mounted on steeds of Slaanesh, since GW neither sells the steeds anymore nor do they have any suitable characters to ride them. Apart from the lord on daemonic steed, which I already have. :(

Count Sinister
29-11-2008, 14:55
Battleship? You mean an actual battleship? Crikey. Well, that puts things in perspective, I suppose!
Looking forward to seeing the force grow in those 250 point increments, in any case!

30-11-2008, 05:59
27 separate pieces, it is. Plus the flight stand. I actually couldn't finish it, so I'll just be painting a normal cruiser up this weekend. Yeah, I've been lazy. Actually, I've been sitting in front of the PS2 for far too long and haven't therefore gotten anything done. Or playing it, just sitting in front of it would be silly. ;)

Should get back on track next week and hopefully have something new and chaosy posted. Feels silly to be wasting my time like that. Not that painting minis is much more constructive, but anyway. I *did* manage to buy some new chaos stuff, including something I can use as Throgg the troll king, as it doesn't have a model. I noticed I have thirteen trolls lying around from my greenskin army, so might as well get some use out of them. Add in the two giants (older ones, no plastic giant crap for me) and a bunch of dragon ogres and that's a 2000 point army, it is! Well, if I get them painted at some point. :angel:

01-12-2008, 12:36
Some great stuff you´ve got there, will be following this thread in the future!

01-12-2008, 16:18
Oh right, need to add the new stuff in here too.


Next up... some chaos hounds I guess. Either time to put together the cool metal ones, or wait for the battalion box I ordered and put together the less cool, but far easier to assemble, plastic ones.

01-12-2008, 22:49
Old 2nd ED Stormboy Designs rule so much...

07-12-2008, 20:47
Grrrr. Woof woof, arf. Arf, grrrRRR.



Lazy? Who, me? Next up, some more not painting. ;) Nah, I'll try to be more productive. And I did assemble nearly all of my tale stuff, that was a lot of work.

07-12-2008, 21:37
Good dog.


08-12-2008, 09:21
Good dog.



(Nice hounds by the way!)

10-12-2008, 11:57
Yay, my big order arrived today!



Now that's a pretty impressive amount of sprues to collect dust in my closet when I inevitably lose interest in this project build a cool army with.

Of course, I can't get started right away, since I need to visit my folks this christmas (Bah, humbug. But hey, free food. :p) and need to find the time to paint these for the tale:


And yes, the flightsticks were a pain, thank you for asking. I think I complain about flightsticks every month, really...

10-12-2008, 18:41
And I painted the koptas today:


The whole formation will be up next month, as usual. Hopefully all the red will help them go fasta.

10-12-2008, 18:49
Hmmh, that's a lot of plastic.. :p

I really like your chaos army so far and I'm looking forward to seeing those new models painted up!

- Edahlo

10-12-2008, 19:43
I LOVE those Stormboyz... one of the best designs ever!

11-12-2008, 12:32

Finished the ork part of the tale, here's a teaser. Rest will be up... well, you should know that by now. Still need to do the BFG stuff, although I might be distracted by the shiny (well, grey and opaque, really) chaosmen. Speaking of them, I had some trouble sleeping, which gave me an opportunity to get up early and assemble the next batch for painting. More marauders coming up...with a surprise feature! Good thing people like the chaosy fellows, I'm feeling pretty positive about getting more of them painted.

12-12-2008, 18:01
And they're done, including a vintage model! I've got a few of these, so I'll be mixing them in with the current ones.


And an update lookie on the regiment as a whole.


That's nineteen minis for the army so far, need 46 for my planned border patrol. Almost halfway through! Unless I measure it in points, which would be silly. Finished this month's BFG imperials, too.

12-12-2008, 23:08
I love the Fighta Bommerz, when I sold my Epic Orks I kept the fightas to use as 'counts as' Ravagers for BFG :) Actually, now you have me wondering which case I've stored them in...

Very characterful Marauders unit you have developing there mate, good stuff!

Enjoy Christmas dinner (and the inebitable getting smashed with family members, always humiliating)!!!

13-12-2008, 22:10
Didn't read all the posts, but looked at all the pics. WOW great job in painting all those mini's. Job very well done.

14-12-2008, 14:55
Thanks folks! It's not like you'll miss much by skipping through my ramblings anyway. ;) Hopefully I can manage to finish the BFG chaos ships and something new and hot for the forces of chaos before leaving. When I'm gone, I might explore the attic and maybe find some old minis, too!

21-12-2008, 10:44
Well, finished the chaos ships and something new & hot, too! It's been a long time since I last painted a Confrontation mini. Well, apart from the pumpkinhead. Was quite surprised at the level of detail. Too bad Rackham turned to the dark side of miniatures design, a lot of these old metals put even those fancy Hell Dorado minis to shame. Anyway, I thought this one would be a nice champion for those marauders I've been painting lately and she looks just great in the unit. I'll show the whole lot when I add to them next, taking them on and off the shelves every time I get something painted is a tad annoying. ;)


21-12-2008, 11:42
Is it wrong to lust after a miniature? ;)

21-12-2008, 15:03
I suppose it's okay unless you try to raid my display shelf. :p

Getifa Ubazza
22-12-2008, 11:46
There is some very beautiful and it must be said, disturbing mini's in this log.

22-12-2008, 22:20
Glad to hear that. :) I'm off tomorrow, so no updates in a while. But I had some time to kill today, so I got started on the leader of my little border patrol. So here's a shot of how far I got:


Classic mini, classic colour scheme. None of those boring, dark shades that everyone seems to paint nowadays for the followers of the Prince of Excess, no sir. Instantly recognizable on the battlefield, too, and a welcome change from all the brown. I'm planning on doing personalities for the other gods as well, so I can just switch the character minis around and have a slightly different army depending on my mood. I like all the gods (just not mixed in the same army, ew), but am not quite crazy enough to paint a whole army for all of them. Of course, I'll eventually have a unit of warriors and knights for each god, since they are the most important (fluffwise) dudes around and are pretty much mini-characters.

29-12-2008, 17:51
Back! And done.


That's 21 out of 46. Almost doubles the amount of stuff I've painted in points, too.

29-12-2008, 17:59
It looks so awesomely early Nineties, my head starts spinning XD
Not a big fan of the pinkish armour (I think I would have prefered purple) - but the painting is grand!

29-12-2008, 19:32
Yeah, I was pretty sure the more garish Slaaneshi colours from a long time ago wouldn't please everyone. One can hardly go wrong with purple for sombre, evil-looking warriors, but everyone seems to do that for their Slaaneshi fellows these days. And boring conformity is so not Slaanesh. ;) Although I did try to limit my palette a bit and choose colours that go well together, I'm not completely insane.

I do intend to vary the colours for different followers though, the battle standard bearer's armour is already started and will be purple. So have no fear, when all my Slaaneshi followers are painted, there should be something for everyone. And it should be a complete eyehurting chaos when they're all mixed together. :p

Mr Feral
29-12-2008, 19:37
Smooth work once again Discord!

I adore the fleshy tones and the bold yet intricate symbol on the shield, and of course the well-executed gradient of shocking blue upon his crest.


(and with that, I strike the mark of fifteen hundred posts. Go me. :p)

29-12-2008, 19:44
Well, warlock purple not liche purple - highlighted to tentacle pink, I think I would have liked that. Warlock purple is a very "slutty" purple ;)
The pink armor seems a bit washed out (liked it used to in the late 80ies to early 90ies, so it's all good - cause we all know, those were the days!), it looks more like brain, for some reason and the structure adds to that. It's still cool, and very chaotic, but I would have raised the contrast between armor-trim and that "stuff" the armor is made from (chainmail-fur!?).

I am actually not sure a "modern" colorscheme would have worked for him/her/it at all.

Eye-hurting chaos sounds great! I always loved the mixed and varied designs they gave their mono-pose Warriors.

29-12-2008, 21:58
Hee, thanks. And see, commenting here is useful, you get more posts! ;)

I had completely forgotten about warlock purple. Kinda funny, since the tongue there is actually painted with it. Well, vallejo warlord purple, to be precise. Anything to get around copyright issues... :angel: And I'm really not sure what the armour is made of. Knowing chaos, it probably involves tears of unborn babies and footsteps of a cat, mixed together and stirred with a horn from a halfling, then left alone to grow warm and harden. Come to think of it, I'd rather not think about it at all. Pretty interesting though, all the old Slaaneshi champions have porous armour like that.

And now to figure out what to paint next. Of course, continuing the chaos folks and the tale stuff (which will be up in a day or two!) would be the easy choice, but I actually have the nagging feel that I want to paint some space marines... Wherever that came from. I actually don't think I've finished a single 40k scale space marine in my life.

01-01-2009, 22:51
Righto, here's the tale minis I did last month. Have had the pictures kicking around for a while and just barely managed to not show them before McMullet got the thread posted. On with the show!


Yees, more 6mm checker patterns. I'm getting pretty much used to doing them already, so it's less of a pain.


01-01-2009, 22:59

There we go. Right now I've managed to assemble another hundred tiny orks for this month and am finally tackling the 27-part battleship I've been complaining about for far too long. Actually picking it up and assembling it is far easier than I thought.

Oh, and I ordered a Black Reach box! So yeah, there'll be some 28mm marines at some point in here. And a couple of new Hell Dorado figures are on their way, too. So many things to paint, so little motiv- er, time. Yes, time. ;)

Brother_Chaplian Raimo
02-01-2009, 20:46
I envy your BFG to an unhealthy degree. Makes me want to get a start on my own, actually...

03-01-2009, 08:57
So why don't you? Get on with it and post them here on Warseer. ;)

Speaking of BFG, I've finally defeated my nemesis! Well, not really, but it sounds a lot more impressive that way. I managed to put together the Emperor class battleship I've been complaining about, it was pretty easy when I actually got down to it and started working. The cleaning, drilling and assembling only took me the best part of yesterday and half of the day before that. Ow. I still want the other battleship, but I think I'll just put it at the bottom of my way too long shopping list for now. It's manageable, but...

So, behold! The battleship in all of its 27 pieces of pinnable and heavy metal glory (plus some plastic bits), all mounted on top of one easily breakable plastic twig (which I've made detachable like all my flight sticks, to prevent lots of swearing if I ever need to transport the horrid thing).


And yeah, this is the first mini which I had to paint a little before assembling, since there's no way I'm getting a brush into all those nooks and crannies. Most painful thing I've ever assembled, I counted 33 holes drilled to fit all the pins. :cries: And I still feel the need to be really careful whenever I'm handling it. On the bright side, assembling the rest of the stuff that I have left for the tale should be a breeze now that this is dealt with.

Next up I think I'll be painting those two Hell Dorado lizardmen that have been glaring at me far too long in their unpainted status. That'll also give me another playable force for it. And something new to display!

03-01-2009, 10:01
That thing is IMPRESSIVE... too bad I never got into BFG when it was in it's prime (for like, 3-6 months). I love the imperial and chaos designs...

Brother_Chaplian Raimo
03-01-2009, 20:08
So why don't you? Get on with it and post them here on Warseer. ;)

Well, I've already painted (and posted) the two cruisers I had lying around, so this would mean spending precious monies...oh, well- BFG, you speak to the depths of my soul! Napoleonic space combat for the win!

As for the Emperor, I have but one word- damn.

04-01-2009, 17:57
Now you're talking! :D

And I didn't get into BFG when it was 'big' either, I got the boxed set and some stuff used and then ordered the rest from mail order. Although I remember when it briefly appeared in a few issues of White Dwarf, to be quickly forgotten. You know, like everything that isn't one of the main three. :(

05-01-2009, 03:23
I am loving the Helldorado mini's and went on their site to pic up the large maw type demon (the one with the hungry/full) form. Do you know what the scale on that particular figure might be? I want to use him as a Demon Prince or a GUO. Awesome work on anything else, and i cant seem to laugh at how ridiculous the title of this thread is.

05-01-2009, 13:58
Thanks, the scale used in Hell Dorado is 28mm. Although it's real 28mm, not the heroic 28mm GW does, so it's a bit more thin and realistic in parts. But since that mini isn't human-sized, I've got this comparison pic of it and some other stuff I posted in another thread:

I think you'd have to put it on a rock or something, it's a bit small for what you intend. Unless you don't mind that it isn't huge, I myself prefer by far the old greater daemons from the Realm of Chaos days, which are about ogre-size nowadays. Besides, I find it kinda backwards how the greater daemon stats have gone waaay down and their minis have grown absolutely huge. :p Just for the record, here's the other size comparison pic I took, with some other Hell Dorado minis, including a human-sized one.

Oh and hey, I found out the issue with the new GW washes drying all glossy. The solution is easy - shake the paint pot. Never really occured to me to do that with washes, since the old washes didn't need it. And shaking washes might end up in a messy accident, but it seems that's what you're supposed to do.

But enough of not posting anything new. I really didn't have anything else to do this morning, so I popped some dvds to run in the background while starting on the Hell Dorado lizardfolk I mentioned. Finished the skins, that's about 85% of the figures done, since they're pretty naked otherwise. Wippety:

Just need to do the claws/fangs/scales and the weapons. Then I get to try out some new basing material, which I'll have to apply to all the older minis at some point too, since that gray sand started to feel real boring.

05-01-2009, 17:32
Want to guess if I had anything to do this afternoon? Of course not! So I finished these two.


Also, I figured out an interesting bit with my camera. Can you spot the difference in one of those three pics, which was taken after the others? That's right, the first pic was taken with those figures sitting on my table, which is that off-white colour. And the other two...were taken on a white background. Doesn't look white to me, and the figures are all dark. The camera view goes haywire when trying to picture the white, too. Soooo. I'll just not use a white background again. Solves that problem. :p

Anyway, now I've got two playable Hell Dorado forces. Wheeee.

05-01-2009, 20:31
I really like those Lizzies, never seen 'em before.

05-01-2009, 20:50
Nice work on those latest models. I wish I could bring myself to assemble and paint something but my PS3 is too easy to pick up and play.

As to the thing with your camera you just need to adjust your white balance on either the camera or photoshop. I've attached an example of your last pic to show what I mean. It took less than 1 min to sort out in photoshop. Hope you don't mind me doing this if so PM me and I'll delete the file. Just trying to help your photography.


06-01-2009, 09:43
Unluckily, I've spent all my spare change on minis and don't have enough for a PS3... :cries: I've got a PS2 though, but I enjoy long, story-based games so it's kinda hard to pick anything up for a quickie. Most likely I'll be sitting in front of it for a week, plodding through a game when I do pick one up. But I rarely do, nowadays. I've played through most of them, after all.

But yeah, I did adjust the white balance on my camera. That's how all three pics were created. Trouble is, when I put the white background in, the camera screen started shifting from way dark to normal colours, like it was confused or something. The photos I snapped had the same colours as the screen had at the time I pressed the button. Trouble is, it keeps shifting too fast. Funnily, that first picture there without the white background is absolutely fine and I don't get the same issue on my camera. I could fix it with IrfanView (unlike Photoshop, it's free and I'm cheap ;) ), I had completely forgotten about that option until you mentioned it, actually. Not hard either, just never really needed to use it before. So thanks for reminding me of that.

Hm. I think I'll actually stick to taking pictures without the stark white background. Not because of laziness, but I find the resulting pictures are easier on the eyes. Wouldn't you folks agree? Or is there something special about the white I'm missing?

Math Mathonwy
07-01-2009, 07:15
Download Irfanview (for example from here: http://www.download.fi/tyopoytaohjelmat/kuvankasittely/irfanview.cfm ) and open a picture and press "shift + u" (auto adjust colors). Voila.

07-01-2009, 12:21
Hey, you're still following the thread. :D Yeah, that exact procedure was what I was referring to in my last post, you showed it to me, remember? ;) Although mouse-dragging a box in the picture, then holding down control and clicking on the auto adjust sometimes gives you better result, since that adjusts the colours based on the box you've drawn, not the whole picture. Managed to scrounge that tidbit from the help file, it certainly proved useful when I fiddled around with those bad lizard pics from above. Just regular auto adjusting doesn't quite brighten it enough. Not that I bothered saving and uploading them, since you folks already know how they look from the good pics, don't you? But I'll keep it in mind next time I get the colours off.

Next up is making the bases of the other lost and mercenaries to match those lizards. Yech. Saving the demon bases for later, there's so many of them. And on top of that, I'm working on a secret project! Well, not so secret, since I've kinda mentioned it at some point and will post it here when it's done, but still. Assembled and undercoated them yesterday.

Also, today I figured out I really should be in the Adeptus Mechanicus. My computer started issuing quite a worrisome sound, so my first instinct was to hit it. Then when that didn't work, I started hoping it'll get better by itself. Which it did. I think they're onto something with that hammer & prayer business. :p

07-01-2009, 19:32
Did it make an annoying whirring sound? Mine does that and I find a hefty smack sorts it out. Dunno about the AM, but every morning I walk into work and daydream about being a frothing Penal Legion trooper... I'll shut up before I incriminate myself further :P

Loving the Lizards by the way, and looking forward to what this new project might be! I think come this weekend I will FINALLY get all the paints I need to restart the painting part of the hobby :)

07-01-2009, 21:44
It was more like a horrid screeching noise. I'm guessing (hoping) it has something to do with the fan rather than something important. It's done this before too, so it should be okay since it quieted down and all. I don't really feel like hitting it too hard, although I once had a tv that worked via punches. It had been hit by lightning and all, so I suppose it wasn't really in top condition... And this is why I'm not a mechanic.

Good to hear you're getting those paints, staring absent-mindedly at finished minis is probably the best part of the hobby, I love that. ;) But now to continue with the new project, it's been proceeding pretty well so far. Should get it here in a day or so, unless something shiny distracts me.

08-01-2009, 15:32
And the things I talked about are finished!


Yes, space marines. What's so special about these, then? Well, I'll tell you. See, after painting those lizards, I noticed something. I had previously painted the lizard-character (whom you can see on the scalepic earlier) and when I put them next to each other, the differences in quality were quite noticeable. It's nice to see some improvement. However, I'm not the quickest painter out there, so I thought to myself that hey, if I can improve my quality, I should be able to improve my speed with practice, too. So instead of trying to make these look good, I'm trying to be fast. Of course, I don't want my models to look like puke, so I'm not trying to rush for its own sake. Especially if I ever get a game in, wouldn't want to be completely ashamed of them, no, that wouldn't do. (Yeah, I keep saying this, but I haven't actually played a game since august.)

Anyhow, space marines were quite a natural choice, since I felt like painting some, I have a bunch around and they all look similar, which would make properly painting them extremely boring. Blood Angels were a good pick for the chapter, since I've always liked their look and background and have an epic army for them already. Besides, since I'm trying to improve speed, it kind of helps when the biggest areas are in red, which is my favourite colour to paint, not to mention really easy. I'll also get some practice in with my freehand non-skills, since I don't like fiddling around with transfers.

The special weapons dude, with gun options. Didn't want to start guessing which guns are playable, so I dug out a bag of magnets I bought some time ago and never got around to using. Works like a charm.

A regular marine.

Bring it on!

Mr Feral
08-01-2009, 15:47
Kudos for still painting checkers onto your Orks, how big has your army gotten now? Dare I request an army shot as well? :p

Man, I should crack on with my own Epic, but I have too much to do!

Good work on the speed-painted Blood Angels, but you missed the ribbed bits in the gaps between the armour. :)

Hadriel Caine
08-01-2009, 16:23
loving the BFG stuff and the Epic, good to know somebody is doing specialist games to a high standard!


08-01-2009, 17:07
Thanks, those orks are at 1700 points now (still 2300 to go for this tale), here's an army pic:

Next time I do that, I'll use the floor instead of cramming them onto my table. They're kinda taking up a lot of space already. Speaking of space, my display shelf is getting kinda full, I don't know where to store my painted stuff anymore. It's easier to just put sprues and metal parts into a box and shove it into a corner somewhere, since you don't have to worry about chipping paint or breaking anything.

And I didn't actually miss the ribbed bits on the marines, I gave some thought to painting them either metal or black, then decided it'd look more effective not to break the strong red. But I won't mind it if you disagree. ;)

09-01-2009, 20:55
So, I based the Hell Dorado minis I mentioned. And sanded this month's epic bases. And decided all-brown bases are a bit boring, so I finally got around to flocking my epic stuff, starting with the chaos marines. Here's a yellowy pic of my last very boring hours.


Still have the epic marines and orks to flock... And the Hell Dorado demons to redo the bases. :( But at least after that I won't have old stuff to go back and base. Well, not much anyway. No big and annoying jobs.

16-01-2009, 22:41
It's been quiet... Too quiet. Why? Because I've been finishing my tale painting for this month, including a battleship and a hundred teensy orks. But now they're finally out of the way, so I can do something else. Although my latest order hasn't arrived yet, so I can't do the other half of that tactical squad yet. Maybe it's chaos time again. Well, in any case, I can't post my monthly painting this soon, but here's a teaser with the boss stand.


Oh, and that battleship was almost as annoying to paint as it was to assemble. But it does look pretty impressive next to the others.

25-01-2009, 11:52
Oh, a project with bfg, epic and some wfb chaos army !
Suscribed :)

30-01-2009, 14:06
Glad to have you with us. Sadly, I haven't updated in a while because of chronic lazyness. It's a serious disease for which the only cure is a swift kick in the ass. Anyhow, I've ran a few Epic demo games and painted two marine stands lately, that's it. But at least I got some games in. Oh, and I based all the Hell Dorado demons. Anyhow, this fellow who I demoed Epic for asked me to play a 500-point 40k game, since he just got excited about a new army. A quick calculation later, I noticed Blood Angels only get about 16 minis in that size, so it shouldn't be much of a bother, considering I already have five painted. They had a little competition in the form of daemons, since I figured out that painting fifty minis gives me an army for both 40k and fantasy, solving my armylessness problem. I'll probably do them later, since the marines are just so much quicker to get to 500p. So, I finished these up this morning.

Rest of the tactical squad:
Yep, Black Reach marines. Hey, they're cheap. Just need to cut off the accursed tactical arrows from the shoulder pads. *mutter*

Missile closeup.

The whole squad together.

Just six minis to go now. Hopefully I'll get them done at some point, after a week I'll be gone for a month, only having time to paint when I'm home during the weekends. Might need to use my first joker in the tale that month... But at least you'll know I'm actually busy instead of lazying around. :D

01-02-2009, 15:16
Here's this month's tale painting.


Really happy I got that battleship out of the way. Now I don't have to stress about the tale, since the rest of it should be easy to get done. Apart from maybe another big mob of a hundred little orks... Luckily I've got a lot of practice with those.

05-02-2009, 19:15
Great stuff Discord, I've just had a few very enjoyable minutes looking through your log. I particularly like those blood angels, I've always struggled to blend red like you've managed to. The epic stuff is cool too, and I like the older chaos models dotted around your fantasy army. Despite the scale creep they seem to fit pretty well.

06-02-2009, 07:26
Thanks, glad you like them. :) I'm pretty interested in how the actual chaos warriors will look, since I plan on mixing the really old metals with some current and some slightly older plastics, that should definitely be random and chaosy. Of course, that's some time off, since I'm leaving on monday and I've got to finish the tale and those 500 points of Blood Angels soon. On the positive side, I got them all assembled, so I should be able to manage that even though I'm only able to pop back home during the weekends.

19-04-2009, 19:31
Long time, no update. Been busy in real life and that lead to me discarding painting completely for a while, I didn't even meet my tale quota. But here's Bran Carnoth, in all his brownish goodness. Hopefully that period of no painting is now properly broken.

And a closeup. Smile!

19-04-2009, 20:03


26-04-2009, 15:45
Crikey, that looks imposing!

I missed your stuff, Discord :) I trust nothing serious was slowing down your painting, real life can be so rubbish like that.

Right, I need to give my subscription Grots a kicking, they should have alerted me immediately you posted!

26-04-2009, 17:15
Thanks folks, and nice to hear I've been missed. :) Fortunately it's been nothing serious, I was away for a month or so, then got myself a job. Which of course lead to some adjusting, but I feel pretty confident with it now (I even like it!) and can again give my hobby stuff some time they properly deserve. Still trying to think whether I should get an RPG campaign going as well, been a long time since my last one.

But anyway, next in the pipeline are a hundred teensy epic orks. I think I'll have to put some serious thought into entering a tale next year. Getting an army painted is pretty grand, but I've got those little green buggers coming out of my ears already, I'm not sure I want to commit to another year of that. :p And speaking of green, I've got a new army in the pipeline. This time I might actually finish it, since it'll only be 35 minis. Four marauder units of 25 minis each sure sounds cool, until you get to assemble and paint them, that is. Maybe 35 minis total is more up my alley. Will I make it? Can't say. At the very least I'll get a handful of neat minis from yet another army to decorate my shelf with. ;)

21-05-2009, 18:17
I was bored, so here's the first of those 35. Will I paint the rest? Who knows. Cut some corners on the painting though, so it shouldn't be too painful.


Decided against green after all, everyone paints their plague marines green. Felt like being a bit different. No vehicles should make a 1500 pointer force fairly easy to finish and transport. Doubt it's too competitive to footslog, but whatever. One finished army on the shelf is better than a handful of unassembled ones in the closet. ;)

21-05-2009, 18:40
Great lookin plague marine you have there!

I think you're right not to go green, looks a lot more subtle.

What colours did you use?

A whole army of these is going to be very impressive! Keep up the good work.


22-05-2009, 13:17
Thanks! The armour is bleached bone and chainmail rims for a base, then loads of layers of controlled washes applied. The mini features all but the blue wash in there somewhere. Highlighted some bits back up a bit, then picked out the details in whichever colour I felt like at the moment (the arm and hoses) or whichever paint pot was easily reachable* (the severed heads). That's basically it.

*Yeah, I really put some thought into planning that, didn't I? :p

22-05-2009, 15:44
hey mate i like the plauge marines looked might fine indeed.

31-07-2009, 19:24
Well, I finished the tale! I wish I could say I can get back to painting other stuff, but there's another tale starting... I'll try to post WIPs and stuff here, so my little thread isn't completely forgotten.

But how much can one paint in one tale? Plenty. Sorry about the blur, no tripod.




And a closeup on the great gargant, for your viewing pleasure. Getting three complete armies finished was wonderful. Okay, not finished, but playable. Still have stuff for each army in the closet. And I need to buy a few more bits and pieces. Maybe someday...


Oh, there's still time to sign up for the next tale. Go do so now, you won't regret it. Or okay, you might, but the end result is definitely worth it.

01-08-2009, 10:24
I just love the Gargant. A great centre-piece to your army and a great "final" submission as well. I know the feeling about the closet, I am too much of a collector, and too little of a painter. Judging by your Death Guard, your daemons will look superb. And you have made me quite curious about your pending Epic army.

The Gothic fleets look great as well. Lining up all the ships like that make them feel properly majestic.


03-08-2009, 20:34
Thanks, although I'm not used to painting bright stuff, which my daemons will be. Hope it'll work out. And it'd be a shame if they took up too much of my time, I already have two Epic army ideas I'll start if I can get those 28mm models done. They kinda take priority, since I have three painted Epic armies and no 40k/fantasy ones. ;)

Oh, here's my first three fellers for the tales. Expect more of these blighters later.


For some reason I found out that I have to use the white background, since photographing them on top of my table (the light brown in most of my photos) kills most of the highlights and shades of the blue. Weird. Oh well. See, I can't even photograph blue. I whined about not being able to paint it in both tales, which anyone reading them might've noticed. :p

03-08-2009, 22:06
Nice painting.
Heh, just realised that the toe/finger ratio is really out of whack. :D

Math Mathonwy
04-08-2009, 16:38
Those Horrors look brilliant! Very vibrant blue that suits them perfectly. Love them to bits :)

04-08-2009, 18:29
Thanks blokes! I plan to experiment with different shades of blue (with some turquoise and purple mixed in, I think) on the rest of the unit, to really give them this insane, uncontrolled look of raw of chaos when put together. Uniforms are for those feeble men and pompous elves. Either it'll work magnificently, or fail miserably. Time will tell. :D

05-08-2009, 12:08
Ahh man, that Death Guard dude got me all confused now... Should I paint mine green... Or go for Bleached?

Bleached looks better and is more original... Green is easier...

And your Epic stuff got me all wanting to continue work on MY Epic stuff... Which, coincidentally, is Death Guard, meaning I am twice confused! Gurrrrr...

05-08-2009, 13:41
Mwahaha. Glad to be of service. Or not, in this case. :p

Sadly, he's a bit lonely on the shelf. Looks like I don't have enough energy for an army after all, 35 minis or no. Either that, or painting several armies for the tale kind of uses up all my painting time. Hm.

09-08-2009, 19:38
Painted a few more, with the planned colour variation. They certainly look interesting when mixed together. Still five to go plus a character for this month.


10-08-2009, 08:09
The one on the right looks like he's reenacting Saturday night fever :)

Lovely blue tones, Discord, I am glad you've started posting here again! Great BFG fleets too, I think you should try and get back into some grimey Deathguard tho- everything's so pretty here! :P

14-08-2009, 17:10
Yeah, these ones have character. Definitely no random bunch of mouths and tentacles. :p

Oh, and here's a bunch of new ones. Still two and a character to go for this month, then it's epic time if I can manage it.


Honestly, I'd like to make a few more plague marines, but I don't have the time. Between work, the tale, planning an RPG campaign and the big pile of books next to me, my schedule is pretty full. :D

Magos Explorator
15-08-2009, 18:36
Your painting style works well for those miniatures. :) I look forward to seeing the next two and the character...

16-08-2009, 09:12
Your horrors are looking great. Out of curiosity, how do you find the sculpts? I often find older GW sculpts to have more character, but also being more of a pain to paint. Oh, and will you throw in some pink ones later?


16-08-2009, 10:59
Nice realms of chaos horrors !
The epic ork army is looking great too.

16-08-2009, 11:10
The blue is definitely "right" for those minis. They almost look like they're glowing! I can't wait to see the pink versions. ;)

The plague marine is nice too, it looks manky and nurgly without being overly icky. If, as you say, it's easy to paint that scheme then it's definitely worth painting the full 35.

I like Mr. Centipede man, the insect bits especially. You have a really nice texture there.

I did get around to checking out your Daemonship - nice idea on the eye! I might give that a go. I have a few other ideas on how I will do my duo of Daemon-slaughters but an eye-bridge is an interesting one. :p I'll have to remember your bit-bashed Nid ships as well, I plan to do something similar with my stock of random Nid limbs and heads when I have go the BFG rules straight in my head (I've remember reading somewhere it's best to start with one of the 4 core lists before trying weird stuff like Nids).

Commented on your ToP stuff over there, but goods work all round (the sheer number of infantry stands is the most impressive thing).

16-08-2009, 16:07
Thanks for all the comments, folks! :)

Fredmans, I really love the sculpts. Thing is, these older minis have less bits and bobs sculpted on (How many skulls, spikes and chaos icons does a person need, anyway?), making them a bit faster to paint. Also, they used to come in fewer pieces, so there's less annoying crevices for you to try to get paint into, if you're like me and glue everything together before painting. I'm not sure what you find annoying about them. Of course, me liking them a lot probably makes them more enjoyable to paint, too.

And you bet there will be pink ones. For some strange reason, I have two blue ones for every pink horror. ;) Kind of dreading that month actually, since they don't look like the easiest minis to rank up. Twice as big as the blue ones, with those arms going all over the place. Eep.

McMullet, I tried to get them to have this look of 'raw magic' that's always been included in their descriptions. Looks especially bright next to my other minis, since I'm into earthy shades with my regular stuff.

Glad you like the eye-ship, I tossed in an extra highlight on the iris some time ago, to make it pop out more. Blended in too much with the pupil before. And it's definitely a good idea to go with one of the easier fleets first, necrons, eldar and especially bugs are quite different indeed. Maybe some day I'll finish my nids. Probably after I do those plague marines, though. I'm interested to see how your demonships will turn out, those are always an interesting addition to any fleet.

And sadly, I still have at least as many ork infantry stands to go, before I can finally call that army complete. Stupid hobby, it really is nearly impossible to finish an army. Now I started looking around my shelf and thought about how my orcy Blood Bowl team could use a few more players. And the epic chaos horde could be a lot larger. And I still have some unpainted Hell Dorado stuff. And I could paint up an extra battleship for the two fleets I did this year. And... Oh dear. :p

23-08-2009, 18:53
Ugh, my camera has a real problem with blue. Had to snap a bunch of images and still modify the best one to get the skintone mostly right. Which is why the bases on these two look a little off. Strange. I wonder if it's really the blue that's the problem, or the figures being mostly one colour. I suppose I'll find out when I do the pink ones. But to the point - finished the last two horrors for this month. (They're supposed to be turquoise.)


Still have one mini to paint, here's a sneaky wip image that'll clue you in to what it is. Well, sort of. :angel:


Mr Feral
23-08-2009, 19:14
Is that base for the Bluescribes? I jolly well hope so!

Excellent turquoise, blended superbly as usual. :)

24-08-2009, 09:17
Good guess! Or did you check out my armylist and figure out it's the only thing in there with a base size like that? ;)

Anyhow, it's not a conversion, just a counts-as. I'm sure GW will make a better bluescribes than me at some point, and even if I'd make a cool one, I'd probably still want GW's version. Soo... I'm using an old champion model. He's sorta scribey with that scroll and all and he's, well, blue. That has to count for something. :angel:

I put some paint on him last night, here's a WIP. And on top of that, I'm sorta figuring that camera out. I normally take pics on the "halogen light"-setting or whichever, that gets the most out of my desk lighting. But it seems it has to be back on "auto" for blues. That makes the background go a bit yellowy, but who cares, that's just the background. Hm hm. Needs more testing. (Un)luckily there'll be lots more blue next month to test it with.


29-08-2009, 14:58
I'm moving this thread to the new Random Project Logs Forum.


01-09-2009, 08:05
So, here's current month's stuff together. Did I mention I had trouble with photographing blue? Yes, yes I did. :p






01-09-2009, 10:21
Nice birdman.

Morglum Necksnapper
02-09-2009, 16:33
I love those horrors, the different shades of blue is a good idea.

02-09-2009, 19:36
Y'know, when I saw the regiment of Horrows I felt like singing 'Night fever, night feveeeer etc' ;)

And forget the photography, they turned out really nice and bright, I love them! Characterful little suckers too!

03-09-2009, 13:47
Thanks, I love Tzeentch so far. No other army gives you the weirdness of headless blue guys with two feet per leg and suction cups for fingers, led by a three-armed birdman on top of a floating, inverted mushroom cap. And that's only the first month. :eek:

Although I'm getting a bit bored with painting blue... :p Oh well, apart from the remaining blue horrors, the rest of the army will be in other colours.

It seems I totally forgot to post my titans. Here's the warhound:


And while I was at it, I dug out my old(ish) reaver and redid the base. It used to be one shade of brown and looked quite embarrassing, I think it's a lot spiffier now. There're some gray rocks behind the titan too, which aren't visible due to the shadow.


01-11-2009, 18:43
I like everything I've seen in this log so far it looks really cool. You seem to play a lot of specialist games and I like alot of those minis are really unique. I have a question for you if it's not too much to ask coud i see that great gargant next to a scale space marine or even better an Ork Deffdread i like that model so much better than the dread but im not sure if the scale would be right.

01-11-2009, 20:41
Love the Horrors, great paint-style on even greater models!

02-11-2009, 02:14
Horros look amazing man, the blue shades are just insane, you really did a good job with them!

You have a very sweet style to shading.

02-11-2009, 10:27
Thanks a lot! Seems I've let this thing remain forgotten a bit too long, but I've only been painting the tale stuff, so not much to show. But currently there're some parts for a Mordheim force on my painting table, so... We'll see.

Here's that size comparison pic, don't have any orky dreadnoughts, but I'll throw in a plastic warboss instead.


And due to me not updating in a while, here's some tale stuff that hasn't been shown here:


(Yes, that's the best flamer pic so far, out of eight or so I've taken. :p )


Mr Feral
02-11-2009, 11:13
Man those vintage Tzeentchian Daemons are class models, and you've done a great paint job on them. :)

Dare I ask for a group shot?

02-11-2009, 20:44
sweet thank you for the group shot I like how the flamers came out especially the fire based hands the only thing that might be a little troublesome is that the highlights on the disc chariot are a little think (the paint that is not the size of the lines) but overall they look amazing a lot better than I would anticipated most daemon players paint there guys most of em just use a lot of blue ink so nice job

03-11-2009, 10:15
If you want a group shot, you've got one. The reason I didn't include it here is because...well, see for yourself.


Those horrors *do* have five different shades of blue in them. Can you spot the purplish ones you've seen in this thread? They're there. :p Funnily, the flamers turned out perfectly in that picture.

Still need to finish those movement trays and paint another 1400 points. And yes, that's my first Infinity model in the background, awaiting paint. Should be able to spend a little more time on him, I'm a bit tired of cranking out new stuff for armies every month. Would never get them finished if I spent silly amounts of time on them. So many projects... In addition to that Infinity force (planning on buying one blister at a time and no more until they're painted, we'll see how long that lasts) and the Mordheim stuff I mentioned, I found some old boxes containing an unpainted undead army, with nearly enough stuff for both vampires and tomb kings. Yech. And I'm feeling like painting my sisters of battle, too. Don't expect to see more than bits and pieces in the future, my projects usually don't last. ;)

03-11-2009, 10:55
Looks amazing man, the army is uniform and perfect with of course the details of individuals poping in just the right way. I love your style, can't wait for more.

03-11-2009, 12:24
Love the work you've done with these older figs!

Say what you want about the quality of the newer sculpts, the older ones had way more character! Especially the models from the Chaos range.

Count me Subscribed!

Looking forward to more inspiring painting. Keep up the good work. :D

03-11-2009, 15:10
Thanks, here's some more stuff I painted for the 40k tale. Didn't post them before, as the thread wasn't up.


Tzeentchy sorcerer, used as changeling. I'm fed up with blue, if you can't tell. ;) He'll work well together with the pink horrors. Besides, I think a chaos army needs some chaotic colours in it. Uniforms are for imperials!


Yes, that carapace weapon is detachable. At some point I'll paint some alternative ones so I can swap 'em.

Now off to (hopefully) paint some zombies (and not just sit around and goof off all day). :angel:

03-11-2009, 16:20
looking good but where is the warlord titan


03-11-2009, 22:54
A few feet away from me, sitting in a box. ;) Would like to save it for the last month of the tale, finish up with a bang and all that. Worked nicely last time with the great gargant and all.

Oh, and I *did* get those zombies painted! Five of them, fast and dirty. Won't win any prizes, but I like the shamblers. Nine models to go for that Mordheim team. I'm reeeally not sure about that undead army after all, even though these were fairly painless. Fifty more and their skeleton buddies would probably be the death of me. Anyway, wasn't feeling up to reloading my camera's batteries, so they'll be up later. Don't hold your breaths, I've got stuff to do tomorrow. :p

Magos Explorator
04-11-2009, 16:39
That classic Tzeentch stuff looks great. :)

10-11-2009, 13:11
Your new epic stuff looks great.
And the best are in my opinion those oldschool wfb blue horrors: the different glowing blue are just perfect, looks really magic & Tzenchy.

16-12-2009, 18:51
Just popping in to say hello. Your group shot of the fantasy army looks great. I just love all those oldschool models clumped together. I am eager to see what classic goodness that is hiding in your closet.


20-12-2009, 15:21
To keep stuff in one place, here're my latest tale efforts.


And remember those zombies I painted over a month ago? I, uh, was too lazy to take a pic. Here:


Yeah, I had fun with gloss varnish. Need to varnish them anyway and matt kills the shiny, bloody effect.

As a bonus, here's the view out of my window. The ground was still bare several hours ago. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to catch the swirly effect of this awful, cold ick constantly falling down and blowing in every direction. What I did get was an opportunity to shamble through it after work today.

And no, I haven't actually painted anything in a while. Got in a few games, that's all. Not really feeling like starting anything in the near future, since I'm probably moving after a few months. Feeling a bit inorganized right now.

Oh, hey, I forgot to mention. There's a secret hidden in one of the pics. A grand prize of absolutely nothing to whoever spots it.

20-12-2009, 22:21
Nice painting.

I think that the secret is the corpse lying hidden below the snow.

21-12-2009, 20:28
Close, but no absolutely nothing for you! ;)

And judging by the amount of snow on your balcony, it looks like you got even more of it than I did. Which isn't fair! Even though I don't like snow, but still.

21-12-2009, 21:27
Great painting here. I think I almost like your bases better :-P The one ont he flying Tzench thingy (whats it called again!?) looks fantastic!

22-12-2009, 09:56
It's a disc of Tzeentch. Warhammer naming isn't exactly rocket science. ;)

And bah, it sounds like if I want a better-looking army, I need to discard the minis and just concentrate on the bases, as a lot of people seem to like them better. Maybe an invisible Frodo - themed army that goes one step further, with just footprints sculpted on. :p

Lord Azoth
28-12-2009, 09:06
really love your demons, your conversioned Tzeench spawn lloks really cool

27-02-2010, 11:17
Got my move done. Also, I'm sort of surprised to notice there's a more active miniatures community over here, even though it's a much smaller city. Oh well, good for me. So, it got me back into painting. I also have an easier time showing you some pics, as I got a better camera. By which I mean I nicked my dad's expensive one, as he doesn't use it anyway. Nyah.

Anyway, there're even Confrontation players here! So I had to scrounge up some minis so I could play, as I really love it and the new edition is kind of iffy. So now I have a fully painted 125 point dogs of war force, only needed to paint two minis for it. And heeere they are:


Yes, a skeletal centaur. Horrid to assemble. And here's my team leader.


Also, I bought some Warmachine stuff before I moved. The inspiration for this came after reading an article by John Blanche. Obviously, I wouldn't want to imitate the man (Nor would I be able to!), but I thought about painting and gaming and decided I shouldn't stress too much about stuff I paint just to get it on the gaming table. So I picked out a few colours and quite liberally splashed them on. Was fun and quick and seems to work with Cryx, at least. Maybe I'll finally get an army done for one 28mm game. Picked the colours since I didn't want the regular black, but couldn't really paint bone either, because it's an undead force. Besides, I did that on my titans. So I went for something a bit different.


And if anyone (not likely) wonders about the hidden pic thing earlier, the small footprints in the snow going into the right wall are there because of rabbit holes. Yay for living in our capital city. :p

05-03-2010, 09:41
And I did another Cryxbot. Yay for more horrid painting so I can get an army done quickly. This one was surprisingly big, painted it in about as little time as the last one. And yeah, I fixed those shiny metal bits that only show up in the pics. Or the worst ones, as they won't show up on tabletop anyway. Not sure yet if I want to do something different with the eyes, I'll just leave them like that for now. Besides, red would be corny and blue would give too much contrast for me. Been thinking about turquoise, which I will use for the ghostly critters. (Not that I have bought any yet.)



And here's the size comparison. Didn't expect the two to have such a size difference. Maybe it's just because the Cryx light warjacks are so much smaller than the ones for other factions.


07-03-2010, 21:30
Hey, Discord! I've missed you!

The Cryx stuff looks very nicely done, I think. You're being too harsh on yourself when it comes to their quality! It's an interesting paint style you've done for them and they look great to me. Almost John Blanche-esque!

The eye colour- you could try a green highlighting up to Rotting Flesh? Bit of source lighting for an eery glow- know you can do source lighting already ;)

09-03-2010, 11:43
Glad to hear it! I'm much more enthusiastic about painting again, so there should be more stuff to see in the near future. First of all, I'm planning on finishing up a 15-pointer Warmachine force, consisting mostly of the starter box. The glue is drying on the leader as I'm typing this. Also, those undead will probably need some reinforcements, as there's a weekly campaign running over here. Played one game and they proved quite tough. Might want to paint another little force, too. And I'd really like a Nurgle kill team for 40k, but sadly I seem to have misplaced a squad of plague marines during the move. I know I packed them, they're probably hidden in one of the boxes I put in the basement, or maybe on the bottom of a miniature box here. I'm sure they'll turn up after I've bought some spares. Oh, and there's that squad of Blood Angels that seem to want support now that they're getting a proper codex and all.

So I'll be happy if I get even one of the above finished. :p Anyway, about the eyes. I thought about green, but most Cryx minis I see have green glowy-bits on them. I'd like to do something unique. I think I'll decide after I've gotten one of those pistol wraiths and paint them the same way, to maintain uniformity in the colour scheme and all that.

10-03-2010, 11:19
And heeere she is:


Thought I'd go with different coloured robes at first, but it seemed the scheme works pretty well, so I went with it. Just two of those smaller bots to go and I've got the whole starter box painted! Think I'll paint both at once, to save some time. Then toss in one six-man squad and it'll be time for something non-Warmachine again.

22-03-2010, 16:51
Yay, stuff!

Tried out Kill Team with that tactical squad. A power fist isn't so hot on lone models, so I replaced that with a power weapon. Here's the new sergeant. (Sorry, a bit blurry.)

Also, our little campaign has progressed, meaning more undead for me. First a skeletal centaur, providing ranged support for my team.

And a ghoul, who in one game managed to gather enough experience to become a prospector. I suppose next game he'll sit on the sidelines and dig some treasure instead. Somewhat difficult to paint and photograph, due to the crouching pose and that arm being in the way... But I like him.

Gathered enough points to field a winged skeleton. Need to paint him for friday. Pics on that later. Also, I'll be lending a teammate some demonic dwarves, I'd like to finish them too. No biggie if I don't, his force isn't painted anyway. :p Pretty neat to get some actual gaming done.

24-03-2010, 15:46
No comments make me sad. Maybe I should paint better. Nah, can't be bothered. Gaming minis it is.

More reinforcements for me, in the form of a winged skeleton. Those wings are highlighted with dark brown, but I tried to keep them very black overall. My photography is (again) somewhat lacking.

And I promised to lend a teammate some scouts, because he doesn't own any. Didn't want to bring him unpainted stuff, so. Go demonic dwarves!

25-04-2010, 14:05
I was ill for a week, then I did some stuff, but didn't take pics until now, as I figured they won't get any comments anyhow. :p (sniff)

My Acheron team got a boost. Here's another flying skeleton thingy.


Also, I finished the Cryx starter set, here are the deathrippers and a group shot.


And finally, as I was taking pics I remembered I usually don't take wip shots, as I dislike fishing the camera out too often. But this was sitting on my desk, so...


Trying to finish that thing for friday's game, then I'll try painting a 35-point Warmachine army. Meaning 28 more dudes, I've all but given up hope on ever finishing a Fantasy/40k army. Maybe one day... Oh! I'm also ordering some Malifaux and Infinity stuff, I like the fact those games need 5-10 minis to play. Expect to see a few after I've tackled the Warmachines, as I really want to try that game out.

Math Mathonwy
26-04-2010, 11:19
It's a real shame that there haven't been comments on this blog lately as you're churning out really awesome stuff here. So to try to remedy things a bit, some feedback on your latest efforts:

I like the wings on the newest skeleton a lot more than the wings on the previous one - the bolder brown highlights work very well IMO. Also, I really, really didn't remember that they made a mini like that - did you convert the wings or were they really wrapped up like that originally?

The Cryx group is up to your usual standards - looks very nice. I'm especially liking the way you're highlighting/shading the big flat plates so common to Warmachine. The somewhat rare visible brushstrokes give them a sort of vividness that I appreciate.

Finally, the Darkness Elemental looks fantastic! Really, really liking the reds you've achieved there. Perhaps a tiny bit of tidying up on the pink parts closer to the ground, but other than that I'm liking it very, very much so far.

26-04-2010, 12:22
Thanks! And I'm happy to see some commentary, it's a bit dull with me talking mostly to myself here. :D

I like the wings on the newest skeleton a lot more than the wings on the previous one - the bolder brown highlights work very well IMO. Also, I really, really didn't remember that they made a mini like that - did you convert the wings or were they really wrapped up like that originally?

It's unconverted, there were four different versions of these fellows, this one being definitely the most annoying one to build. :p Not surprised you haven't seen it, as this was one of those few rare minis whose sculpt was never shown anywhere. Even the Rackham online store only featured some concept art for this one. Kind of a gamble from the buyer's perspective.

Finally, the Darkness Elemental looks fantastic! Really, really liking the reds you've achieved there. Perhaps a tiny bit of tidying up on the pink parts closer to the ground, but other than that I'm liking it very, very much so far.

Great! I hope I'll get it done this week, as I have way too many places to be. I'd rather not play with an unfinished mini, but the lower torso already took as much time as a regular trooper. Planning to do the upper torso, each arm and the head separately, so I won't burn myself out on it. That sometimes happens with bigger minis, at some point I'll decide I just want it over with and finish sloppily. ;) And you're right, I originally thought that no one would care about those parts, but they've been bugging me ever since I finished painting them. I'll go fix that right now and basecoat the upper torso while I'm at it.

26-04-2010, 22:33
That's what you get for not painting Spess Mureenz...

The skeleton-bat-thingy looks like a flat sculpt and not to my taste. The painting is good, though I don't like the flesh-coloured haft of the scythe.

The orange robot killer dodos look cool. :)

28-04-2010, 19:04
What can I say, more undead stuff from you please - great minis (lots of ones I have never seen before) and amazing painting. Not too keen on orangish Cryx though.

01-05-2010, 20:41
That's what you get for not painting Spess Mureenz...

But I did one recently! Speedpainted! With blurryish pic! Man, people are demanding around here if that's not enough. ;)

And the scythe haft, that's actually supposed to be a bone. I obviously didn't want to paint it in my regular bone colour due to it being held by an already bony (oh ha ha) skeleton, so I went with that.

What can I say, more undead stuff from you please - great minis (lots of ones I have never seen before) and amazing painting. Not too keen on orangish Cryx though.

Well, um, I have some good and some bad news for you. Lots of undead on the horizon. They're all Cryx. :p

Anyhow, here's my planned 35 point army with which to crush all my enemies, see them driven etc. lamentations etc. Or more likely, lose a lot with. Shh.

Asphyxious (assembled)
2 Deathrippers (Done!)
Seether, Reaper (In small bits and pieces.)
10 Mechanithralls, Necrosurgeon (assembled)
10 Bane Thralls, Warwitch (Half in bits, rest haven't arrived yet.)

So that's what's up next. I'd do some more Confrontation-deaders, but there are rumblings that my all-conquering team is a bit too, erm, competitive, so I might switch it out for some mean wolfen instead. Those might be painted before the Cryx, as I only need three minis to play.

Sadly, yesterday's game got canceled, so I never finished the elemental, having a little sorely needed me-time instead. Read the Infinity rulebook too, which arrived recently. But today I broke out the paint pots and continued on it.


Ignore the white spots all over, it's really dark here at this time of the day and I'm relying mostly on the flash. Tried to fix the pink bits as well as I could, they're really really small and it was horribly annoying. And now I'm noticing that skull thingy on the scythe, the top of it needs some highlighting. Eesh, speedpainting GW stuff was much less trouble. I'll go fix that now and fiddle with the one pink bit that's still annoying me, then I'll probably undercoat five mechanithralls and just splash colour on them before continuing with the big jerk. :D

04-05-2010, 11:44
Yay, speedpaint speedpaint. Well, they look good from an arm's length and aren't horrible up close. That'll do. (Especially since even a cruddier paintjob is still better than the mostly unpainted stuff of the local Warmachine players.) The metals aren't all that shiny, that's the flash.


And yeah, I know the minimum unit size is six. I'll have ten, so I'm going to paint them in two sets of five rather than six and four. Might get a second unit if I go all crazy, steam-powered zombies are pretty neat.

There's a local painting competition over here on saturday, I'll have to enter something. Not expecting to win anything, but still. Not sure if I'll have time to start on a new mini (Rackham wolfen or Infinity), or if I'll just go with the elemental. Doubt I'll get one of those big wolfen done by then, but maybe something for Infinity. Anyway, I'll let you know how it goes. Unless I'm the bottom of the barrel, which would kinda suck. :p

07-05-2010, 17:15
Yay, I finally finished that thing! Noooo, I forgot to take pictures of that thing before entering it into the competition! Oh well, I'll go fetch it next week. You'll see it then.

Also: Oh, my aching fingers. See the pile of stuff in the front of this pic?


I cleaned mold lines off of those. See the ones in the back? I still have to clean mold lines off those. And then I get to drill and pin them. Excited! :cries:

And why? Because I promised I'd try out Infinity with starter boxes on monday. Then I promised I'd enter a 500-pointer fantasy campaign on tuesday. Then I promised I'd finally play and not just watch in the local Warmachine club on wednesday. Then I have an RPG session on thursday. Then I promised I'd assemble a new team for the Confrontation campaign on friday. Then there's a gaming night and miniature bazaar here on sunday. Which leaves me saturday as the only day I'm not busy. And I nearly promised to enter a 400-pointer 40k campaign, which I still might do.

Luckily, most of the Warmachine stuff has been assembled already. And for fantasy too, as I'm going greenskins, after noticing I only need 18 gobbos and a ballista for 500p. Sadly, I am so going to break my unspoken rule of only fielding painted miniatures, as I simply have no time to do anything but assemble them. Also, my fingers are so going to bleed before the week is through.

Ugh. On the positive side, I'm getting some gaming done. Interestingly, several months here gives me more gaming than a year did in our capital, which is over three times as big. And that's not counting all the stuff here I don't attend, as I don't have painted fantasy/40k armies to go play with.

07-05-2010, 17:20
A highly unfitting title (though of the highest class - L.O.L!) for such quality work, lad.

Slick painting, and well balanced colour palettes. Great choice of targets for ruination, too. ;)

14-05-2010, 17:37
Heh, thanks. I finally managed to trudge through that horrid pile of crud on my desk, here's how it looks now.


I added a few models to the mix. :) Now all I need is to paint them. And get that second Infinity team, so I can run demo games. Our tryout game managed to spark some interest in the crowd. Also, I need that 400 pointer 40k army for next thursday. *sigh* Oh well, games were fun so far. Even with unpainted minis, which surprised me. Maybe I can get into 40k/fantasy after all, just need to stick with friendly games and slowly paint up the armies. But that's for later.

15-05-2010, 19:01
Splish splash speedpaint. Yees, it's very dark. Hopefully not too dark for our local club, as the lighting is a bit dark over there. Anyway, just an excuse to try out snowbasing for the first time ever. It's a bit whiter in real life (I suppose the dark tones messed up the photo), but still fairly slushy. Wanted it that way, as I figured 90% of all gaming tables are green or brown, so huge drifts of snow on your bases will stick out like a sore thumb. I prefer little melting piles here and there. (Also the reason why I think lava bases don't work for gaming. Besides, they look really silly when you consider anyone standing near hot lava would burn to a crisp. But I suppose it looks cool for display minis.)


Erm, yeah. Not sure what's up next. Probably more of the Cryx blighters, although painting up Infinity demo teams would be a good idea too. Oh! Need to remember to get back my elemental and take pics. Forgot about that one completely.