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10-07-2008, 23:44
Okay, here we go.

It has been over a year since my last post, but the time for lurking has past! Now is the time of painting!

…mainly due to the fact my crap has grown far too unwieldy and needs to be taken care of. I suppose I could sell some of it, but that would be like admitting defeat. Instead I have finally gotten off my duff and started painting and assembling all the debris crammed in my closet.

What precisely am I talking about?

3000+ points of Blood Angels -- Hungarian Themed (Magyar Marines, name to change)
500 Points of Witch Hunters (NOT going to grow, just a fun little list)
About 2k of the new Daemons -- Folklore Themed
Re-Painting and revitalizing the Longtusk Tribe (Ogre Kingdoms)
3 Mordheim Warbands -- Possessed, Middenheimers, and Kislev
2 Necromunda Gangs -- Van Saar, Goliath
An unknown amount of Skaven that has been creeping in for 8 or so years...
500 points of LoTR (evil, Minas Morgul)
500 points of LoTR (good, Tower of Ecthelion)
2000+/- points of Empire (Averland)
1000 points of Seleucids (Warmaster Ancients)
500 point posse for Legends of the Old West (Outlaws, naturally)
1000 points of Fucilieri (Flames of War)
1000+ points of Skorne (Hordes, Xerxis and Zaal mostly)
750 points of Cygnar (Warmachine, Siege)
Two armies for Wargods (Good To-tanem, Evil Basti)
1 female Minotaur from Confrontation (Liked the model, I don’t play the game)
…and probably some stuff I am forgetting that I cannot get to.

Long list, eh? Not as long as some of the others on here, but still – this stuff is invasive!

Now since project logs that take forever to get off the ground are kind of a pet peeve of mine, I have already started on my project and will post pictures very soon… mainly because I still can’t figure out how to attach pictures the way I like (all I can get are these damn link-esque images...). I do plan on this being pic-tastic though... someday.

Currently working on:
Daemons (Test models)
Necromunda (Goliath - Priming, Van Saar - Basing)
Mordheim (Possessed - Painting)

Upcoming Pictures:
Flesh Hound, Horror, Plaguebearer, Bloodletter (Test Models)
Goliath Ganger w/Shotgun (Test Model)
Possessed Warband (pre-primer)
Aegyptus Harbingers (pre-primer)

I welcome any support, motivation, or interest, and criticism is welcome, though I am not painting to win any contests, just to look presentable without being embarrassed. That said, post away; should you feel inclined.

…please? Need something to look at in the interum? Fine, have some cowboys and a WIP Harbinger.

http://img77.imageshack.us/img77/778/hpim0356ul1.th.jpg (http://img77.imageshack.us/my.php?image=hpim0356ul1.jpg)
150 of the 500 point posse. I painted these a while ago so the quality may be iffy, but I still cannot get my bases looking that fine anymore!

http://img235.imageshack.us/img235/3019/ohsnapir0.th.jpg (http://img235.imageshack.us/my.php?image=ohsnapir0.jpg)
The origin of my avatar, he looks so shocked! Perhaps it was seeing his boss blown up by TNT? Guess we'll never know...

http://img235.imageshack.us/img235/365/hpim0568pw4.th.jpg (http://img235.imageshack.us/my.php?image=hpim0568pw4.jpg)
A shot of our WIP stoic stone stallion! My Wargods To-tanem harbinger very early on in his conversion, this was after a repositioning and head-swap methinks.

11-07-2008, 23:29
Don't everyone join in at once... :eyebrows:

Kidding! I kid because I love! ;)

Anyway I have changed my image host in an effort to supply less lame pics, so here are the test models I have been working on:

Goliath Ganger and his shotgun w/Manstopper Shells and Frag Grenades.

A different angle, so that you might appreciate his abs of pewter.

And that is all for now, I have my daemons all ready to go... though I would prefer to clump their pics as close together as possible.

Working on:
Possessed (Minor Greenstuff)
Magister (Painting)
Mutants (Painting)
Flamer of Tzeentch (Test Model)
Nurglings (Test Model)
Van Saar (Basing)

Upcoming Pics:
Bloodletter, Plaguebearer, Horror, and Flesh Hound (Test Models)
Possessed Bretheren w/ Bows (Painted)
Harbingers (Pre-Primer)
Possessed Warband (Pre-Primer, All Together Now!)

17-07-2008, 08:57
Thar be daemons!

He's an angry puppy! Down boy!
...I was always more of a cat person anyway...

I have experimented with a few ways to paint these guys. I started with a green base and went with flesh tones thereafter. My alternative is to start with flesh tones and finish with a green wash. I never much cared for the solid-green plaguebearers, but I cannot say if this is any better. (I obviously like it more, but I am looking for an outside opinion)

I really enjoy how this horror turned out. Started with Tallarn flesh of all things. Tallarn Flesh, Tenticle Pink, Red Wash, Tenticle Pink highlight. I think it works but any tips are welcome (I have never painted pink before).

Bloodletter! My only misgiving is his blade looks more rusted than hellish. I figure a glossy varnish should help, but since I have zero experience with them I really do not know. Ideas?

No, their bases aren't done (even on the plaguebearer). I still need to add grass and clump shrubbery on his (its?).

Working on:
Cult of the Possessed (Painting)
Flamer of Tzeentch (Test Model)
Nurglings (Test Model)
Van Saar (Priming)
Goliath (Painting)
Nurgle Herald (He has a coat and a straw hat. Awesome)

Upcoming Pics:
Possessed Brethren w/ Bows (Painted)
Harbingers (Pre-Primer)
Possessed Warband (Pre-Primer, All Together Now!)
Van Saar Conversions (pre-primer)

19-07-2008, 23:56
I just realized I still haven't supplied all the pics promised in the first post. Lets fix that!

Aegyptus Harbingers, the cat is my nasty Basti. The guy with the Moai head and flaming sword is my To-tanem harbinger, the almost literal Golden Boy (without paint it is kind of impossible to know, but he is solid metal -not gold but close). A side note about the To-tanem's hand, the green stuff is his shield strap (not yet attached). More to come much later. As much as I love the game, there are VERY few people that play Wargods in Tucson/Phoenix, at least that I can find.

Now on to the newly promised pics!

Awww! Its a group shot! Don't they look so happy? The guy with the glorified pointer is Nehemiah, the magister. The skinny guy in chains is Hephaestus (not his real name, duh), a possessed that doubles as cult smithy. The two guys with hooves are the mutants (duh, again), who may or may not be siblings. The beastman has some bizarre name I made up that I cannot recall (way too Lovecraftian).

Wondering about the normal guys? They would be our Brethren, armed with bows. Tack a generic biblical name on em' and we're set.

Red and black is nice, but I always found purple to be much more sinister. This is also my first attempt at purple, any comments or suggestions would be especially appreciated!

...and that's the pic-cap! I am getting pretty close to my in-a-row post limit so somebody please speak up, even for a casual hello!

Working on:
Cult of the Possessed (Painting, but less than before)
Flamer of Tzeentch (Test Model)
Nurglings (Test Model)
Van Saar (Priming)
Goliath (Painting)
Nurgle Herald (He has a coat and a straw hat. Awesome)

Upcoming Pics:
Van Saar Conversions (pre-primer)
Possessed Brethren (rear-view)
My favorite Ogre
WIP Tyrant (with a question!)
(not a pic but…) Maybe some fluff? (anybody wanna' hear it? anybody reading at all?)