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Rabid Bunny 666
30-10-2005, 18:30
and need some help, mainly for a descent team to start out with, and some tactics to boot

any info greatly appreciated

30-10-2005, 19:32
Hmm, I play Norse, but I was never brilliant with them...

First thing to remember is that for 90,000GP the Blitzers really suck. Frenzy is liable to get you into trouble if you keep pushing into unfavourable positions (enemy tackle zones, or wide zones), and Jump Up is of limited use on an AV7 model, as half the time you'll be face down or worse and unable to bounce straight back up again. and with that hefty price tag, you may as well paint a target on him from the outset, because everyone will be out to get him. For a starting team, take 1 maximum, and doing without completely in favour of cheaper linemen might be better. Your basic linemen will go nose-to nose with just about anyone. Having said that, with AV7 it will be a good idea to start with a couple of subs, because you will end up losing players to KOs or worse during the game.

Don't underestimate how scary it is when you tell your opponent "yes, my entire team starts with Block", particularly in the early days of a league before he can start adding it to his own players as they advance. I'd say that for the first couple of league games go for a straight punch up against anything that isn't Dwarfs (because they nearly all have Block too, and you can outrun most of them instead), then as your opponents start gaining fighty abilities of their own (because most people go for those, Block particularly) try to pick up some ball and movement related skills so you can start to outplay them.

Example starter team:

10 Linemen - 500,000GP
2 Throwers - 140,000GP
2 Catchers - 140,000GP
3 Re-rolls - 180,000GP
Fan Factor 4 - 40,000GP


30-10-2005, 19:51
I have found that it is entirely possible to make a complete team out of the plastic chaos marauders set. You just have to be carefull how you do the heads. I think that the bare head with beard can easily allow a thrower to stand out as being different and the bare head with the topknot works well with catchers. The champion head with extra big horns and a cape help the blockers to stand out as what they are as well.
I am touch and go with the blockers, I always take as many blockers as I can in any team I take. Sooner or later, you will end up needing them and it is only a matter of time when you decide to buy them. I would start off with one or two, you just need to be carefull about how you use them and especially the frenzy as that can hurt you or help you. While the block skill is really nice, it is not the super game winner some might think. That roll result doesnt always come up. So dont forget your passing game. It is easy to forget that when you see block on all your guys and try to go toe to toe with better armored guys.
I found that it is usually good to start with a big guy like an ogre. Then again, I usually play a chaos team and have better armor. If points/cash do not permit, try to get one of those as soon as you can. Minataurs are good, but a risky proposition. I have one in my chaos team but only for fluff reasons and appearances. He has cost me a few games and I'd be better off letting him go and getting an ogre, but I have grown attached to the big lug.

Rabid Bunny 666
30-10-2005, 19:54
I have found that it is entirely possible to make a complete team out of the plastic chaos marauders set.

thats what i'm gonna do :)

i'll have a flick through the rulebook at home and think about it a bit more

Lord of ???
31-10-2005, 09:42
I use a Norse Team.

I found that the Blitzers Jump Up ability can be a life saver at times.

Also they draw a great amount of fear from an enemy.

They've sorta been nerfed fairly hard since they no longer have access to an Ogres later on but you will have a really good run at the start when your skill advantage is at its biggest. Expect to have a hard slog against teams with a few games under their belt as they start having all the nasties like Str 4 players which they couldn't afford at the start.

31-10-2005, 13:10
Are you sure about that? The living rulebook and the blue book comes in the game has minataurs and ogres as being allied to norse teams.

Rabid Bunny 666
31-10-2005, 13:20
but they cost a bucketload for 1 game

Lord of ???
01-11-2005, 07:54
I'm pretty sure that the current LRB (Unless they ahve updated again) States that Ogres can only be taken by Human teams

Norse apparently aren't humans

And Minotaurs are more of a liability than benefit.

Rabid Bunny 666
01-11-2005, 09:11
worked out my team, as its for a league, it is:

10 Linemen - 500,000GP
2 Throwers - 140,000GP
2 Catchers - 140,000GP
3 Re-rolls - 180,000GP
Fan Factor 1 - 10,000GP

with 30,000 left for "just in case"

01-11-2005, 19:04
dont save the money- get more fan factor! Fan factor can never be bought once you start and you need a decent size to get a good gate and thus more money. I personally start teams with a MINIMUM of four and usually around seven or eight.

02-11-2005, 01:28
I am looking at the most current Blood Bowl rules from the Games Workshop site. Ogres can be used or hired on as permanant players by chaos, human, norse, orc.
Experimental teams that may use them, Chaos pact (Norse/beastman) (may use 2), Lustrian (Amazon/skink) (2 big guys one of which may be an ogre), Old world (human/dwarf) may take 2 big guys, one of which may be an ogre.
In the revised versions, halflings, dwarfs and goblins lost the ability to take them.

02-11-2005, 02:15
I wouldn't take an ogre. I played with one in my human team for a while and while he was good he was also a liability. Sometimes you just need it to walk a couple of squares and it can't manage it cause of bonehead, and without block they can get put down pretty easily.

Norse are pretty hard, but expensive and have low armour, getting some extra subs might be worth it over the ogre. And in a team where everyone else has block the Ogre really will be a target.

As a whole the team are a bit to slow and lightly armoured for my liking. I like the well rounded nature of the Human team, you can punch, throw, catch and run...well untill your catchers get smashed then you can just punch and run.
That said I also have a goblin team so I know what it's like to have a slow moving team, mind you Norse are a lot more reliable than goblins.

Punch Punch Punch some more and try not to get hit, having block does go some way to off set the low armour but watch out, hence the extra subs instead of the Ogre.

02-11-2005, 05:57
LOL, An ogre is a target no matter what team you put him on. They are good if you can get them early enough to start getting them enough star player points to get new abilities to add to the ones they already have. It is all a matter of preference.
It could be worse though, you could be playing the chaos team. When you buy all the "linemen" beastmen, you are paying gold for them all to have the horns ability. The catch is, only one gets to use them per turn. :(
Oh well, its all in fun and my chaos team is still my main one.
Keep us updated on how you set them up and how your norsemen do over the course of the "season".

06-11-2005, 22:50
for figs, i think the current BB norse figs suck, i have seen on www.talkbloodbowl.com a guy used a marauder box combined witht he thrower and catcher hands from the plastic humans to make sweet looking norse players. I myself dont have to play in a GW store so i use these figs for my norse team.

and BTW his site is hosed but you could probly email him for some pics or look on the TBB site above mentioned and get pics there.

07-11-2005, 01:52
When I used the marauder boxed set, I used the bare non-helmeted head with the beard for throwers. I considered the throwers to be older wiser guys who would be trusted for that role. If I had ever gotten around to painting them, I would have given them grey or white hair. The catchers, I used the non helemeted heads with the topknots. To me, the lack of beard and topknot said youth. I considered them to be good for the role of recklessly going out into the enemy territory doing daring deeds of running with the ball.
The blitzers I considered to be the tough guys in the prime of thier lives. I used the big fancy helms for them and gave the cloaks to also help them stand out for thier pridefull reasons. That left the linemen who I just used a variety of reguler heads and poses for.

07-11-2005, 03:02
here are the norse converted from marauders from www.talkbloodbowl.com
note: these are not mine (i wish they were tho)
the ogre is a second edition blood bowl ogre


07-11-2005, 03:07

07-11-2005, 03:08

07-11-2005, 03:11
Hmm...Night Lords shoulder pads, nice touch.
I'm not a fan of the oven glove catchers gloves, but those are nice. As tempting as it is, I've got enough BB teams already. :p

07-11-2005, 03:17
here are the the females i have/use for my norse but note these arent mine either but i dont have a camera either.
mine are called the Norsican Raiders and painted up Oakland Raiders style.
nit this purple, but these are nice figs.