View Full Version : Dragon Con 2008 Atlanta, GA! Blood Bowl Weekend!!

19-07-2008, 23:08
First off, you might be asking "What is Dragon Con?" and if this is the case and you're within driving distance to Atlanta, where the heck have you been for 21 years!!??? LOL!

Dragon Con is the premiere Sci-Fi/ Gaming/ Comic/ Horror/ Fantasy convention in the South. Last year they had over 20,000 people during the weekend, selling out three major hotels and basically plunging the downtown area into a Mardi-Gra/ Halloween type weekend!

Dragon Con hosts 24 hour gaming of just about everything you could want to play and thanks to the Skeleton Crew gang from Florida we've had a Blood Bowl tournament for the last ten years or so!

This year they've graciously handed over the reins to the Greenville, SC crowd to keep the tradition going and I've made it a point to get this annual event as big as possible! So, after I post the link to Dragon Con, I'm going to get to the real reason you're reading this post and tell you what we're doing this year!


8/30/2008: Dungeon Bowl tournament. That's right, the first ever Dungeon Bowl tournament to be thrown at Dragon Con. With over 32 Square feet of 3D dungeon, you'll be running around facing monsters, traps and as well as your fellow teams all in search of the elusive football! Once the ball is found it's a race back to your dugout, with everyone else trying to keep you from getting there (Think kill the man with the ball from 4th grade with the addition of spikes and pads)
I will be posting a link for official rules we'll be using soon, so post with some interest if you have any and I'll keep you updated! Prizes will be awarded, though are yet to be determined for Dungeon Bowl.

8/31/2008 Dragon Bowl tourament! This will be the annual event we normally have at Dragon Con. The day will consist of a three round swiss style tourney. I will be posting a link to our official rules in the coming days. I am also going to try and get this event NAF official!
Prizes will be awarded for various things and will include IMPACT Miniatures (Thanks so much for the support guys!) as well as other cool spiffy awards.
The really awesome thing about these events?? THERE IS NO ENTRY FEE!!! So all you have to do is attend Dragon Con!!!
Please make it a point to come to this event, I can promise if you've never tried Dragon Con, you will keep coming back once you have!