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Count Sinister
21-07-2008, 22:37
Well, hello Inquisitors. As the title of the thread suggests, I've decided (after many, many years) to take the plunge and try out Inquisitor. To that end, I've secured a few models from ebay (they are currently in the mail), I've downloaded the rulebook and had a quick read of it, and I've started jotting down character ideas.

I have a few questions, though.

One of them has to do with scale - an issue that always crops up with Inquisitor, I know! Now, I'm happy to use the 54mm minis, as I think a lot of them are beautifully sculpted, and I love converting, but here's my question. In fact, it's one of the things that I really like about the game. From the websites of a few of the 54mm model companies out there, it seems that the scale for 54mm minis is about 1/32. If this is so, is it possible to use plastic scale kits at 1/35 for buildings and vehicles? I ask, because I know that there are lots out there, and I love the idea of (eventually, at least) incorporating vehicles into the game.

Second question: I realise that converting is at the heart of the game, and I love converting minis. I've already found out some useful information - for example, ork hands work well on 54mm models - but I have a very simple question that anybody who has ever bought an Inquisitor model can answer. Do you get extra 'bits' in each kit? For example, do you get variant heads and hands with different weapons other than those that are depicted on the finished models on the GW website? A silly question, I know, but an important one, as those extra bits will be essential for future conversions. Oh, also, if Orc hands work well on 54mm models, would the hands of the Warhammer Fantasy Ogres work as well?

Finally, do you have any tips about making/converting weapons at 54mm scale? I already read the excellent article on the GW website about making hand weapons for Inquisitor models, but what about making guns? I have an idea that Ork shootas would probably make excellent hand guns (with a bit of converting work), but maybe I'm wrong - or maybe I'm right and you have examples/ideas!

In short, while I still play Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Mordheim, and (soon, I hope, Necromunda), there's something about the Inquisitor rules, and background, as well as the minis and the 54mm scale, that really appeals to me, and I'll looking forward to getting stuck in. Now I just have to wait for the models to arrive!

21-07-2008, 23:30
Inquisitor models are great for learning new converting techniques. A lot of the things I can do now were practiced on Inquisitor figures. Some things are a lot easier on large models. Once you know how to do them then you can scale them doen to 28mm.

Some of the GW kits come with variant parts. Slick Devlan/Damian Bloodhound, Barbarretta/Lucretia Bravus, Damian 1427/Simeon 38X and Quovandius/variant (can't remember name) spring to mind.

As for guns, pick up some plastic rod/tube and plasticard. Knock up a basic shape and add a little GS detail.

Ork weapons aren't too bad size wise but try not to overuse them as they are very Orky in appearance.

a 40k scale bolter can be modified to make a decent autopistol with a little bit of strategic cutting.

For further advice head on over to The Conclave (http://the-conclave.co.uk/forum/index.php).

Count Sinister
22-07-2008, 00:21
Excellent, Catferret! I didn't realise that you were an Inquisitor player.

As far as the converting is concerned, one of the reasons I want to start working at 54mm is to teach myself some techniques that I just wouldn't even try at 28mm. Not yet, at least.

Thanks also for letting me know about the Inquisitor kits that come with variants. I like the Barbaretta model, so I was thinking of getting it anyway. Now, I almost certainly will. I also love the Arbites model - it's excellent. I'll be picking that up as well, I think. Good heads up on the possible excessive orkiness of using ork shoota bits too much (although I do love those barrels!). So, maybe just one or two, then...

Good idea on the 40k bolter, too. I'm on my way to Conclave right now!

22-07-2008, 03:05
Inquisitor is funny for scale officially it's 54mm, but in reality models like Eissenhorn are alot bigger thus making it 'heroic 54mm', which I think is nearer 1:24, but that's all subject to opinion.

Right then thanks to the [semi] recent axe to the bits service I think the eldar and kroot models come with alternative parts. The Arbites Judge comes with spare heads. Fabian is the mutant Catferret couldn't think of.

Heavy Bolters can be converted into bolters and bolt pistols. Autocannons make a good base for beefy autoguns and heavy stubbers.

Count Sinister
22-07-2008, 03:13
Thanks, Talos. I was just over at Conclave checking out the modelling and painting threads, and I noticed that 1:24 seems to work with a few vehicles, although there were some 1:35 vehicles that looked really good with the Inquisitor models. Usually, the 1:35 vehicles that look good are the big vehicles, though, like trucks and so on.

Good news on the Arbites judge, as that's one of the models I'm going to pick up from GW. One of the other ones is the Eldar - lovely model!

Thanks for the heavy bolter idea, and the autocannon one. I've got Imperial Guard heavy weapons bits knocking about, so they are definitely going to be pressed into service.

I remember that there used to be Inquisitor booster sprues, with guns, for example, available on the GW website, but not any more, of course. Does anyone have any idea if they'll be back, in some shape or form?

22-07-2008, 03:20
I believe the bolter and chain-weapon packs were pulled from sale before the big Mail Order shake-up. Those weapons are really rare now and I'm not sure if they'll be rereleased.

The Basic (lasgun, 2 shotguns) and Pistol (stubber, revolver, weird autopistol thing) sprues may come back in the fullness of time. I'd certainly like to see them.

In the meantime, try The Arcadian Smuggler's Ring (http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/arcadiansmugglers/) for Inquisitor parts. It was set up purely for people to trade Inquisitor bits. You may have some luck finding bits you need.

22-07-2008, 03:28
Hmmm...interesting. Once I get unpacked and settled I may have to see about swapping some of the vast horde of Inquisitor Bitz I ended up with for some more useful items for my project...:)

22-07-2008, 03:33
Hmmm...interesting. Once I get unpacked and settled I may have to see about swapping some of the vast horde of Inquisitor Bitz I ended up with for some more useful items for my project...:)

*calls dibs on the good stuff*


22-07-2008, 03:38
Define *good*...:p

Count Sinister
22-07-2008, 03:58
Thanks for the link to the Arcadian Smugglers Ring, Catferret. Once I get started in earnest on the modelling and converting, it may prove to be very useful!

In the meantime (well, as soon as the minis arrive), I'll have to get by with conversions/scratch/builds.

By the way, exactly what models are no longer available? I know the Kal Jericho model has been OOP for a long time now, but are there other gems that are forever lost to us?

22-07-2008, 04:01
The loss of Toothpick Murke and Talon the Hive-ganger was the heaviest blow I think. The alternative Rogue Trader (Jann van Yastobaal) and Tech Priest Tezla went away too. Oh, and the Sister Repentia.

I can't remember which other models disappeared.

I'm sure someone will be able to add to the list.

Count Sinister
22-07-2008, 04:13
A hive ganger would certainly be a nice model to have. That said, I'm tempted to pick up a few 54mm Roman gladiators from one of the 54mm companies (Andrea or Pegaso) and use them to make Goliath gangers. Just an idea at the moment, though - too much else to occupy my mind at the moment!

I hope it doesn't mean that they're going to start pulling the other models from the website! I don't mean to scaremonger, but I've only just started getting into the game!

22-07-2008, 04:22
The ones that are left should be staying for some time. Whenever there is a huge change coming to Specialist Games they have generally announced it in advance.

Sergeant Stone makes a good Goliath ganger. Just add some mad shin guards and some chains.

Just remembered another couple of models that disappeared: Thorian Inquisitor and a Bounty Hunter. They were hardly available any time before they disappeared. Go figure.

The Vindicare assassin was pulled long ago because of casting issues.

Count Sinister
22-07-2008, 05:09
That's a shame - about the models disappearing, I mean. I was looking through the collections on The Conclave, and I saw a couple of the models you're talking about. Well, I'll just work around it, I guess.

After I've done a few 'conventional' models, I think I'm going to put together an Eldar warband/gang. I'll use the Eldar Ranger, of course, but also the Andrea model of the elf warrior with two swords - excellent model! Actually, I'll have to use the Eldar Ranger more than once, but that's ok.

Oh, while I think of it, I remember I saw a link in this forum to a company that makes 54mm 'formers' to use as the basis for greenstuffing/scratch-building. You don't happen to have the link, do you?

Anyway, good to talk to you, and thanks again for all your help.

22-07-2008, 12:41
This (http://www.historexagents.com/shop/hxproductdetail.php?ProductCode=FR54) may be what you are looking for.

Count Sinister
22-07-2008, 14:32
Aha! Yes, that's exactly what I was looking for, Catferret. I've never, ever attempted a full sculpt before (over an armature or otherwise), but I think I'm going to try a few with Inquisitor. 54mm allows me to think that I may in fact be able to do some sculpting, and it's one of the reasons that I'm interested in the game.

Forgot to mention, when I was browsing through the Conclave last night I found some of your stuff - very nice! Are you still working at 54mm?

And Starlight - once I have bits to swap, I may get in touch with you!

22-07-2008, 14:51
Thorian's still available. It just doesn't appear on the list of models in the SG section of the wesbite: you have to do a search for "thorian".

The Crimeboss got yanked, as did the genestealer and genestealer conversion pack. The Bodyguard got pulled. There were a few others.

1/35 vehicles and buildings work just fine.

The discrepancies of height in the existing range are perfectly legitimate within the 54mm range which allows a greater leeway in height and build as it more accurately describes the breadth of the human norm. Covenant, for example, is about 6'6". Eisenhorn is about 6', whilst Tyrus, in armour, is more like 6'8". By contrast, the Judge is about 5'10" and Major Jaxon is a diminutive 5'8".


22-07-2008, 15:14
The Bounty hunter was still avalible in america, some of the other oops can be picked up from small inderpendent stockists still, but obviously stock is limited

Count Sinister
22-07-2008, 19:22
Thanks, PrecintOmega. Yes, I was going to say, Catferret, that the Thorian is available on the American GW site, and in fact is listed on the Inquisitor page. I'll have a look for models doing what PrecinctOmega has suggested, by typing in exactly what I'm looking for into the search engine, rather than trusting to the website organisation.

Talos, that's not a bad idea - about the independent stockists, I mean. I'll be in my local gaming store (well, it's an hour away, but this IS Kansas) on Friday for Mordheim night, so I'll see if they have any Inquisitor models knocking about.

Thanks, PrecinctOmega, for the scale advice too. I had been thinking that height differences in 54mm could easily be attributed to the fact that people are of different heights and builds. The differences are really to small at 28mm to do anything other than make some models look out of scale. But I can see how it's going to be different at 54mm. Good to hear about the 1:35 scale as well. I really want to pick up a humvee and paint it up as an arbites vehicle. Some of the big tanker trucks would also look cool, as would one or two of the Armoured Vehicles.

I really can't wait, I have to say! I may even head into Wichita tomorrow (nearest city) and pick up a couple of model kits in advance. Oh, printed the rules today as well, so I've got some good bedtime reading!

[Edit]: I checked the US online store, and there's an INQ bounty hunter available, so I don't know if it's the same one you all mentioned, or not. He's got an inquisitorial-style hat, and a rifle in a sheath/holster across his back. Just so you all know!

23-07-2008, 08:20
there's an INQ bounty hunter available, so I don't know if it's the same one you all mentioned, or not. He's got an inquisitorial-style hat, and a rifle in a sheath/holster across his back.

That's the badger. It's not, actually, that great a model. The arms are kind of static in pose and the head with the hat is just weird. But the alternate head, the torso and the legs are all really nice and the arms work well as alternates for Slick Devlan and Talon (if you can get him).


Count Sinister
23-07-2008, 16:29
Yes, PrecinctOmega, I did notice that the head on that model looks weird. In fact, I was originally going to describe him by saying just that, but I realised that for descriptive purposes it probably wasn't quite accurate enough! There's an alternate head, though, you say? Well, that's good. Oh, one of the models I got on e-bay (although they haven't arrived yet) was described as a Demon Hunter. I know there's a Demon Huntress (beautiful mini, in fact), but is there also a demon hunter? If so, I hope it's a good mini!

24-07-2008, 08:06
There isn't a 54mm "Daemon Hunter". Not sure what it is you've got. It could either be Ivixia Dannica, the Daemon Huntress, or Tyrus, the Witch Hunter. Or it could be someone's conversion.

The alternate head for the Bounty Hunter is much better. In fact, it's a really popular part and is a large part of the reason people still buy that model. It's funny that a number of excellent parts lurk in otherwise horrible kits. The "Imperial Citizen" pack was widely ignored for being embarrassingly rubbish, but it contains the most gorgeous bionic arm.


Count Sinister
24-07-2008, 14:41
Interesting, PrecinctOmege. I have no idea what I've got, in that case. It's in the box, so it's not a conversion, so we'll see if it's the Demon Huntress or the Tyrus model. If it's Tryus, it will be the second one I secured in the same bidding frenzy, so one of them would certainly end up being converted.

I picked up a 1:35 2.5 ton 6x6 American military truck the other day, to build and add to for use as a vehicle in the game. Once I've done something with it, I'll post some pics up.